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*DRIVER* With Chronic Neck Pain RELIEF with Gonstead Chiropractic

(upbeat music) – So can you show me where you have it? Is it like more up here or– – Pointing at it. – Around here? – Yeah. – This whole thing right there? – Yes. – So not really up here– – No. – It’s more down here, okay. And then, when does it hurt the most? If you do something, does it hurt more? Or is it just all the time? – When I drive, it’s I
drive, I’m a truck driver. So then driving, then
three, four hour, five hour, is good, then– – After that. – After that, lot tight here. – Really tight? – Yeah, six, seven hour, then tight here. – Gotcha. Okay. You drive six, seven
hours, like, every day? – Yeah. – You do? – I’m sometimes working,
you know, truck driver– – Yeah. – And sometimes ten hour– – Okay. – Sometimes eleven hour, so then six hour, first five hour is good, then six, seven and things– – Okay. – Like tight. – Yeah, like really tight, okay. Gotcha, okay. And then when it gets really bad, does it hurt you if you
like turn your head? – No. – No? Okay. So it’s just mainly tight right there. – Yes. – Gotcha. Okay, let’s see. So do you feel, is it tight right now? Do you feel a tightness? – Yeah. – You feel tightness right now, okay. How long have you had this for? – Like before six, seven months. – Six, seven months? – Yeah. – Okay. Got it. And then has it been
getting worse and worse? Like in the past six, seven months has it been getting increasingly worse? – Yeah. – It’s been getting– Okay. Okay and then you’ve only seen a massage, you haven’t seen anything else for it? – Right now. – Okay. All right. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna scan you here. So it’s like the first scan when you first came in. So I’m gonna be using this, so it’s gonna be more specific, okay? In seeing where we need
to adjust you, okay? Yeah. (background chatter) Yeah, so I’m finding something right here. Okay, so I’m gonna first
poke around here a little bit because we also need to make sure we’re working on your structure first. So let me see. So that’s it is. – Yeah. (mumbles) No, that’s good. – And that one? – Yeah. – Right there? Okay. But this one’s more? – Yeah. – Yeah, okay. What I wanna do today, actually, I just wanna see your motion, okay? So I want you to turn your
head towards this way. And to the left. A little bit less that way, okay. Right, look straight. Now bring your head over to your shoulder. All the way. And the other side. So first thing I wanna do, actually we’re gonna adjust
your lower back first. So you’re gonna lean on your right side and you’re gonna face that way. What I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna bring your shoulder up and I’m gonna give this a
push going this way, okay? Not bad, right? – It’s good. – All right. Coming up. Okay. – Thank you. – All right, so we’re gonna do one more. For this one we’re actually
gonna have you go face down. – Okay. – Okay, so lift your chin a little bit. So, for this one, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna give this a push, I’m gonna push forward
down this way, okay? Okay, so take a big breath in. That was good. All right. Okay, come on up. Okay, take a seat. – Thank you. – Okay, so how do you feel over here? Does it feel a little bit better? – It feels better. – It feels better? Okay, good. So in what way does it feel better? Just like less tight or– – Now it’s I think no tight. – No tight? Good. Okay, awesome. – I think different. – Okay, that’s good. So you can move your head around, see how you feel. – Here a little pain. – Okay. – I don’t know why. Little pain. – Yeah, okay. – But this is good, you know? – Yeah. – You see? – Yeah, I can see. – But then here, pain. – Yeah. I remember our last one, we pushed on this before,
it hurt a little bit, right? So I’m gonna push again, let
me know if this hurts, okay? Does that hurt at all? – No. – Good. – Little. – Is it less than before? (mumbling) That’s also moving better
than it was before, so that’s the one that
we needed to adjust. Yeah, so that’s good, right there. So after adjusting that, do you feel a little bit better? – Yeah. – And also this started
moving better, okay? Now, for today, I know
that with the rotations, so when you move your head to the left, it hurts a little bit there. So we’re just gonna focus on, we don’t wanna do too much in one day. So we’re just focusing on your lower back and this one over here first. Yeah. So the next time that you come in, we’re gonna actually see
how this is moving after. But today, we’re just gonna work on here and your lower back, okay? Pretty much every time that you come in, we’re always gonna make
sure to use a scope and then we’re gonna look
at your x-rays every time. So sometimes we may adjust your neck, sometimes we might not
adjust your lower back, it depends, every visit, okay? – Okay. – So I mean, we’re gonna
also focus on the things that get you a lot better too, so we’re gonna get you,
you know, moving better, also so that when you drive,
it doesn’t hurt as much. – Yeah. – Yeah, because for what’s going on with what you have right now, it’s definitely not gonna be a quick fix because you’ve had this
for a little bit, yeah. So it’s gonna take a little bit of time to make things settle. You’ll probably feel
better, which, I mean, you already feel better now. – Yeah. – But it’s gonna take time
to not just feel better but make sure you stay better, okay? All right? We’re all set to go. – Thank you. (upbeat music)

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  1. Hey buddy more work less jerk. He's not paying you to talk his pain away. Watch your partner work because that equals a one visit and done if it were me.

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