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Dr William Courtney on Crohn’s Disease – Patient’s Out of Time Conference – Tucson, AZ

Dr. William Courtney on Chron’s disease – Patients Out of Time – Interviewer: How does cannabis works on Crohn’s disease? – Dr. William Courtney: So Crohn’s has an autoimmune element and an inflammatory element and Crohn’s will down-regulate an overactive immune system that’s actually involved in attacking the tissue. Inflammation is a generic state and is as an anti-inflammatory it backs that system away from accelerating it and then ulcerative colitis because of that inflammation. Chronic inflammation can push cells to form polyps and then form cancer. And so many people with ulcerative colitis develop a colon cancer on down the road. And so it can help prevent the polyps and then also take care of the cancers when their first form before they grow to the point that they break through the membrane and become a metastatic disease. So in in numerous ways it’s very helpful for the inflammatory bowel diseases and so far the current indications are that you … that a three-to-one ratio is optimal for crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. – Interviewer: Thank you, I have a good friend who has crohn’s, … So basically it’s a anti inflammatory thing? – Dr. William Courtney: Yeah, anti-inflammatory and auto-immune and general anti-proliferative. – Inteviewer: Awesome, thank you you so kindly, it’s been a treasure trove. Thank you very, very, very, much.

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