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Dr. Sasha Adams – STOP the Bleed Campaign

The stop the bleed effort started out of Sandy Hook Tragedy in 2014 much like other tragedies across the country Whether it’s mass casualty or terrorism events or even just individual car wrecks or explosions there are? People to get injured that hemorrhage and bleed to death before First responders can even get to them the first people on scene are always the bystanders This is a nationwide campaign the goal of which is actually to teach Laypeople in the community without medical training But I’m also the student clerkship director here at McGovern Medical school And I handle this all the students that come through during the third year for training and surgery realize these Students live and work in our community and I have access to 240 people a year I take them through a two hour class with the assistance of personnel from Life flight all certified instructors And stop the bleed campaign we also give them a kit that is something they can then take home and have in their cars So if they were on the highway and came across a bad accident they would have all the tools necessary in addition to the training knowledge of how to take care of that with The bleeding control website we’ll have a search function that you can look for courses open in your area It breaks it down into a simple program of abcs a is alert 9-1-1 even if you do stop the bleed It’s just temporary we still have to get them to proper medical attention B. Is identify the bleed Where is it coming from and then C is compression of that bleeding sometimes? It’s direct pressure Just holding a cloth over the area of bleeding sometimes It’s actually packing a wound and then the other option is placing a tourniquet What we have is an effective tourniquet is one actually developed out of the military There’s a couple different versions our version is a cat tourniquet and It’s a Velcro strap that wraps for an extremity you can pull it up tight and lash it down with a windlass that actually gets It tight enough to stop the bleeding. I have seen the difference in patients how stable They are when they come to me if they have a tourniquet in place. They are Not requiring a lot of blood transfusions they’re alert and awake and can interact because they’ve stopped bleeding coming in trauma is the leading cause of death up to the age of 45 years and Bleeding in itself can cause within minutes of injury Which is why having the bystanders intervene is so important our goal with the stop the bleed campaign is Much like ieds are in all Areas and the Malls and the airports and the schools we will also have a bleeding control box that will have multiple tourniquets gauze Gloves to stop bleeding in injured patients in those areas you

One thought on “Dr. Sasha Adams – STOP the Bleed Campaign

  1. Dr. Sasha Adams. Ten days before you posted this video, you saved my life. I came into Memorial Hermann Hospital at the Texas Medical Center via helicopter after the attic staircase in my home collapsed causing a metal bar to impale my left thigh causing injury to my femoral artery. Thanks to you and many others, I wouldn't be here writing you this right now. What you do is so important and I thank you for it and I owe my life to you for it. You saved my wife from being a widow and four children from being fatherless.

    I am just one story of many that you helped keep the book open for. Thank you again.
    Chris Ostapowicz

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