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Dr. Sarah Hallberg: Can a ketogenic diet reverse diabetic chronic kidney disease?

– Is there hope that the
low carb, high fat diet can reverse or halt diabetic
chronic kidney disease? And we did touch upon this
a little bit so we can– – Yeah, and I would say yes, with some reservations. And here’s what I mean, hard
science and mechanisms here, there’s not enough science on. Let me tell you about our clinical trial, and our clinical trial our patients, after a year on a ketogenic
diet who had type 2 diabetes, so many of them began with some degree of chronic kidney disease, we
saw a reduction in creatinine, which is one of the big
kidney disease markers, actually actually at 10 weeks, and then continued on to a year. This is an area where we want
even more research to occur, because we think that
it is very likely that a ketogenic diet, which of
course we know can be helpful in type 2 diabetes, could
also be specifically geared towards helping people with chronic kidney disease of any kind. But once again, because I wanna make sure that we are science first, the science here is
lacking other than there are numerous studies that
do show that creatinine does improve on a ketogenic diet. We need to understand the mechanisms more, and one of the big thoughts
is that improvement in inflammation we see
from a ketogenic diet is playing a direct war
in chronic kidney disease.

7 thoughts on “Dr. Sarah Hallberg: Can a ketogenic diet reverse diabetic chronic kidney disease?

  1. Stage 4 CKD and I'm going to begin keto in hopes of improving kidney function. I can't just sit here and do nothing while deteriorating toward dialysis!

  2. "Yes with some reservations…" That is ALOT better than "no, you are screwed, and your quality of life will diminish because you will eventually have to do dialysis three times a week for the rest of your life if you are old or until you qualify for a kidney transplant and there is an available kidney, if you are younger…and if your body doesn't reject it…etc etc", which is what most doctors practically tell you.

  3. I have been doing clean keto for 4 months. Not diabetic, but was diagnosed with stage 2 kidney disease 2 years ago. My creatinine has started to creep back up after being under control for nearly a year. I must say that I have lost 60 lbs, nearly eliminated crippling inflamation, and am being weened off blood pressure medication. My last a1c was 5.1 down from 5.7 average.

  4. GFR stopped dropping 2 years ago and has held at steady as well since keto. No longer diabetic or on meds and lost 45pds. A1C 5.4 from 6.5.

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