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Dr. Jeremy Korman – Gastric Bypass Part 2

Gastric bypass is, is surgery that
divides the stomach near the top, in other words not far below where the
esophagus enters into the stomach. We calibrate a very small pouch, as we call it, a small area that the food will enter into and we’ve divided just below that, separating what we call the pouch
from the remainder of the stomach. We don’t take out the remainder of the stomach. The remainder of the stomach still
functions, it still makes some digestive juices, it still has a good
blood supply, it doesn’t die off. There’s no reason to take it out. The only difference is that it does, it no longer sees food. So now the stomach enters into
a small pouch and that, that adds, that causes significant restriction in the
amount of food that someone can eat and if this new anatomy restricts you to a
small quantity of food that adds up to about a thousand calories a day, that’s going to successfully allow someone lose weight.

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