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Does Decompression Really Work For Acute and Chronic Lower Back Pain?!

How’s it going? Dr. J with another inspiring message of health. And today I’m going to be talking about spinal decompression and how it can help you with your chronic lower back issues. I’m even going to talk about how I was able to use spinal decompression to rehab from my acute lower back injury where I literally blew out a discs in my lower back. I can barely walk and I was able to use Chiropractic Care consistent. Practic care with spinal decompression and I was able to rehab my back in a matter of weeks and I’m going to tell you exactly how I did that so you’re going to want to watch this video watch it all the way through and stay tuned because here we go. Alright, so this is the decompression table. This is called a KD T table are Kennedy decompression table and what it’s doing for our wonderful patient here is it’s actually decompressing the lower back. So what happens is let me just show you a little demonstration here what happens throughout life is our lower backs get hammered and these discs take a lot of pressure and stress and eventually they get worn out. And sometimes what happens is you can get a bulging disc or a you might have heard the term herniated disc and what that means is the discs become has become brittle. It’s become weak. And what’s happened is that disc bulges out to the side and the problem with that is it can cause inflammation? Well, it doesn’t it certainly causes inflammation, but the other thing that can happen is when that disc bulges out it can put more pressure and stress on the nerves. And the particular nerve were concerned about in this lower part of the back here, especially at L4 L5 is the sciatic nerve. So when it bulges out like that it puts excess pressure and stress on that nerve. It’s going to create a very intense back pain and a lot of times the back muscles will spasm like the quadratus lumborum. So the idea with decompression is it’s going to traction the lower back and as it’s pulling down in this Reaction and tractioning the lower back the disc can actually reach attract back into a more normal position. So what happens is when that dis retracts you’re taking you’re taking all that pressure and stress off the disc. It retracts back in a more normal position and it feels really good because it’s taking it’s taking that pressure and stress off the nerves. So how this works is the patient is set up and they can be in a recumbent position that can be in a face-up Supine position a prone position. They can be in a more seated position where they’re at a 45-degree angle. But this particular patient, we have them laying face down here and the bottom half is lowered like this because what happens is this is going to open up that disc this space right here, and then you have a pulley system that set up through this belt that’s pulling in this direction. This strap right here is actually locking them in place. So it doesn’t slide down and the bottom half of the table actually moves. So it will move with the body as he’s getting traction. So come right over here. I want to show them the numbers. So then what’s really cool about our table setup is that we can input the amount of pounds that we want it to pull so we can actually turn it up higher if you want to our lower it down. Okay, and then we can have a consistent pool with this setting our we can have it pull relax pull relax and this can pull all the way up to 200 pounds. Now, we’ve never had to go up to 200 pounds, but it’s nice to be able to Preset by increments. So typically what we do for our patients. We is we start them off nice and light with a 40-pound pool and then we gradually increase the intensity as we go through but what I find is that the decompression in combination with corrective Chiropractic Care has worked really really well for patients who suffer with chronic lower back issues. So if you have any questions about decompression, or if you’d like to know if it’s the right fit for you can always shoot us an email at Thrive Spine Center at gmail.com. Hopefully you enjoyed this video. If you liked it, please click that like button and subscribe to our YouTube channel. All right until we meet again stay.

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