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Do This Routine Every Morning To Get Shredded

– What’s up, Elite ThenX athletes? It’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another
video of Official ThenX. Today we’re in my house because I’m gonna be showing you a routine to do every morning to get shredded. (intense electronic music) And whenever I incorporate cardio or high intensity interval training into my morning routines, I always feel way more energetic, and my muscles feel full throughout the entire day, like I had just finished training. And if you do this morning routine, not only will you be burning fat, building muscle, and increasing
your endurance each day, but you will also be training your body to be ready to go at all times. So this quick routine consists
of six effective exercises. The first one being
low plank to high plank for 45 seconds. Let’s go for it. (steady electronic music) – [Woman] Heria Music. – Alright, make sure to
regulate your breathing. Breathing in through your nose, out through your mouth. And pace your breathing as well. Don’t breathe too hard, or you’ll gas yourself out. Keep that core tight. – [Woman] Heria Music. – Alright, nice little
warmup we had there. Remember when you’re doing this exercise to keep your core engaged the entire time. Don’t let your hips go
too high or too low. But remaining at that neutral point with your body fully engaged. From the tips of your toes, all the way to your shoulders. Alright, we’re gonna get right into the next exercise. That’s gonna be burpees.
(whooshing) We’re gonna go for 20. I want you to pace yourself and have perfect form every time. If you feel like you’re fatiguing, slow your reps down, but the goal is not to
stop while you’re training. And try to be as explosive as possible in every single rep. If you could bring your knees
up on the jumps, perfect. And if you can’t, just
go at your own pace. Let’s get started. (steady electronic music) – [Woman] Heria Music. Heria Music. Heria Music. – Alright. Let’s take it back down to the ground. Next we have side plank, up and down. You wanna keep your core tight. We’re gonna go up and down with the hips, 25 each side. Now I know you’re pretty fatigued from doing those burpees, so this is gonna be more
of like an active rest. So really try to focus on the contraction. Every time you come up, squeeze as hard as you can. Let’s go for it. (steady electronic music) – [Woman] Heria Music. – Alright, switch it up. Make sure that you go in low. Activate those obliques. Push up high. Get that full contraction. – [Woman] Heria Music. – Alright. Next, we’re gonna be moving into explosive push ups.
(whooshing) If you need a second, go ahead and catch your breath. But don’t wait too long, ’cause you want to keep
your heart rate up. This is supposed to be high intensity. We’re going for 25 explosive push ups. If you’re having trouble with this move, do as many as you can explosive, then move into regular push ups. Just do them as explosive as you can. And if you’re having
trouble with those as well, you can always start with
explosive knee push ups, and then move into knee push ups. Let’s go for 25. (steady electronic music) – [Woman] Heria Music. Heria Music. – Alright. Moving on. We have switching mountain climbers. This next move is gonna
(whooshing) bring our heart rate back up, and bring up the intensity. Of course, if you need
to catch your breath, go ahead, do so. Something like 15 seconds. No more than 30 seconds. And when you’re doing this exercise, make sure you don’t stop. You could slow down, but don’t stop. Let’s go for it. Bring one knee up. Switch to the other one. (steady electronic music) Engage your core. Breathe, in through your nose, out through your mouth. Regulate the breathing. Don’t breathe too fast. And the more you twist, the more of your core you’re engaging. So make sure you get
a good twist in there. – [Woman] Heria Music. – Alright. We got two more exercises left. We’re gonna go for seated leg flutters. 45 seconds, don’t give up. (steady electronic music) – [Woman] Heria Music. – If you guys feel like you’re fatiguing, you can go ahead and
just hold the position, or you can just kind of go a lot slower. But don’t stop. That’s the main goal of this workout. Squeeze your core, squeeze everything. We’re almost there, as hard as you can. Alright, now just hold this position. Hands in front. This is the boat hold.
(whooshing) We’re gonna max this one out. (steady electronic music) Engage your core. Regulate your breathing. – [Woman] Heria Music. – If you feel like you’re falling down, you can contract, contract, contract, come right back up, squeeze the core. Alright, last couple seconds. Hold strong. Alright. That was round one of the routine. So I’m gonna go ahead, finish this routine for three more rounds. That’s gonna give me
a total of four rounds to complete this workout routine. Definitely start doing
this every single morning. And if you guys enjoyed the workout, then definitely smash that like button. Comment down below. Let me know what you want the next video to be about, and share this video with a friend that’s trying to get shredded from home. And of course, subscribe, if you haven’t already,
’cause we post every Sunday, 8:00 p.m., USA Eastern Time. And if you comment within
the first 30 minutes of any upload, you always have a chance to win some free ThenX gear. And remember to get this
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shape of your life, then sign up to ThenX.com right now, become a member, and get full access to all our workout programs, technique guides, and daily workouts that are gonna have you shredded. Download the ThenX app in the app store to take our workouts with you everywhere, and join the millions
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to my vlog channel. That’s Chris Heria. The link is also in the
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chance to be a part of that, then make sure you’re following me. Lastly before I go, the ThenX crew and I will be out on tour in Barcelona, Berlin, and Rome. So if you would like to attend one of our workout events, then make sure you go to
ThenX.com/blog/events, and sign up right now
before we’re all sold out. And with that said, thank you
guys so much for watching. I’ll see you next Sunday, 8:00 p.m., USA Eastern Time. Mad love, peace out. ♪ Listen right here ♪
(upbeat hip hop music) ♪ Little mama, you bad ♪ ♪ The way I make you feel
like you just got the bag ♪ ♪ The penny in that Gucci
you know that I have ♪ ♪ I ain’t trying to brag,
I ain’t trying to brag ♪ ♪ I’m a be patient, patient ♪ ♪ Money gonna come when it want to ♪ ♪ I’m a be patient ♪ (upbeat instrumental music)

100 thoughts on “Do This Routine Every Morning To Get Shredded

  1. So Chris, I checked out the channel thoroughly, I like your work outs, all of that is all great, your shop and even the Tatts.
    But the one minuscule detail that is missing is, there are no names of the songs on your channel.
    It would be great to have them as you have chosen passive yet bad ass themes for the video, for most of your videos to be honest.

  2. Can’t wait to try this! 😁
    I love working out but I’m not good at it 💙.
    I’m in a circuit and weight training class but I wanna try this in the days i don’t have the others

  3. 1. Low plank to high plank – 45 secs (@0:39)

    2. Burpies – 20 no. (@1:47)

    3. Side plank – 25 each side (@3:01)

    4. Explosive push up – 25 no. (@4:50)

    5. Mountain climbers – 45 secs (@6:08)

    6. Leg fluttered – 45 secs (@7:15)

    7. The boat hold – max out (@8:06)

  4. Just found you and I'm a defo be following you. Thanx for the upload I've just just my 4 reps and I'm gonna go for the morning too. Keep them vids coming. Loving the work. BOOYAH.

  5. There probly is something out there but anyone have any like chats or something where people can go in a group chat and motivate eachother to workout and actually exercise? Hardest part for me if persisting through day by day, I’ll go a week and then miss a day or two and slack off till next thing I know I haven’t done anything in weeks

  6. To get shredded you only eat properly. Fat burning has nothing to do with training. lol U think u can still eat burgers and lose fat with this ????

  7. Ok so I don’t know anything about working out but would this count as a “full body workout”? If I do this everyday will it strengthen all my muscles?

  8. Now it 8:00 am in Lebanon and i finished this routine just now for the first time. Dont understinate it like i did, it is really tough and you need breaks if you are a beginner like myself and keep a water bottle always next you. Good luck

  9. Chris, I know you said that you'd do 3 more rounds but I don't think you did. Video or it didn't happen. Its not fair that my next several rounds are matching up against your 1st sets.

  10. 1 round is enough for me it's too hard for me bro with only 20 sec break between each.
    You Rae super strong.
    I am performing this workout while watching this every single morning.

  11. Hi..I have being doing this workout session for a week now..i was just wondering..Is it normal to feel pain on my stomach?

  12. I'm not tall or thin. 175cm/5.8in, 74kgs/163lbs. Chest and arms: ok. They're about half the muscle mass or definition that Chris has. My belly though, specially lower belly, is saggy. Waist is prolly 35 or 36in. Not sure I want to lose upper muscle, nor necessarily weight, but this has got to go. What can I do?

  13. Can you make a video on how to increase the peak of biceps or how to build a wider biceps. If there are already any videos regarding that just let me know. It will be very helpfull. Thank you so much.

  14. Chris is of the impression that all people need to do in life is workout. if this is the case please go ahead and do this workout routine every morning. And also check out the other video he did about morning workout routine. Now do we train in the afternoon or evening after this one in the morning? Is 4 the sweet number? What if we did three or 2 or 1. What is the goal..make sure we are shredded at all times or to get a good kick in the morning to kick start the day? what is it chris? 4 rounds of this in the morning. I think we need to do 5!

  15. i have back pain after those side planks and after the last exercise, i unwillingly let my back joints and ribs to hold the body weight or smthn like that. how to deal w this?

  16. Sorry for the newbie question, but if your muscles grow from hypertrophy, and hypertrophy works over a period of time, how does doing this everyday help you get ripped? I don't understand…

  17. Today was the 6th day i did this workout in the morning. I already saw many didfferences. After doing the workout this week, i went from a person who couldnt finish the first round and could barely get 10 good pushups to a person who can do the 20 in a row easily. I can finish 3 sets now completly. The two things too note:

    a). Because of my beginner level, i didnt do the explosive pushups, and just converted them into regular pushups. I can now do the explosive pushups.

    b). I over did it. This week i pushed myself above the limit every single day, and now my body is starting to fatigue. Dont over do it. You can try what im doing now:

    Week days are numbered, 1 being monday, 2 being tiesday

    1. This is the first day of the week. Work hard to your max. Push through the burning and reach a new level in the workout. Also try to do other types of exercises later in the day

    2. Go easy today. You worked hard yesterday, so you should give your body time to rest well. You can still do the workout, but do ut lightly.

    3. Bump it up a bit. Go medium

    4.go all out again.

    5. Go back to light workouts

    6. Try to push yourself if you fell like you can do it. If your still feeling tired, go with a medium workout.

    7. This is the last day of the week. Go light on the workout. You need all the rest you can get because tommorow you have to go all out again.

    So far this is working for me. I will finish the 2 week and then ill add the explosive pushups. The important thing is to not over do it, but also to not stop. Good luck

  18. Thanks for the videos brother. Great motivation to do exercises for those who have no weights or access to a gym. Keep up the great work. Dude, your ripped and it really makes me want to get my body back again.

  19. Hi, Beginner here.
    Does doing this every morning interfere with my 'main' functional training I do in the evenings?
    I mean, I am told you should give muscles time to recover etc. so upper body one day, core another day, etc. Can I still do a morning workout like this everyday?
    Thank you!

  20. Awesome stuff man, if you can give me some tips on legs that’d be super helpful, I’m flat foot and have shortened ligaments and tendons in the legs which pulls extra unwanted pressure on the spine and causes major pains, making core workouts all the more difficult, my calves are always tense and sore all the time but lack strength, any advice will be greatly appreciated 💪🏽🤘🏾

  21. Show some street workouts, im on the road 24/7 mostly resort to doing pushups and mountain climbers.

    Could use a couple workouts to add on.

  22. I usually wake up at 6am and go straight to the gym so I can be all alone in there for like an hour or so. Is it still good if I do this routine after I get home from the gym or after I've finished my gym workout routine and people start to come in?

  23. I've seen this before in the comments, people saying they'd do this training for a month and update their progress day by day.

    First of all I think ild indroduce myself, I'm a 19 yr old boy I weight around 100 kg and Im quite big for my age, I have some strength so I'm not obese but I'm a bit over weighted, my objective isn't reduce my weight, it's to increase my strength, bc my strength it's fine for a 70-80 kg person but I want to have faster reflexes and be able to have a free move so I feel like the way of achieving my goal is to be able of working out as I want and rn I cant do high reps of flex and stuff like that bc even if my arms and my body are strong they can lift my weight enought times, so I saw this video one or two days ago and I just came from partying and I thought, dude I really need to start doing that series, why don't I start now?
    BTW I'm Spanish so any grammar or vocab error I'm sorry, I'll try to correct as much as I can

    So my first day of exercise was:
    Day 1: it's 5 am, I couldnt do any full rep of any exercise, the muscles of my body that hurts the most are the ones on my arms, the easier one was Prob the planch ups and down since it was the first one and I wasn't almost tired, some problems I faced I didn't expected was the lack of balance. I couldn't do the last one because my higer body weighted more than my lower body so doing 8-10 reps was already very hard, also de hips up & down were quite hard for the same reason, I expect to increase my balance over the days and since those are exercises I never did before I think is a lack of muscular memory two, let's see how does the day 2 work out

  24. I've been doing one round every day when I get the chance and my shoulders and biceps are definitely toning out. I've been doing push ups as well. Doing them correctly definitely changes the effectiveness. Definitely make sure your elbows are in and you will see big gains in your chest

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