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Digestive Disorders: A Functional Medicine Approach

Hello I’m doctor Daniel Farkas and I’m here to talk to you today about digestive disorders and an exciting health breakthrough. How would you like a state of balance in your digestive system? We should talk about what causes digestive disorders in the first place and the answer is digestive disorders are caused by an imbalance in the delicate digestive system of your body. Now digestive disorders cause some of the most common chronic diseases in the United States. We have 74 percent of the u.s. population living with digestive discomfort. Digestive disorders can occur at any age even in newborns, very common. Unfortunately they cause over 21.7 million hospitalizations annually and can cause up to 250,000 deaths per year. Now digestive disorder symptoms have signs that can point to malfunction such as acid reflux bloating gas abdominal pain food sensitivities food allergies ulcers ulcerative colitis Crohn’s disease diverticulitis insomnia and depression high cholesterol and chronic drug use of steroids and antibiotics. Understand that each medication is accompanied by a host of negative side effects. Antacids and proton pump inhibitors can cause indigestion and malabsorption. Laxatives contribute to weak bowel and the common approach of anti-inflammatories and steroids can cause decreased immunity and cause you to be more prone to other autoimmune diseases. Now what’s supposed to happen is all the organs are supposed to work in sync. The stomach itself is supposed to receive pancreatic enzymes from the pancreas it’s supposed to excrete its own digestive enzymes and it’s supposed to mix these digestive enzymes with food and break down everything properly to prepare for absorption. The liver is your body’s waste processing facility it excretes bile and it mixes the bile of food to break down fat for absorption it actually performs thousands of functions. The small intestine so important this is the site of absorption directly into the bloodstream and it’s home to trillions of bacteria and yeast. It provides intelligent defense that isn’t in control of the immune system and it has authority over virtually all other body systems. The small intestine is so smart it has more nerves than the entire spinal cord and has a direct link to nearly all causes of inflammation it controls 70% of the immune system which lives here and it must be in a state of balance. The large intestine recovers water so you do not dehydrate it stores waste and excretes waste and it must be in a state of balance so what goes wrong? Well in the stomach we can have insufficient pancreatic enzymes and/or insufficient digestive enzymes leading to improper food breakdown. It could cause acid reflux and undigested food can become a foreign invader and enrage the immune system. We can have the presence of h pylori which causes ulcers and hiatal hernias. The liver can become sluggish due to whole body toxicity or long term drug use. We can have insufficient bile from the gallbladder and that equals fat not broken down properly for absorption. No fat absorption equals serious health concerns and this can also cause weight gain and inflammation due to excess carbohydrate absorption. When the small intestine malfunctions it may cause hormone malfunction inflammation insomnia depression pain and more. It can cause poor absorption poor health, malnutrition, vitamin deficiencies and it’s linked to virtually all disease processes it can also increase or decrease the immune system function and cause food allergies and it can initiate autoimmune disease. When the large intestine malfunctions it becomes toxic and swollen. Stagnant waste gets reabsorbed back into the blood. Constipation, pain, gas and bloating can occur and it’s a common sight of cancer that can spread to nearby sex organs or anywhere throughout the body. The small intestine is so important. Its master control system the small intestine influences the immune system and its response to foreign invaders, controls overall body inflammation controls all other glands the testes ovaries thyroid and adrenal through its influence and can control blood lipids and fats. It provides for complete well-being in total overall health when it’s working properly and very importantly it controls a vast majority of the production of serotonin. Serotonin equals sleep and happiness. You may have heard of intestinal permeability or leaky gut. People wonder where does it leak to? The answer as it leaks it bad things into your bloodstream. So what are your choices? You can go to primary doctor and get drugs to mass symptoms you can get referred to a specialist for more medications or surgery. Our approach is what we call the 4R approach. Remove, Replace Repair and Restore. The goal is to remove infections and bad bacterial overgrowth, to replace digestive enzymes and bile that break down food properly to repair ulcers and inflamed and leaky intestines and to ultimately restore healthy bacteria and yeast and increase the balance of the defenses and the digestive system. You can restore digestive function and your health by healing from the inside out, but you must evaluate the entire system don’t just measure the severity of symptoms like ordinary testing. So where to start? You got to get outside the box precision specialty lab testing gives answers to difficult questions. Genetic testing we’re excited to tell you is now available and natural healthcare providers are the future our mantra is we don’t guess we test so don’t wait digestive disorders create other conditions look below for information about getting help now!

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