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Day 1 of Groovin The Moo 2017 (tourlife 10) | L-FRESH The LION

Early morning. Groovin The Moo starts today. We’re here at the airport waiting for our band
members who hopefully are not gonna miss the flight this
time *laughs* Ain’t nothin but a gangsta party *laughs* Hey they made it MK-1: Some guys just don’t grow up He looks like he’s going on a school excursion LION: It’s a
cold and wet day here in Adelaide but the show must go on What happened? Chris: So in my haste to get out of my house
this morning I forgot to bring a jumper. It’s fucking raining LION: Watch your language Chris: It’s a bit chilly. Oh sorry kids! *laughs* I hope my daughter isn’t watching So now I think I’m the first person to ever
don one of these new jumpers LION: Heeeeeey. We picked it up from the merch area at Groovin The Moo. Exclusive to Groovin The Moo Alright bro what’s your pre-show ritual? I drink water Stock up on water Try to get rid of nerves some how You nervous? Nah *laughs* I do vocal warmups *laughs* Other than that, I just get ready. *crowd noise* All in all it was a very good show. Can’t wait for tomorrow and then the after…
aw Not the after party *laughs* LION: Back at the airport now. What was that? Chris: The Beatles at Abbey Road *laughs*

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