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welcome to the first meditation in the healing depression and anxiety series my name is Nat Pike and I will be your guide today let’s start the session today by finding a relaxed place where you can sit or lie down find a comfortable position for your arms at the side of your body and place your hands in a restful state feel the gentle weight of gravity on your body as you sink into a blissful and happy place and when you’re ready close your eyes gently scan over your body see if any part wants to let go or relax move your toes a little bringing your attention to the soles of your feet notice any tightness in your feet and release that tension tense up your facial muscles and then let them fall back into their natural position of calm rest bring your attention to the top of your head you may feel a slight tingling sensation in your scalp imagine your head surrounded by soft white light as if it were glowing gently let this luminosity surround you and fill your body with peace now I want you to take a nice deep breath right from the bottom of your stomach and hold it for just a moment and then breathe out feel the tension leaving your body as you breathe the air in and out now take another slow breath and feel the life that you’re breathing is bringing into the physical body bring your attention to the present moment with openness and focused clarity become aware of the subtle spaces that occur between my words between your breaths and between all things notice any thoughts that come up acknowledge them and then let them fade away until there is clear gentle silence now I want you to know that everything is right where it needs to be including you you are right here right now and that is simply how it is there is nothing you need to do except be right here I want you to picture yourself going about your day filled with happiness energy and calm focus imagine all the good things you can do to nourish your body and be kind to yourself there may be thoughts coming up about things you have to do things that have happened in the past things that might happen in the future I want you to imagine all those thoughts being burnt up by a great fire and their ashes floating off in the wind feel the calmness that enters your being as all these thought forms disintegrate into nothingness leaving a still quietness you have many great and wonderful things in your life even though you might not realize it I want you to imagine yourself full of health with glowing skin a big smile on your face begin to picture yourself easily achieving many great and wonderful things with little to no effort at all now imagine yourself overcoming any obstacle that stands in front of you picture your body growing into a giant size feel the courage well up from deep inside of you imagine your skin radiant in your body full of power and strength imagine picking up any problems that you have and crushing them in your hand as they crumble into sand and blow away on a warm breeze you are rare you are valuable you are strong you belong here and you are loved never forget the strength that you have inside of you to change to overcome and to win against all odds it only takes one step in the right direction to begin a wonderful adventure it takes courage to continue down a path that others might not follow but soon you will find a new strength to continue life is now working for you not against you be kind to yourself and allow things to happen in their own time now take a few deep breaths feeling your body gently rising and falling with each breath begin to bring your awareness back into your body wiggle your fingers and toes and begin to become aware of the room around you take another deep breath and when you’re ready open your eyes I hope you have enjoyed this guided meditation on overcoming depression and anxiety I wish you all the best in your journey towards healing and I look forward to seeing you in our next session

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