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Cure Nose Bleeding by Gooseberries II आंवले से करे नाक से खून बहना बंद II

Welcome to Health Care at Home Summer season is going to come & Nose bleeding (Naak Se Khoon Nikalna) is often seen in summer season. Nose bleeding happen due to high higher hot weather So, how you can get rid of it , that i will tell you You can get rid of it with the medical fruit And that’s name is Gooseberries.And i have named in Miracle Fruit. Because it has end no of qualities, so does it works miracle So, what you have to do Take 50 gm of Gooseberries powder., soak it within 15-20 Liters Let is soak for overnight and wash your head with this water You will notice that the nose bleeding during summer season which bother’s you that will be far away from you. Even after that you still have nose bleeding, then you can do one more remedy Gooseberry pulp is easily available in the market 1 Gooseberry pulp in the morning & 1 in the evening consume it twice a day, immediately the nose bleeding will be vanished. If you have just move out in summertime & suddenly nose bleeding started Then what you have to do, if you have fresh gooseberries, then grind it and make its paste and apply it on your forehead. and put 2 drops of gooseberries juice in your nose,Your nose bleeding will immediately get stop. If you are unable to get fresh gooseberries, then what you have to do. Soak the gooseberries powder overnight in the water. and prepare its paste, and paste that paste from box ears to this corner, so apply it nicely on all this area. And put 2 Drops of Gooseberries juice in your nose, and you will notice that you will get relief in your nose bleeding. Be careful for one thing in the summer season, that you must drink minimum 3 liter of water in a day And do not consumes cold drinks at all, & i have often seen that people drinks cold drinks.Because they feel and feel relaxed. Whereas reality is something different , cold drink actually dehydrate our body. In summer your sweat a lot and your body get dyhderate And on top of that if you will conume the cold drink then your body will be more dehydrate & due to that you can feel weakness So consume as much as water you can. Drink plenty of water in the mooring instead of drinking in the evening. Because over drinking of water in night won’t help you in fact has its own disadvantages. So wasn’t it was an easy remedy? Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy,busy,carefree and be with us. To meet us subscribe this channel, Tell to your Friends & Relatives To subscribe this channel, Get the health benefits while sitting at home and support as in our motive, as much as you can.And our motive is to let maximum number of people our heath benefits. So don’t forget to share our videos at its maximum. Thank You…

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  1. Hi sir how r u your remedy are amazing they are realy affected sir I send u mail about nose bone crack due to incident plz send me reply I am waiting and looking forward thanks

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