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Common Cat Medical Problems : Bleeding Cat Care

Ace is here with me today to demonstrate how
to do some first aide for bleeding that you may find on your cat. If your cat is bleeding
seriously from a wound and an artery, you’ll actually see lots of blood pumping out and
spurting out. Definitely, you want to put pressure on that as best you can to help to
stop the bleeding. If it’s in the head and neck area, like this, you obviously want to
make sure that the cat can still breathe, that you’re not putting so much pressure on
that it’s having trouble breathing. If the wound is on a limb, then you can put lots
of pressure on the limb, making sure that you hold the kitty’s head so he can’t come
down and bite you. But that sort of pressure will help to staunch the bleeding. Of course,
in the meantime, if you have someone who can call your veterinarian so that you can get
your kitty in to be seen and have the wound repaired. Gloves are important because if
you don’t know the source of the bleeding, you want to make sure that you don’t contaminate
yourself with any infectious or contagious material.

5 thoughts on “Common Cat Medical Problems : Bleeding Cat Care

  1. Urm i accidentaly dropped my cat on her head because she was angry at me from washing her and she scratched me so i dropped her but she isnt constantly bleeding but it was a mess

  2. My cat cut himself a bit idk wat he did but wont stop licking it and he wont let me touch him and it is at the back were his tale begins and im worried and my dad wont take him to the vet

  3. Thanks My Cat Was Bleeding And Were Taking Him To The Vet Tomorrow But I'm Really Scared And I Think He Might Die And I'm Crying My Eyes Out But Thanks For The Help 🙂

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