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Colonoscopy: The Basics

Now once you’ve had your breakfast this
is where the fun begins because you will be taking Hello welcome back to my channel and another video today I’ll be looking back at a recent colonoscopy I had and I’ll be taking you through the entire process and explain to you what
you should expect if you’re having a colonoscopy. But first I’m sure you know
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follow me on all them as well. So let’s get started. Once you’ve seen your IBD doctor they may want to monitor the health of your
gut and the one way to do that is by taking a look inside so they’ll refer
you for a colonoscopy. Your IBD team will send you your appointment letter in the
post along with the lovely prep that you need to make sure your bowel is empty. But first if you haven’t had a colonoscopy before and are wondering
what it is to put it simply it’s a routine test that is used to look at
what your intestines look like from the inside and the way they do this is by
inserting a long flexible tube which is about the size of my little finger so
depends how big my hand is so it’s not size of my little finger and it has a
camera attached to the end of it and that just goes up through your butt
basically and it will travel all the way around your large intestine to see what
it looks like and sometimes they may peek through what’s called the ileocecal
valve to have a look in your small bowel as well. It does sound very uncomfortable
but from personal experience you do not feel a thing because you are given sedation and you hardly remember it to be honest that I
remember being in the room having my colonoscopy be done and actually
watching it being done while talking to my doctor but at the same time I don’t
remember any of it it’s quite weird it’s one of those weird out-of-body experiences which you just have to have to go through to
understand what it’s like. So four days before your appointment you can eat and
drink normally but you’ll need to stop taking any medication that contains iron
this is because medications that contain iron turn your poo black and make it
quite tary which can make it hard to get rid of and if there’s any residue or any
poo left in your bowel it can obstruct the view of what your bowel looks like
when they put the camera up so that’s just to help get a nice clear view of your
bowel. Three days before your colonoscopy you can still eat and drink normally and still take your normal medications but again not any medications containing iron but you also need to stop taking medications that contain codeine phosphate or loperamide now these two medications
they actually slowed down the movement of your bowel and can make it quite
constipated which is very useful if you suffer from diarrhea but constipation is
the opposite of what you want for a colonoscopy you want to get everything
out so that is one of the reasons why you have to stop those medications three
days before just to give your bowel enough time to adjust. Again if you’re
unsure of what your medications contain or what medications you can and can’t
take always discuss this with your IBD team and your doctors. Now with a
colonoscopy you will need to follow a strict diet and avoid foods that contain
fiber so that means you’re not allowed to eat fruit rice pasta wholemeal
bread vegetables crisps anything that tastes good basically but you can still
eat things like white bread boiled eggs and potatoes without the skin and it’s
also important to keep well hydrated because you will be taking the laxatives
the next day. So that brings us onto the day before your colonoscopy you’re
allowed to have a light breakfast and the time you can have this will depend
on the time of your appointment but usually it’s something at about 8 in the morning so I would wake up early I’d have my
medication and then I’ll have two toast with butter and two boiled eggs and then
that’s it you’re not allowed to eat anything until after your appointment.
Now once you’ve had your breakfast this is where the fun begins because you
will be taking laxatives and you’ll be spending the majority of your day in
your bathroom so the laxatives that I’ve been given is something called CitraFleet so it’s that if you can see it there and I’m also given these things
called Senna tablets okay four of them just four that’s all they’ve given
me. So as I said I would have my medication before breakfast and it’s
really important that you do it before you have your laxatives because there’s
a chance that if you have them afterwards they may not be fully
absorbed into your body so the process that I need to follow from my
colonoscopy is I need to take four of the Senna tablets at around 4:00 in the
afternoon then about 5:00 in the evening I need to take my first sachet of CitraFleet so with CitraFleet basically you empty one sachet in about 150 ml of
water mix it and then leave it for a couple of minutes because it can become
quite warm what you can also do you can make it the day before or less than 24
hours before you’re meant to drink it and just leave it in the fridge but it
has to be taken at once or within at least an hour time period just so it can
work correctly. Once you’ve had your laxatives there is and nothing else to
do apart from making sure you have access to a bathroom. Now for me my last sachet has to be taken at 11:00 p.m. at night so I already know that I’m not
going to get any sleep especially as my appointment is early in the morning so
let’s fast-forward and see what I went through

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  1. Just a question if your inflammation markers come back normal ( my doctor is checking them this week for me ) does that mean remission but can you still suffer from terrible tummy problems nausea ect I was just told by a family member maybe you have IBS and not Crohns because am not rolling around with pain and she said Crohns is very painful so am thinking is this my life terrible tummy problems everyday constipation still mucus and undigested food in stool I just have a deep right sided pain that goes around to my back sometimes the left handed side and am eating better but still not gaining weight I know you had that problem and I just know myself something isn’t quite right so gonna discuss medication with my consultant I just wonder why family members can’t support you instead of saying o it’s IBS not that I want sympathy I tend to say nothing only to my husband and this comment from a family member has made me withdraw into myself even more ? I had an MRI to look at kidney abdominal wall have a small bowel 25th October maybe that will show up more plus I thought one MRI was needed sorry for ranting but it’s hard when people just don’t understand the daily struggle ?

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