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Cody Zeller Bleeds Profusely

…last year Coach Clifford could not put this type of talent on the floor and the front office went out, did something about it and now they have guys with experience in the league that know how to play with each other as Cody’s down Oof. Oh. Cody is down and hurting right now The shot is made by Aaron Brooks but we’re going to have to have a timeout right now Cody Zeller took something right to the top of the head. There’s a lot of blood down there on the court right now. Mmmh. Oh. Wow. Noah. Left elbow. And that was immediate. And you can just see the blood Cody’s going to go right back to that locker room and get attended to. Cody Zeller has a history, too, of having facial injuries you recall last year he broke his nose. There were two different incidents but more than two fractures in the nose so he has, unfortunately for him, suffered a lot of pain in that area and we can’t tell yet, but we know there’s a lot of blood Yeah, and remember he refused to wear the mask, the protective mask for the nose when he came back to play after breaking it. I have not seen that much blood on a basketball court in a very long time. No. That’s a steady stream. Well replacing Cody Zeller on the floor is going to be Frank Kaminsky.

81 thoughts on “Cody Zeller Bleeds Profusely

  1. This was from Fox Sports. They have to continue to show the game until it is called off to clean the blood, and they also can't show a ton of blood for a consistent amount of time without drawing some complaints from squeamish viewers. Just like movies are edited for TV, news stations naturally try not to get overly bloody while showing sports, at least on stations like this and sports like this. I hope initial thought he broke his nose. I broke mine playing basketball as a kid, and there was so much blood!

  2. 1:13 this bitch is trying to make it look likes he more prone to facial injuries yet it's just cause people keep fucking him over

  3. And no fucking call is what's hilarious to me. But they can sure make a call to determine the game . The NBA is trash and this is why, the officiating in this league makes it a joke. Lmfao

  4. But lin fans wanna cry when he gets hit accidently with no call and bleeds, look at the exact same thing happen to zeller. But the nba is racist right smh

  5. Happened to me once. What's weird is that I wasn't even hurting. I just stayed on the ground cuz I felt kind of light headed and saw blood.

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