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CMN Funds Stop the Bleed Kits for Schools

>>So today we’re at Derry Township School
District at the Hershey High School teaching faculty and staff how to stop life-threatening
bleeding. We want to teach people how to use the equipment
in a moment of crisis. When someone is bleeding to death, we have
about three or four minutes to successfully save a person’s life.>>As a teacher, you know, we’re here for
the kids. We do things for the kids. And I wanted to make sure that I’m doing my
best to make sure I’m preparing for whatever situation arises in my classroom.>>Many people think about mass casualty incidents,
the unthinkable, mass shootings. But the reality is people get hurt all the
time at home, whether they’re using a lawnmower, some people doing home maintenance, using
equipment at home, in cars, in car accidents. Stop The Bleed kits have a tourniquet. They have hemostatic gauze, gloves, trauma
shears, tape, and instructions. In Stop The Bleed, we talk about ABCs. A stands for alert, which means call 911. B is for bleeding. We want you to look for and identify the site
of bleeding. C is compress, and there are three ways you
can compress a wound. The first one is by holding pressure. The second is by packing a wound with hemostatic
gauze or bleeding control gauze. And the third way is by using a tourniquet
correctly and effectively to stop bleeding.>>It’s definitely not as simple as it looks. You know, you see it in movies and it looks
easy. I had to tighten it a couple times, and twisting
that crank is definitely not as easy as it looks.>>So to the people who donate to make these
kits possible, we thank you. We’re grateful. We can’t do this without your help. And if we can save one person’s life, it is
so worth it. [ Music ]

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