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Chronic wound healing (progressive systemic sclerosis) (Cicatrización de heridas esclerosis.)

Hi, I’m Magda I have a daughter with an immune disease called progressive systemic sclerosis She has had many problems with this disease, she has had it for 20 years. 3 years ago, approximately 2016, many ulcers appeared on the feet, on the fingers, on the ankles, on the upper part of the feet. We looked for many doctors, we had many treatments and several surgical interventions, until we reached the implants, but we did not have good results. In May 2019, I was informed by researchers from Tec de Monterrey that they had created a healing cream I contacted them and they immediately sent me the treatment, and I started putting it in July 2019, to be exact on July 15 . By the end of August they had already closed almost all the wounds, it was really something miraculous. This is a testimony for those who have lost hope with their ulcers.

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