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Chronic Pain HELPED with Gonstead Technique

– It was at that time 13 years ago where you got painkillers or some fusion? – Yeah, and in my mind,
this is kind of like well, I don’t want to take painkillers and I don’t want to get my disc fused, so what are my choices? I’m just gonna deal with it. – Just wait for, – Yeah, wait for a solution that doesn’t exist at the time, to happen with medical
advancements or something. When I first had the
flareup and it was major, I literally could not tie my shoes. I couldn’t walk. It was bad, it was really bad. I couldn’t get out of my car. It’s been kind of this slow progression over the past 13 years, waking
up or not sleeping at night. I couldn’t tell you the last night I slept through without being in pain. (upbeat music) – So this really got bad in ’06. – Oh yeah, oh yeah, but it would, it flared up and then it would go away. For the past maybe eight years, the going away part doesn’t exist. It goes from bad to worse. – Okay, so when you feel the pain, you said it’s on the right side, right? But it also wraps, right, and it cascades? – So that hurts, this area. And then it wraps around lately, it’s been coming around here. – Okay. – This just started over the past month. – Okay. – This part, but this
has been going since ’06. – Okay, and when your kids jump up, is it that specific pain? – It’s the back, it’s
really this back part, and this I didn’t really
connect with my back. – What is it that you feel, ’cause you were lifting yourself up. – Yeah, oh no, it’s
this, it’s just constant. – Okay, and what is it at, at a scale of zero to 10 right now? – Six or seven. – Oh, that’s pretty bad. Okay, when you lean forward,
is that when it’s really bad? – Boy, let me think. It’s pretty bad no matter
what, I’ll be honest with you. – I already can tell you have
things going on over here. Yeah, okay. You have a really shallow curve over here, so typically what happens
with a really shallow curve, it has a lot to do with your hip rotating a very certain way. Can you feel a pain, you
feel it as low as here? – Yes, but on the right,
to the right of that. Yep, right there. – Okay, yeah, so I’m getting readings really far down on the
bottom of the joint. So this is your sacroiliac joint. It goes, it spans from
here, and as I go down, that’s when it gets worse, right? – [Patient] Yep, it’s in that area. – [Chiropractor] How about even down here? – [Patient] Yeah, that’s more like, – What I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna adjust it downwards, okay? So just relax. Good, okay. I’m gonna do a little bit
more, you’re a heavy guy. Gonna do it more, good. – It’s definitely different. It’s gone from a seven
to a four, I would say. It’s noticeable. There’s a sharpness of
the pain that’s gone, and in fact I would say it
wouldn’t even be on my mind. It’s really like if I needed
to do this type of stuff. Yeah, I’m good. – Could you not do that before? – No, I would have to put my foot, there’s a part of my bed
that I put my foot up and then put my socks on like that. – [Chiropractor] So there’s definitely a lot of changes here. It doesn’t really register as much. – I could tell, the discomfort
in my hip is not there. There was a tightness here. There was something that I noticed here, and it’s not as noticeable. The bar is so low, and my
quality of life has been so poor that I’ll take anything at this point. This is a step in the
right direction for sure. – We have so much more to go. Cool, well it was pleasure meeting you. – Thank you, I look forward
to working with you guys. – Yeah, it’ll be good, we’re good. (soft music)

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  1. You can't spell "Chiropractic Medicine" without P-R-A-C-T-I-C-E C-R-I-M-E. Shame on these snake oil selling charlatans preying on people who need help and real medicine.

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