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Chronic Neck and Back Pain FIXED by Gonstead chiropractor

Yeah well, mostly I get a lot of back pain It’s been going on for about seven years probably consistently now A lot of stiffness in the upper around the neck area shoulder blades, kind of Every once in a while I get some spasms in the lower areas and it kind of radiates sometimes and kind of moves, it seems like in certain areas But over the last It’s a couple of months now, it’s like the pain has gotten a little worse Usually in the mornings it’s really stiff I got to sit on the side of the bed for like, maybe thirty or forty seconds before I stand up and I’d stretch everything Throughout the day because I stand up a lot at work I don’t sit down a lot because the chair’s not not that good anyway but I’m going to stand up a lot by the end of the day a lot of the pain kind of subsides a little bit but I still feel it and there’s still a lot of stiffness there still and it just kind of depends on, you know certain days what’s going on throughout the day So when you wake up it’s pretty bad? Yeah, yeah in the mornings Can you show me where? Usually in the mornings, I feel it in this area down here in that area okay So through here and also through here Are there motions right now that actually hurt? Yeah When you’re moving right, or do you just feel it in the morning? Yeah, yeah Yeah, it does on certain angles Okay, what angles? Can you replicate it right now? I’m trying sometimes this way or this way I can feel the tips of the hair Yeah, a little bit So when you turn all the way around right now you feel it? Yeah Now I’m going to hold my head up or down So go as much as you can until you start feeling it again Right there About right there Okay and I feel more when I go down in this area Mid back? Yeah yeah Okay, so you’re going to look at Troy’s lateral but usually the first thing we look at when we’re looking at, especially hot lower backs Okay, so just looking really quick at his x-rays okay, even though We’re noticing a lot of wearing away all throughout You know this just means there’s been a long-standing problem, right These bone spurs and the osteoarthritis that’s happening here We really want to find where that disc is swollen and posterior But that I mean, rather the vertebra is posterior right pinching into the nerve Okay, so Right here, we see that there’s a pretty relatively parallel they’re not parallel But they’re more parallel than L5 S1, right and we see a lot of posteriority happening over here at the L5 area Okay, so that’s my prime candidate or We look at Troy and that’s probably what I would look to see if that level right here, where the nerve root exits correlates to my nervo-scope readings So, Troy also complains of shoulder pain as well as neck stiffness So, here we’re going to look at his lateral but especially with regards to the flexion extension films or what we call motion studies So, over here You know, we can notice that he’s completely lost the curve over here, okay? But we’re really looking for what’s posterior Now, T1 definitely looks like a candidate here but let’s take a look at the flexion extension Okay, so Yeah, so definitely over here the T1 is definitely not flexing forward okay, so We can see, you know I mean just really quick that we can see that a lot of these are flexing forward except for T1 Right, so That would definitely be a key prime candidate and this is when he extends back Right, so This definitely points to T1 problems So, that would be my prime candidate at least from a structural standpoint Of course we still need to correlate it to what we find on the actual patient So, we’re obviously going to do our scope readings as well as palpation as well to confirm that that’s the one I’m going to be adjusting This instrument that we’re using right here, Troy It’s just detecting if there’s any heat differentials So, I am marking on your back by the way so, if you see green marks that’s me I’m just feeling the joints right here Is that tender in there? A little bit, yeah That’s usually weight to the pain, right Sit on back here Is that tender in here? Yeah okay So, we’re going to adjust over here right Troy So, I’m going to show you what I’m going to do before I do it okay? So, What I’m going to do is I’m going to be pushing this straight forward I’m not going to be like twisting your head or anything like that, okay I’m just going to push is forward I just need you to relax your left shoulder a little bit and give this a little push, okay just relax.. Oh my God Wow You alright, you alive? Yes Let me show you what I did What I did was I adjusted this joint over here And I pushed this forward You have a really big reversal into there, right So, We really want to start working on the bottom to pivot that to circling back Why don’t you just move it a little bit Wow How do you feel? I feel the difference, yeah I feel the difference, yeah Yeah Okay, what do you feel? Do you feel more into motion? A little more motion, yeah Not as tight intense there Awesome It’s a lot looser I feel it when I turn my head and stuff Awesome We have more to go we’re just getting started Right here, is where we’re going to adjust So I’m going to lower your pivot here, okay? put my hip here Wow Not too bad, right? Yeah Tell me Troy and I guess what movements you can do all that stuff Yeah, as I was explaining to Dr. Jerry prior to his first initial treatment.. ..adjustment. I was having some lower back pain at the very lower part of my back or the spinal area and a lot of times I’d have to get up in the morning and sit on the side of the bed like I am now and stretch over like I’m touching my toes from here for about 30 seconds or so before I was able to get up comfortably without feeling any any tightness or pain and since the initial treatment I mean just that one treatment I don’t even feel the pain anymore I couldn’t even jump up and down like in place or jog without feeling like someone was kicking me or hitting me in the lower back and since that one adjustment, I don’t feel the pain anymore It’s amazing Awesome man Oh, and I also noticed I’m not leaning that much on my right side anymore I was leaning a lot on my right side I stand up at work and I’d notice when I was standing flat-footed I wasn’t leaning more to the right anymore Well, good man Awesome

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