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Chronic Care Support for Harriett

(music playing) I’m here to see Mrs. Sawyer. She has
congestive heart failure and she just recently had a valve replacement. I’m
here to check her vitals and make sure she’s taken her medications as directed
and see how she’s feeling basically. Someone has congestive heart failure they’re not going to get better. Hello Harriet. Hello. How are you? But hopefully we can give them a
quality of life for as long as possible. Well let’s check your vitals and do you have your medication log with you today? Yes I do. Okay. It’s actually pretty exciting to go into
somebody’s home. Nice deep breath. We are the eyes and ears for the doctor
basically. And she just was my lifeline. She took really good care of me. We’re
going to talk about your completed medication log. Mhmm. Can I have a look
at it? Sure. And this is your homework every week while you’re on service with us. And
I just want to make sure that you put an X every time in the box after you take
your medication. Okay? She explains everything well and doesn’t leave
anything out. Tells you what you should do and shouldn’t do and. The big picture
is that they can stay home and live independently, and not have to go live in an assisted living facility or a sniff, a skilled nursing facility. We want to keep
them home as long as we can. (machine: press yes to check blood pressure) We have our cardio comm system so we can monitor a patient’s blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation level, and weight. We can do it daily and it’s transmitted to our office. I would definitely have been back
in the hospital. They help you. They keep you calm. They explain things to you and
it’s really something I think everybody needs. She’s doing remarkable now. She’s a different person, she has a lot more energy. Different person.

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