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Childbirth Pain? Spray It

I’m Shelby Cullinan with today’s health news.
Birth is a normal process, but it does involve a painful period of labor. A new treatment
for the pain may soon become available in Australian hospitals. A study from the Flinders
University and the University of Adelaide found a nasal spray of fentanyl (brand name
Duragesic), a pain medication often used in surgery, was just as effective as the traditional
medication pethidine. Fentanyl also had fewer side effects. The researchers found women
who used fentanyl had a shorter period of labor with less nausea and sedation. They
also reported fewer breastfeeding problems and greater satisfaction with pain management.
Babies from mothers treated with fentanyl were less likely to be admitted to the newborn
nursery — a sign of actual or potential complications. Speak to your doctor about medications for
your condition.

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