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Chest Pain & Shoulder Pain Relief  – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, I’m just
chilling out here by the fire nothing to do. it’s the doorbell! Jack! Come on in. Hey Doctor Jo. Hey how ya doing! Good to see ya! Everybody, this is my buddy, Jack. I met him at YouTube’s NextUp. Tell us a little bit
about your channel. So my channel is called a healthy gamer, and I make a
bunch of fitness videos to help video gamers get healthier, and strong, and
confident. Awesome! So I hear you’ve got a little little hurtin going on. Right so
when I started exercising, I just did the traditional bodybuilding stuff. I just
did tons of bench presses, and I mean tons of chest presses. If I would do it in
the overhead, I would be like like dumbbell overhead, but I would be on a
bench, and basically doing another bench press, so over the years my chest and my
lats have become really really dominate and really you know, too strong, and you know
now I can raise my arms like this far before they just don’t go any higher.
And I and I get, right, and then I start to get shoulder pains, especially
if I don’t do anything anything like any growing exercises, I just start getting
real bad shoulder pains, I’m waking up in the morning if I slept on my side. I just
have especially my left shoulder, just shoulder pain. Okay that’s that’s
pretty common especially with lots of lifting going on, and I think I’ve got
some stretches and exercise for that so let’s check it out! So a lot of lifters like Jack, when you’re first
starting out, you really want to pump out that chest area, you’re working on a lot
of those movements and you kind of miss out on the back, and then you end up
having those shoulders roll forward because you have those tight pecs and
then when you have those tight pecs, when you roll forward, then you end up having
a lot of those shoulder issues as well. So we’ll stretch out the chest, and we’ll
stretch out the shoulders, and then we’ll work the upper back a little bit to
strengthen that and get you back in a good proper position. One of the best
chest stretches that I like is using a foam roller. If you don’t have a foam
roller, you can just roll up like a beach towel just to give you
a little bit of a lift. So what you want to do is put it in a vertical position.
It’s going to be where your spine is, so you’re just going to kind of roll onto
it and make sure that your head is supported so then your neck doesn’t fall
off of it and get super extended, and then you’re just going to bring your
arms up. Come into a stop sign position, and then let those elbows drop, and so
that’s really gonna open up that chest, stretch those pecs muscles, all those
chest muscles, and you can hold it for about thirty seconds. You can change your
position a little bit just to get the different muscles, so you can go up
higher, you can kind of go into a wide position, but I like starting off with
this one and just letting those elbows drop. So again holding that for 30
seconds, and then doing that three times. I also like, to help stretch the shoulders
and a little bit of the chest area, is to go into a prayer stretch. For the prayer
stretch, you want to get on your knees and you’re going to bring out your arms
as far as you comfortably can, kind of placing your head on the ground. For
getting a little bit of the lats to stretch as well, you can go in an angle,
so I’m going to do all those. So just starting off, you’re gonna kind of go
into that prayer stretch, and you can creep your hands forward, and you’ll feel
it in the shoulders there to get more of that shoulder flexion, and then coming
back up. You can just hold it 10 to 15 seconds or so, and then go add a little
bit of an angle to get more of the shoulder and to get those lats a little
bit, so then you’re going to come off to the side this way, so again holding 10 to
15 seconds, you can work your way up to 30 seconds if you want to, but you don’t
have to. Coming up, and then just going straight
down. So if you have a chair that has an opening like this one, this works great
because you just come back and kind of grab on the seat back there. You want to
keep your upper body straight, keep your chin kind of tucked in, not looking down,
and just lean forward so that’s gonna get a nice stretch in your shoulders and
your chest area. If you don’t have the opening here, but you have a backrest
where you can put your arms around you can do that as well, so just kind of put
it back and then still just leaning forward, so that’ll still open up that
chest and stretch those shoulders a little bit too. You can also just kind of
put your elbows there and come forward as well and that again kind of stretches
that chest and PEC area, so just doing that, leaning forward as much as you can,
but I really like the one that has the opening because I feel like you can get
a better lean with that. So that works really nicely as well and holding those
if you can for about 30 seconds and doing three of those. So the next stretch
again will stretch the shoulders and the lats a little bit, so get yourself into a
lunge position, and then what you’re gonna do is you bring up the arm of the
side that you want to stretch, and take the other hand and kind of place it
below so you’re going to come up and then lean over, so almost like you’re
taking your hand towards the other corner of the ceiling, and if you want to
get your hip flexors a little bit, you can lean forward and get that stretch as
well, but you’re coming up and over and kind of pushing that other hand towards
that side to get that stretch. So again holding that for 30 seconds, and then
doing that three times on each side. So I’ll show you forward as well so you can
kind of see that lean, so this hand across this one, up and over, and then
kind of pushing that hip out a little bit will give you that extra stretch, so
almost like you’re reaching towards the ceiling on that side and kind of pushing
that hip out so you’ll get that stretch all the way through here, and then the
next stretch is going to be with the Swiss ball.
Look at that it just showed up! So again with chest stretches, there’s a whole lot
of ways you can do it, you can do it on the foam roller, you can do it in the
corner, and stretch that when people do that one. But you can also stretch it
on the Swiss ball. So just kind of leaning on it where it’s on your
mid-back, so you have a little room to let your your chest and your shoulders
open up a little bit, and the same kind of thing, like when on the roller, start
off with your hands kind of in that stop sign and just let them stretch, and if you
want to get a different position you can come up a little bit and then just let
those arms hang down. And this is nice because you can just relax on the ball
and let that chest open up so holding it for 30 seconds and doing that three
times. Alright now we’re gonna do some awesome exercises, so these exercises are
for the upper back they’re gonna be the Is, Ts, Ys and Ws. A lot of
times you’ll see people do them just lying on their stomach flat on the table,
but doing it on a Swiss ball makes it a little bit harder because you have this
unlevel surface so it works your core as well, it makes your core and your upper
back work together, so I really like it on the Swiss ball. So you’re gonna get it
kind of in this position where you’re up on your toes because once you get on the
ball you want to bring your knees off the ground, that’s what’s gonna make it a
little bit harder, and have you have to work your core a little bit. So trying to
get it a comfortable position on the ball,
and as you can see I’m on my toes my knees are off the ground, and then you’re
going to start off in that I position with your thumbs up, and just bring them
up this way, so just starting off with about ten of those and then you’re going
to come into a T. Still with those thumbs up, and come really trying to
squeeze those shoulder blades together doing ten of those. Then you’re going to
go into a Y position. Same thing trying to squeeze those shoulder blades
together, and then the last one is the W. So bring your elbows bent now and put
your palms down and then still trying to squeeze those shoulder blades together.
So ten of each of those. So there you have it, those are some stretches and
exercises for the chest, shoulders, kind of back area, and hopefully they will get
you to loosen up and get ya back in all the gaming without hurting. So don’t forget
to subscribe to Jack’s channel, and don’t forget to subscribe to AskDoctorJo, and
remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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  1. Can i go for long walk in morning, i mean about 7-8 kilometres when i have cervical disc bulges pain? Will walking so long aggrevate the symptoms further in neck and arm? Reply please doc

  2. Thanks for this! You are doing a good thing. My shoulder blades on my left side cant 'set' throughout an incline bench press so my left delts compensate and chest doesnt get the workout. Hoping this gets my shoulders on the right 'track'

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