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Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management

[Music] What attracted me to come to Victoria University
and to take up the leadership for the Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management
were a couple of things. Victoria University already has a large number of very qualified
very dedicated researchers working on different aspects of chronic disease. So it’s a good
background. I would like the centre to have the reputation
of being the place to go for learning more about preventing and controlling chronic diseases.
The place to be where exciting research is happening on all areas of chronic disease
prevention and control. [Music] For me the world’s greatest issue in public
health are chronic diseases. The recent statistics show also that the majority of new cases of
chronic diseases are actually occurring in low and middle income countries. That means
in those places who are the least equipped to deal with the new chronic and very costly
problem coming towards them. So there, our research needs to contribute to find cost
effective acceptable solutions which can be applied on a large scale. So Victoria University is in a great position
drawing on an actual community and actual residential area, learning with them, from
them, to contribute to lessons which are then applicable to a much wider community, beyond
the west, nationally in Australia and hopefully also globally. [Music]

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