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CC Lifestyle Testimony- Swedish Mother Eliminates Crohn’s Disease Symptoms

So can you talk about what it was like
for when we met what it was like for you and what what you were going
through? Yes and actually I’ve been trying maybe eight different diets and
so I managed to stay away from meds for some years anyway I got bad again
and felt really really sick but I got in contact with you I was saying I was
very sick I had blood coming out every day I had fevers in the night very low
energy I was really despaired situation I’d say. What was going
on with the pain like knees and ankles yes my joint pain was in my knees
and off my feet my feet yes they were swollen though at the worst times I
couldn’t I couldn’t walk on my feet so it was really awful yeah. And you really
weren’t even eating any food and no that wasn’t easy I felt like I was stuck
in a corner only able to eat Absorb plus which I am very grateful for but you
know I knew I had to start eating food sometime down the road and I couldn’t I
couldn’t do it I didn’t know how to move on because I was so sick from eating
anything. And I remember the first month was hard the first month we were
getting a little bit of relief but not as much because you weren’t even eating
much we had to wait for your supplements to come in, we had to wait and
try to really get critiqued and also you had a newborn baby what was what was
that like? Yeah sounds so crazy when you tell me but yeah when I was pregnant I
was feeling great but my and I got sick right after delivery and so that was
hard and I was breastfeeding him for four months and after that my body
couldn’t produce the milk anymore and yeah that was that was very hard because
I had you know, do I focus on my baby do focus on my own health and that would
affect him of course so yeah and that and I couldn’t do all the strong
supplements because I was breastfeeding as well. In these three months what what changes
have you seen? Yeah first of all I want to say that I
love the fact that we’ve been taking it slowly in the beginning I felt like oh
no I want to you know fix this right away but I feel that I don’t feel like
rushing it and I feel I need to listen to my body and what supplements do I
want to take right now do I want to wait a little longer so because I want
to heal once and for all and if that takes me a few months longer in the long
run I don’t care about that. But the thing is a lot of the things you
mentioned which I have forgotten about the blood is gone the pain in my joints
are gone my feets are normal I love looking down at them their themselves
again and I have a my energy’s not perfect but I have a lot more energy I
can take care of my kids send them new stuff. You know you said right when we got
on the phone you said Dane I have to admit something you know I cheated I had
some terrible food for the first time the other day and and what was that
like cheating for the first time and I was actually happy you cheated because I don’t believe in living a bubble we are only
on this life for so long we want to be able to build our S.H.I.E.L.D that’s why I
call it S.H.I.E.L.D we want to be able to our S.H.I.E.L.D that so we have the power
to go out and eat whatever we want if we want it not be deathly sick after right. So
what was that like? Yeah I was thinking do I say this or not but I wanted to be
honest and so the other night I had some my husband was eating potato chips and I
looked down on them and I just couldn’t resist them so I ate quite a lot of
them and it was so great of course I had to pay for it later and during the night
and so on but the big change I cheated before
obviously and I don’t think you have to you don’t have to be so hard on yourself
the big thing that’s different now than doing this with you
and compared to dozens of other times when I tried to heal myself is I don’t I
don’t hate myself I’m just okay I did this I probably you know just wanted to
try to be normal tomorrow’s a new day we start over and
before I would be almost like depressed about this wrong stepping and
like you know crying about it and so and it feels so much better to have this
compassion about yourself and actually love and I think that’s the part of
it you contributed with that I didn’t have it before you have to have that
part as well. Well for anyone out there listening we couldn’t do a lot of the
regimen I wanted to do for her because she’s breastfeeding when you’re
breastfeeding you can’t just put yourself on very potent antibacterial or
antiviral agents because that can seep into the blood into the breast milk can
actually affect her child so we had to go very slow and we had to work around
that and we still were able to get these great results by you know getting rid of
the pain getting rid of the swelling and allowing you know getting her the
ability to sleep without fevers and chills and and walk around without that
pain and increase her energy and be able to add back in food as her gut started
healing so in three months I mean that’s such a quick time
but when you’re in it it can feel like three years because every day is a
battle every day you’re taking notes and trying to figure out what’s working and
what’s not so it’s a lot of energy at that time but when you look back when
you go wow I just got such huge results in three months of my life
imagine where we can be in a year right and for anyone out there I call
that the boomerang effect that is where the things that could really hurt you
when you learn how to combat them and take them back you end up becoming more
powerful more energetic more connected to yourself in your life than you ever
were before and it’s really momentum and your momentum is going to continue to

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  1. Sir I have ulcerative colitis from 8years. I have tried everything but nothing. Now I am going to toilet 5times in a day with little blood but lot of mucus. What should I do?

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