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Can CBD help with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Lyme Disease?

Hello, everyone. Dr. Bill Rawls here. The
question: does CBD from hemp, a form of cannabis, help with fibromyalgia and
chronic Lyme disease? And the answer is yes. I think it is one of many herbs that
can be very beneficial for these conditions. Cannabis, or CBD,
from this cannabis extract that we call hemp, has some really wonderful
properties that are beneficial for these kinds of conditions. It’s a wonderful
immune modulator, it balances the immune system, and helps it work better. It can
decrease some of the effects of stress, it has some pain relieving properties,
and many people it helps with sleep. So all those are really wonderful aspects
of that that are beneficial. But I wouldn’t rate it as being a treatment for
fibromyalgia or chronic Lyme. I think it needs to be combined with other herbs,
especially antimicrobial herbs. I think the origins of these illnesses,
both of them, have to do with stealth microbes — the intracellular microbes — and
not just one microbe, but actually a whole spectrum of microbes, and immune
dysfunction. So it’s helping with the immune dysfunction, but I think it works
best when it’s combined with other immune modulating herbs, but also
especially antimicrobial herbs. Hemp does have some antimicrobial properties, as
all herbs do, but I wouldn’t consider it a strong antimicrobial, not nearly as
much as some other herbs. My favorites and andrographis, cryptoleptis, neem is a
good one, Japanese knotweed, garlic is a really nice antimicrobial herb. So there
are many many others. Immune modulating herbs: reishi and cordyceps are some of my
favorites. Red sage is another of immune modulating
herb. So when we combine, you know, when we’re using CBD as a hemp extract,
it can work as an adjuvant — it helps these things work better. It’s nice to
put in the mix, but I wouldn’t recommend it just as a standalone. That being said,
I do think herbal therapy in general is the solution for these conditions and
using a well-planned spectrum of herbs can get you to where you want to be with
a goal ultimately of wellness and getting your life back. If you’d like to
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