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Breakfast Mukbang With Shameda Williams | What is Crohn Disease

hi everybody and welcome welcome welcome
to tasty my plain tasty McBaine tasting mukbang tasty monthly tasty mukbang eats
y’all I am here today with a special guest one of my subscribers
this is shemitah you tell everybody about yourself you don’t name of your
channel and then we’ll get into what we’re eating today okay guys so yeah
like she said my name is shemitah I am NOT a content creator yet but I do want
to start getting more and more into mukbangs vlogs I have three boys I’m
married so a lot of you know that I do have a very small following and I make a
live here and there on my channel so I said a lot of you may know that I do pop
up sporadically but yeah like I said I’m here from Houston I’m married I have two
boys and yeah I mean that’s it so you guys make sure y’all go check out her
channel the link is gonna be in the description bar below and she said right
now she’s not a content creator you know she doesn’t have a schedule or anything
like that and but she is a great supporter so if you guys are just
looking to connect with somebody that’s gonna be a great supporter and also who
will eventually put out content then you guys go ahead and make sure you follow
her so today we got some raspberry something brand muffins from Trader
Joe’s I don’t forgot the name and we have some oranges some bananas and I’m
gonna take one of these is put on my plate and I got some gold is
all the other day and and you can get an orange if you want yeah this is just a
very light breakfast we’re getting ready to do some class today and she just got
here and I was like have you had something to eat cuz I’m hungry I’m
starving before we get the bone what else we gonna do this minute before we
could eat two roll-ups on the way here no and then D you eating sweets early in
the morning you got the nerve to be as small as you are that’s not fair you
guys I was telling tasty I said I have not always been this small I don’t know
it’s a lot of guys a lot of you may know or not but um I have Crohn’s disease and
that’s also what I’ll be talking about on my channel I don’t know if a lot of
you are familiar with Crohn’s disease the short and long of it is it’s an
inflammatory bowel disease it can infect anywhere from your small intestines to
your large intestines all the way through your mouth and mine is in my
small intestine and we all know small intestines is what provides nutritional
value for your body and if you’re deprived from that you start to lose
weight because I was also telling tasty I have not always been this small if
Lexi if anybody fallin boss lady likes you she’ll tell you I was extremely big
extremely overweight and then Crohn’s disease took all of this weight so I’m
about 125 now all the way down from like 280 so tune in petite young but in
reference to the Crohn’s disease affecting your small intestine like do
you now still get nutrition from your food or do you have to make an effort to
eat healthier in order to have more nutrition oh I take sometimes I’ll drink
lucky when is it ensure or like a boost maybe twice a day to three times a day I
did one this morning but I was still extremely hard
so that’s why I eat those bullets not a good idea but I was hungry I’m also
taking stool ara some of y’all may have heard the
commercial version yeah so it’s an autoimmune booster so I give myself
shots every four weeks I can do it either in my thigh or in my stomach so
that’s what I’ve been doing and I’m in what they call clinical remission which
means something it’s helping me to stay in remission and that’s what that is
but I feel good I feel a lot better than I was I was in
the hospital in 2017 from October all the way to December I spent Christmas I
spent my birthday Thanksgiving all in the hospital so so do they know what
causes that like before you became sick mm-hmm you weren’t you had never had
that issue before no I’ve had it since I was 15 I’ll be 32 this year it just got
really bad and what happens is every time I get pregnant and deliver it kicks
back up so I’ll be in remission and then once I deliver my children the disease
kick right back up in but this time it came with it with the vengeance mmm it
really put me down so is something that is curable
no it’s an incurable disease it’s only manageable do you plan on having any
more kids mm-hmm I would like a daughter like I
said it’s only me I’m the only girl in the house but the reason for you having
another child and not only is it a risk for your help mm-hmm when you choose to
have another child but it’s also a chance I know that’s why we cannot we
can’t pick and choose what we have so I wish we could but we can’t but one thing
about boys they love their mama mm-hm my boy that’s like dude for real
genuine love well bottom I just went to your hand
three boys or four yeah but I’m not letting anybody tell me that because I
do believe God grant you the desires of your heart
I want to how long how old is your baby my twins will be seven this year my
oldest is 12 so they kind of so if you were gonna try again when what you’re
trying probably make sure so next year mm-hmm you were going to or you might I
mean you might try and God forbid you have another boy I really would like a
girl do you think that God gives you all the desires of your heart
some I think he gives you what we need at that moment but so if that’s the case
then God don’t give you because this one that’s a catchy situation depending on
your faith mm-hmm and your dedication to him because there are a lot of people
who desire your things in their heart and they will never have them because
their heart is not sold out to God so you can’t like you got to kind of be
careful sometimes when you say stuff especially to corn and my calling mine
to people because they’ll be they’ll say well I heard people saying that God gave
you everything you want you might want somebody else wife so that is a
contradictory it is and and then a story in the Bible what was his name that King
that wanted that man’s wife and he put that man in the front line of war Oh was
a David oh yeah I think it was David I think it wasn’t good and then he wanted
the man’s what mm-hmm he was so faithful to to God the guy that sent him and he
thought by you know David going out that he’ll sleep with his wife and he went
out in the battlefield and all this and he put that man dead mm-hmm he knew he
was gonna get killed mm-hmm but the way that he did it he
tried to play God and say my hands would be clean of murder right but I say no
sometimes God will get a good plan go bad that will help your planning but I’m
just singing he was a good plan to him you thought oh good plan but that goes
to show you God is always in control always when they had the first time they
first child died and he had many of problems from there mm-hmm
but because he did have a repentant heart and he was still faithful to God
and became very sorry for what he did God still was with him and blessed him
but at the same time one thing that I have learned in life that I feel like a
lot of people don’t understand is that they think because of their past or the
things that they’ve done when they were in seeing they think that once they
become once they give their life to God that they no longer have to pay for the
consequence of those sins and that’s not true God’s grace is sufficient for you
but the Bible still says that the wages of sin is death and the gift of God is
eternal life right and that you do reap what you sow hmm
so if you have sowed seeds of discord seeds of hate sees a murder in your life
that’s just like saying I murderers can go out there and kill people and then
get saved and not spend any time in jail no you committed a crime
you’re safe now you have to go to prison God’s grace will be sufficient for you
what you are in prison but you still have to pay for their crime and that’s a
prime example of vation period we can get saved but we
still committed sin and crying before we got saved we still have to pay for that
sin but God’s grace will be sufficient in order for us to pay for that sin and
he will be with us and we can’t you can’t get away with murder you can’t get
away with sowing season just guarding a person life you can’t get away with
petty practicing witchcraft and thinking that not because you know God all the
people that you harmed and hurt in the past or just gonna go away no you have
to pay for that you don’t you don’t see that again mm-hmm and that’s why even in
knowing Christ but sometimes things happen to you I can also see sometimes I
know why it happened to me Wow and then when it happened to me I’ll be like well you got me good but you have to expect
like when you do wrong to people you can’t be walking around just thinking oh
ain’t gonna happen to me cuz lady it will come back to you yeah oh and if not
you you know you plan on having children won’t it can come back on your kids yes
and Lord knows that’s not good not good I don’t want any of that or head of my
kids reaping what I have something anything negative positive yeah but
negative no mm-hmm and especially if you’re not teaching your children how to
live right mm-hmm how to not be a bully hmm how to not cuz you want one thing
you got to realize before you got saved you had
spirit that was in use right and you and hurt your children inherited that and
you need to teach them better than you were taught so they won’t do some of the
same things that you’ve done right or they don’t leave the person that you
used to be before you got saved you might be used to be a gangster a bully a
drug addict a prostitute and you don’t want your children to go down the same
road that you went down you want your children to be better than you not and
they and try to raise them with the fear of the Lord that’s right Bible says
raise up a child in the way that he should go so when he get old he won’t
depart from it and a lot of people nowadays or lynnium social media yeah
Xboxes mm-hmm television raise their kids TV shows and reality shows raise
their children hmm and if you put garbage into something he’s gonna get
luggage out yeah well your children start cursing you out and beating your
soccer here yeah that’s all the violence are those video games them shows you
letting them watch where the people the children on the show is talking to their
parents in a kind of way not in my house recently singing something a lot of you
may have seen it too there’s something that that’s going around Facebook no or
yeah I’ll send a video on that the other day I actually asked my kid I think have
y’all heard about this thing about it they didn’t know anything about it yeah
I’ve seen a man make a video about was Momo a myth or a rule and he went that
mobile is some kind of architecture artwork that this man created that is
like a artist or something he created and actually had legs it’s like yeah
it have legs it’s a little bitty thing that’s on the little pedal story and
they have a the head and neither got a little body and leave and uh but it’s a
scary little thing but he was saying that somebody is saying
all these rumors about Momo is telling but there’s no actual proof of none of
that existing and there’s no actual proof of any physical video or no actual
person that has said that Momo came and told me this so it’s all he’s like
hearsay so it’s just something that somebody else is making a ramp to
stairpeople so you know but I don’t have to say about that is you need to be very
careful about what your children watch yes you need to know where they are at
all times who they with mm-hmm even when you put them on a room to play again you
need to pop your head up and down locking all doors they open a mile
sometime the time just to hear what they talking about because they’re sweet anything you want uh you cannot let
nothing raise your children and you have to have conversations with your children
about tough like now because of the end see everything happened for a reason now
because Momo has come out and they’re saying and Momo is telling people
children to kill themself and go turn the gas on the way and and it’s telling
people you should have a conversation with your children that if anybody it
doesn’t matter who would he ever come to them and tell them don’t tell your mama
and don’t tell your dad that is something that you definitely come to me
right away and you tell me you do not keep secrets from your parents and
that’s what you need to raise your children you need to make sure you if
you know going your children’s room every day before you let them go to bed
at night mm-hmm and and talk to them and ask them is it
anything you want talking about how your day you have to make time for kids
you guys sometimes children be running up to the parent saying mommy mommy
mommy I want to talk about your mom and you say not now and you never know that
could be the very moment something had happened to your child today somebody
tried to touch them inappropriately they were trying to tell you and you weren’t
listening mm-hm and you got the listen y’all yeah I got the listen cuz your
children see things that grown-ups don’t see yeah and then they’re very sensitive
they’re very impressionable and you have to you have to be your child everything
nobody else need to be nothing to your child that you not tuned in you need to
be your time everything you need to be your child’s teacher even though they go
to school they need to go the teacher should just be reinforcing what you’re
teaching them at home you should actually be your children’s teacher
right I think a lot of parents think that it’s the teacher’s job and to raise
them in and do all the other stuff know that kind of stuff starts from home
it all starts from home if you ain’t teaching your child nothing at home they
don’t know nothing mm-hmm and then something that I see very disturbing
today to me because I’m old school is children do not say yes ma’am and no
home or everything is yeah Internet parent yeah yeah yep
they do not man yep I was in a store the other day I was an h-e-b and I guess
this this this dad it wasn’t a mom it was a dad he called out to his son in
exile and his son said what I went to the mix out what I am NOT your friend
I’m not your buddy I’m not your pal I’m not any of the above one day my son
years ago cuz he a grown man now one day my son called me by my first name and he
just stood there waiting o me say something okay he looked at me and he
said you’re not gonna ask I looked around talking to and I ain’t
saying that thing and he was like you didn’t hear me and he said it again and
I just looked at him and I see it no never in your life will you ever call me
by my first name again he was like but I’m all denied I see it and he was like
such and such and such and such families lifting calling about it
I’m not seen like and you ain’t them you only got one moment if you don’t respect
me enough to call me mama Dee you ain’t got to call me here know exactly don’t
call me exactly cuz I will not be answering to Bessie
Suzie or whatever um nope and then another thing I do not allow my
son to call adults by their first name it was meanness yeah and Mister yeah
and nowadays yeah when I need people’s kids I tell them what my name is
mm-hmm isn’t it tasty right but whatever my real name is and that’s how you
address me right you’re not teaching your children respect that’s true they
want other people to do it they want the school system they want this person they
want grandmother on grandpa Yaris I can’t go alone it really does it
go along way it go because in order to get respect you got to give it but if
you if you teach your children to get respect and they’ll be respected but if
you don’t teach your children to be respected then they’re not gonna be
respected and they gonna grow up and be some little gangsters all right but it’s
not this boy these little girls you know I feel like that even on Facebook they
walking around and twisting and twerking and all these others
like why why you know why because they see mama do it girl
that’s why let me tell you what happened mm-hmm like last year I heard a knock at
the door mm-hmm I go at the door and I say who is
it and this little girl say my mama say do you have any flower
I said now baby I don’t have no mm-hmm she say you bitch I say I’m gonna be to
your house in a minute yeah I don’t have um no nothing I stuck my head out the
door I say I beer mm Minnie I put on my wig some clothes
I went knock down my mama door I said did you seen your daughter’s to come ask
me for flour just now and she was like yeah I said well I told her I didn’t
have any flour and she called me a B and her kids or kind of was special and her
mom was like I say yes I say it for future references can you not see your
children to my house to ask me for anything
right right and she was like okay she was Sam sorry she’s like she like
was on she she be like doing good why didn’t she tell I mean have she’s
like okay oh wow she was like stone y’all on whatever medicine the doctor
got home I don’t care how stoned I am hi out of it I am you tell me my kids have
been disrespectful to you have used foul language that you the – hey issues don’t
think they really did have some issues they was they was medic mentally
challenged see one thing you know I my kids are not behaved and that’s what
mean that’s fine you know I believe a child
has been in school eight to ten hours a day so when they get home they can’t
release that energy and it’s they supposed to do okay but as far as being
disrespectful I’m not being biased when I say this but my boys know better they
know better but you know some kids you know it’s true what they say when you
know better you do better some of these kids just don’t know respect well that’s
true everything they know they got it from
you you make them man I was going to the store a couple of months ago I think I
remember this in another video and it was some little boys one on this
side I mean by two or three of the boys on this side and two elite three little
children on this side cuz it was a little girl and I turnt that color my
hair that little boy say be set my D oh I say suck my P will you just let me
tell you something no it is not cute I said even grown-ups talking like that
that is not you I said y’all better not hear me let me hear y’all talk like that
again and a little I say there wasn’t me him I
said listen I seen you I say so you lied to me and he was like no ma’am I said
but youyou don’t lie to me it wasn’t you just said it wasn’t you I said don’t do
it again I say I’m gonna come back through here
gimme y’all better not let me hear y’all cursing and when I came back through
that you should have seen them they was like at home somebody in the house
cursing up a storm B suck my D I tell my little bitty kids shouldn’t even know
what that is daddy’s a good man no way
if I would ever let me tell y’all my son I only had one child y’all and he grown
dad the boy was so bad I’m come back it was like I had 10 children he was so bad
and one day he was a latchkey child from school one day I was getting out for
work and I was going to check my mail before I you know when you’re walking up
driving appointments the mailbox up front so I stopped to go check the mail
and when I was putting my key in the mailbox even the boys was up there and
this other little boy and my son was up there and I was like what are you doing
over here he was like man mama I said go home boy
so he was like let me ride with you I say no walk home right so he went home
and the other little boys he was leaving he was telling my son
hey man you drop your cigarettes to your son yeah
and so I look down and it was a pack of the like the black and milds piece and I
picked them up I said oh you smoking now and he said no ma’am not mine but they
came from you they dropped by the your pot and and he said no you’re not my
mama I said oh you smoking on the look what I say is this his cigarettes or
this y’all seducing the boy say doing his cigarettes and I was like mm-hmm
okay so I went home I was like you smoking no ma’am I’m not smoking in the
boy lying on me mama you’re come to find out they let Negro
was smoking smoking cigarettes and I ain’t never smoked a cigarette a day in
my life not everything children learn they do not learn from you know but
because I didn’t smoke at all oh and I don’t like cigarettes and I’m allergic
to cigarettes so I and I never even dated anyone who smokes cigarettes
because I do not like cigarettes and but deadly Negro sorry I’m was hanging around you got to be careful
who you choose you hang around yeah instead of going in the house like he
was supposed to after he returns from school he hanging around with all
everybody else outside trying to fit in trying to be cool you don’t know what
all your child could get into that’s how they get into drugs they have to selling
drugs cuz them them older dudes there’s on the corner selling drugs
go see your child hanging around after school every day being I’ll get that
gonna get you specially with young boys they don’t get them little young boys
into pushing drugs for them because them kids can’t get in trouble and you and
you’re not watching your children and it’s good that you want to work but I’m
gonna tell you from being a single parent what I learned from being a
single parent and what I would do over again you might think the most important
thing in the world is to go to work every single day but when you are a
single parent and your children are gonna be spending X amount of hours at
home by themselves you are doing an injustice to the growth of your child
because you are not there and believe me they stand in the house like you think
they are and so they’re getting exposed to all kind of stuff it don’t matter how
many good models you have how you’re raising your child in the house when you
not at home your child in the street yeah your child is in the streets when
you’re not at home no matter how much you think they’re at home my son knew
what time I took my breaks at work he knew what time I was gonna call him
he was in that house he had down pay he was in that I had a little intermission
and my SD card got fooled and I was just talking about my son and he was just
bringing back so many horrific bad terrible memories of how bad that boy
was and so I don’t want to go there so this story about the concert that boy
was so bad like he made me feel like I had 10 children with ten behavioral
issues and I only have one child yeah and that boy made me not want to hand
keys you never see me try that bag to make it mom and I wanna animal keys and
she wanted to now I do now I I love children and I wanted more kids but that
boy was so trying there to the school he got his hair cut open his head busted up
but he even got hit by a car on the 4th of July oh and I had a dream I have a
spirit of dreams I had a dream a couple of days before the fuck did you like
that he got hit by a car and he was visiting my mom for the summer and I
called my mom and told my mom to take his bike and put it up in her bedroom
and lock it up because I do not want him riding his
bike on the fourth of July she didn’t take the bike and put it up in her room
she wouldn’t put it in the garage where he could go in the garage without her
knowing it and that’s what he did he went got the bike out of the garage
we brought the bike guy hit my car on the 4th of July got life-flighted late
that when they took him to the regular Hospital the regular hospital refused
him and they had to LifeFlight him to another hospital because the hospital
didn’t think he was gonna make it I wouldn’t hang them up at all that’s how
bad they were my two dogs did where I didn’t do the animal and I was like that
was a miracle God gave y’all give you exactly what you need and sometimes you
get what you don’t need out of seeing but then you’d be like lord please I got
enough of this right my cup is running oh I love my song and some people say
you wouldn’t trade them for nothing in the world I try to me I’m just kidding out that’s my sister
human kicking in that’s my son my flesh and blood
maybe the reason why he’s so bad it’s cuz his mama and his daddy both was
stubborn so yeah I mean he probably got a little bit of both of us and being
being the only child he was kind of not spoiled but he had everything he was
like God is to us he gave us everything that we need and not all of what we want
and he had everything that he needed but for the average african-american child
that is more than what other people have because a lot of children especially
when their parents have multiple children they don’t even have what they
need so for him to always have what he needed made other children wish that
they were my children because he had what he needed but he didn’t he never
had all of what he wanted right and he he was he was very smart very
intelligent just was bad bad bad as I feel like I’m come back
sneaky oh yeah sneaky yeah too smart for his own good
clever let me tell you something when you got a child they think they smarter
than you and they always doing things to try to make you think you losing it
right that’s what my son would do yeah he would take money from me and you
thinking you didn’t lost it or something and he will make me think I spent it or
make me think I lost it and I’m sitting here going crazy
and it’s only two people in the house but I never I’m like I had this money
with the light bill this was the light bill money that money don’t have legs
that don’t have feet and he telling me well you must have spent it but I just
put the money on the counter and I just want to take a nap and when I come back
the money gone they say fine me look let me say awesome my son made me be a
private detective he could my sister told him one time she
said your mama not your problem you your problem she said because right about now
you ought to know what you can and cannot get away with with your mama she
said and you know you can’t get away with nothing with that woman so you need
to be stop trying to get away with stuff cuz you like the test patients they do
that mine do they see how far they can go before I just blow up well I ain’t
gonna tell y’all him but he tested my patience and he put it to me

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