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Bradford White 40 Gallon Gas Water Heater Wont Lite

unlike some of the older gas hot water heaters that we’ve got a custom the new high water heaters are more efficient and I’m not much safer than ever before we get started let’s check out the information tags inside the 1-800 number to manufacture factory makes the water heater sighs water heater type of water you have any other information that we need to like that one here you will find this is dustin will come here now this conversion the old version it it’s important that you know that we called the 1-800 number on the tags and the company was nice enough to send us a conversion kit out because the one that’s in there and started okay warden is not up yet so this is the new conversion kid and we’re gonna pull the old one out and we’re gonna put the new one in so let’s get started on to replacing the conversion and another thing when there is a part that you need for your hot water heater and you can only get from the manufacturer usually they do send it overnight and you will have the next day to get your project going now with that said let’s get back to work now you see here with the first thing we’re doing is we’re removing the thermal coupling and now we’re removing the supply to go straight to the main burners and now we’re going to remove the tubing that goes to the college itself let’s go ahead and get the night around with the way so that we can get our channel lock pliers and poly tubing off now in most cases you do have hot water heaters the newer ones anyway that have this enclosure now and don’t know if any of you remember the older hot water heaters that have the that it wasn’t enclosed and you can go right to it and stick your hand and light it with a match which was very dangerous now this is a lot safer now you only need a ignited to look like to light it and what we’re doing here is we’re taking a screwdriver to remove the enclosure kit and on this with this particular screwdriver i’m using the unit not driving part on it flat get our attention thanks a lot ok now we have everything simple let’s a kind of which the version get a cold one okay here you go there’s the main burner of thermal coupling and the pilot system the main burner looks pretty rusted but still in good shape this is a better view of the system on the floor and out of ya water heater itself now what we’re going to do here is the new conversion kit did not come with a burner or in office so what we’re going to do is we’re gonna take this burner offer here and we’re going to use the office because the new one that they said this does not come in an office and it’s important to remember that you have to replace that offers put a new one in there are you will have problems this is the office that you’re looking at right now which controls the flow of gas and that offers can be made for natural gas are our Beauty it’s important that you used to write offers for the right gasps make sure that you know the right type of gas is coming into your house to operate your hot water heater or your first ok here’s a better look at the office you can see what the deal was just a little small press that hole is designed for them gasps were using on this hot water heater here itself and what we’re doing here is we’re just gonna take the office screwed on into the manifold of the now that we’ve got that done we’re gonna take it back ok now that we do have the main burner assembly together let’s look inside and see where we’re going to slide the main burner in if you can see real close watch you can see a little bit in there yet right there that’s where you going to plant the tubing to the of the main burner too and it should slide right up in there as long as we’re going straight in line and this is the igniter it just pulls apart with wire so we’re gonna put the igniter they’re connected to the you-know-what ok now this we’re going to slide the burners in here and is simply altogether install a very careful that you don’t then the tubing where it would be a crappy strip the gas flow make sure that the version it is down really tight we have a place and here we’re going to start putting the polity minute if you look at that nut closely i’ll show it to you again see that it has a flaring least in similar to a pharaoh those you we cranked down and flare dress pants and body up against Michael side of the 2d and again this is the tubing for the main burgers and we’re gonna get it on there nice and tight snug and the new thing about this conversion kit is it comes with a uh I guess you’d call it a safety switch for the thermal coupling if the water heater was to get too hot on the burners up underneath it would all of it automatically current cut the thermocouple off which would cause the pilot to go out keep you safe you noticed on each side of this safety switch to have here has two electrical outlets because there is electricity going through the thermal cup itself once the pilot is lit and generates a small amount of electricity that is what keeps you like it if you do have a hot water heater and the thermocouple does go out check the thermocouple right here that we’re on taking them right now sometimes this loose you have a bad connection and you’re not getting any kind of current political character just make sure that’s tight and it is a couple should continue to work here we go with the igniter gonna connect it to the new wiring it just plugs right in an agency is easily mounted inside of valve we’re connecting wire leaks and this is another new feature that most people are not familiar with yes that’s my little white button right there we’re gonna go ahead continue to hook up the wire leads and we’re going to show you this small white button you can see small white button right here and we’re gonna screw drivers that you can see it a little bit that small but if you’re thermocouple tends to keep going out you may have to click that small button in to reset the pilot welcome to use stay lit this is a new feature that most people are familiar with you we are through the looking glass to check to see if we can mission know now that you have pilot light is lit we’re going to hold down on that red button on top form just long enough to heat it up to generate enough electricity to hold that pilot open here we are at the top and now we do have let me turn it on to the on position

6 thoughts on “Bradford White 40 Gallon Gas Water Heater Wont Lite

  1. Kinda funny drip leg there. What's the story on that. And is that black iron or galvanized??. Other than that great vid love it. Plumbing rules!

  2. Well first make sure they turn on the breaker to the water heater. Second if they turn on the electric to the water heater before filling it with water it would burn out the heating element's. Yes the water heater has to be filled with water before turning on the electric to it. Let's hope it's just the breaker off at the breaker box.

  3. i have a question, i have whirlpool the same model as in the video. my pilot does not seem to want to stay on, do i need this kit? please answer asap

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