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Warning signs before a heart attack
A heart attack occurs when the heart does not receive enough oxygen because blood flow
is suddenly interrupted. The heart muscle cannot pump properly, and the tissue begins
to die quickly. About 735,000 Americans have a heart attack each year. However, only about
27% of people know all the symptoms of the urgency of a heart attack. Recognizing the signs of a heart attack and
get to the hospital immediately can mean the difference between survival, irreversible
tissue damage, and death. If you have any doubt about whether the pain you are experiencing
a heart attack, seek medical help immediately. Signs before a heart attack
1 Pay attention to chest pain A chest pain, whether acute or dull, is the
most common sign of a heart attack. People who have heart attacks often say they feel
squeezing, fullness, pressure, stress or a strong feeling in the center or left side
of the chest. This feeling may last a few minutes or more, or go away and come back
later. 2 Check that the discomfort in the upper body Sometimes the pain of a heart attack radiates
from the chest area outward, causing discomfort in the neck, jaw, abdomen, upper back, and
left arm. The pain in these areas is usually a dull ache. If you have not recently worked
out or do anything that may cause upper body pain, this pain could be a sign youre having
a heart attack. The weakness of the body One of the main symptoms to be aware of is
the weakness of the body. Your body feels weak because the arteries narrowing is experiencing,
which means less blood flow and circulation. This leads to weakened muscles that could
cause it to fall more easily. This symptom is a big red flag, so be careful if you are
experiencing bodily weakness. 4 dizziness and cold sweats Dizziness and cold sweats are another sign
that something is terribly wrong, such as poor blood circulation in the body part of
blood flow to the brain are cut off. This restriction of blood flow is something to
consider, as your body will feel sticky and discomfort. Your brain needs adequate blood
flow to function properly and feels healthy. These symptoms indicate that a heart attack
could be just around the corner. 5 Monitor your breathing Shortness of breath is a subtle symptom of
heart attack should not be taken lightly. It is distinct from the lack of air in relation
to other diseases because it seems to come from nowhere. People who have suffered from
the lack of air in relation to a heart attack describe the feeling as if they had been doing
much exercise despite everything they’ve been doing is sitting and relaxing. 6 Watch signs of nausea Nausea can also lead to breaking into a cold
sweat, and even vomiting. If you experience these symptoms, especially in combination
with other symptoms, you may be having a heart attack. 7 cold or flu If the symptoms of colds and flu are similar
to what you are experiencing, there is a good chance that a heart attack is underway. Many
people who have had heart attacks described suffering from symptoms of a cold or flu-like
just before suffering a heart attack. Chest tightness 8 If you have chest pressure, you will want
to get checked immediately, such as chest pain or discomfort is an important key to
a heart attack could hit. Pain or pressure in the chest you are may be experiencing only
increase as the potential heart attack is coming. 9 Call emergency services immediately if you
suspect that you or someone you know is having a heart attack The sooner medical treatment is received,
the greater the chance of surviving the attack. Don’t risk talking yourself out of it or waiting
too long.


  1. I took a heart attack while sitting at a computer in my classroom. I had for a long time been unable to walk long distances or do things like ride a bike. The day prior to the full blown experience I had a sudden burning pain in my chest that took my breath. It seemed to last seconds but the reaction from a colleague, on reflection, seemed to indicate longer with my not realizing it. The morning of the major event the same burning pain occurred but intensified. I could not breathe, tried to get up but could only bend over low because it seemed my diaphragm wouldn't allow breathing unless I stayed bent over. The intense burning pain spread down the inside of both arms, the inside of both legs from groin to ankles and the same lava hot pain occurred in my head seemingly all over where the hair covered it. I was unable to walk first just waiting to see what next. Even after I could move slowly to centre of the room, I felt I was observing everything removed from the situation, doing actions like putting a file in a briefcase, realizing this is not what I should be doing. I was heading to a wall intercom at the door to call. The pain and burning subsided enough to get to the intercom and say come down to the secretary. It was almost impossible to speak. They moved me to another room, gave me an aspirin and when I could say something again as I lay huddled on the floor by the wall, I asked the secretary to call my sister. She returned and said she would not come and had told her to call an ambulance. I nodded in agreement. The teachers and principal remained standing around me just looking until emergency guys started treating me having arrived later. I realize that I spent 4 hours huddled on the floor with no assistance except what I described. This was a high school with children in their care.

  2. I had pain on my neck , left side of my back, all the way down to my left arm , when I am at work I often fell there is not enough of air , and it makes me nauseous … , I told my generalist about this, he said I should not be worried about。How can I know if my doctor is right..?

  3. a spoonful of , Arizona gunslinger, chipotle habanero flavor hot sauce…best ever…..a little is good, alot is hot….

  4. Haha same as a cold so who knows this info doesn't really help this happens to everyone every winter. I've had 100s of heart attacks in my life then thanks for nothing.

  5. This is a great video… but the background music is interfering with the (strange) voice… making it hard to hear… Please consider this in the future… I want to HEAR the person speaking, not annoying music competing with the narrator… Thank you.

  6. I have these symptoms most days..out of breath, dizzy, flu like, hot n cold, indigestion, painful chest etc..but I am overweight and I am 54! felt like this for a long time so who knows? !

  7. There was one night I thought I was having a heart attack. I'm type 2 diabetic and I also have Hypertension so by default I am at higher risk for that and stroke. I called 911 and everything. Come to find out it was not heart attack (thank God) but GERD and I had all sorts of tests done in order to determine if I was also experiencing Congestive Heart Failure too.

    Those turned out fine, but they were definitely eye-openers. I always get a bit anxious whenever I feel heartburn or twinges in the chest though.

    I have since begun monitoring my blood sugars every night and also take my blood pressure too just to make sure all is well. Simply put, don't play games with your health. The only one who loses is you.

  8. I have all those symptoms apart from the pressure for 15 years now. But my docters says its not my heart. And still no heart attack.

  9. my mom before had heart attack had nausia and cold flu prior to that good thing I new about and called paramedics

  10. We no longer have access to medical care here in the u.k. Our health service is collapsing. If you have a heart attack here, you're completely screwed.

  11. thnx my grand ma's heart rate is slow she takes medicene to prevent attack what are the measures she must take to stay healthy….i m very concerned

  12. i had an heart attack in 2012 feb 12.had 6blocks…now 14.1.2017 still breathing. 3stent n 3 baloon…01133780387

  13. i had no chest pain at all in either of my two heart attacks. NHS website in the UK did conclude that I should call non-emergency(111 in the UK) straight away. 111 operator called emergency 112 promptly.


  15. Amazing how only 27 %of the people knows about the symptoms. This will help to save a life…maybe your own….👌👍

  16. my pulse rate was fast after eating eating bisskits containg weed and its three month now.what must i do because i ate them by mistake only once but i sometimes feel that my heart is disturbed and i feel uncomfortable in breathing.plz help

  17. I experience most of these symptoms on a daily basis. Been to the doctor many times and they just blow me off, but it is the VA hospital and I am a Vet. Screw America. Let it burn.

  18. I had a heart attack OCT 21, 2016…A week before I noticed my left arm feeling numb at times…First thing I noticed during the heart attack was I felt like I was burning up and sweating very badly…Then about 5 minutes later I felt very weak and passed out..After coming to in the ambulance my upper back between my shoulder blades started hurting very badly….When they got me to the hospital they put one stent in my heart and I stayed in hospital for two days..The Dr set up surgery and on Nov 22nd I had bypass surgery…Lots of pain after surgery but doing ok so far..

  19. A few days ago I experienced a hard beating from my heart and it felt like I just ran. The beat got strong for 30 seconds. I was laying down at that time. I adjusted my laying down position, and the fast hard beating calmed itself.
    When I was 17, while standing still, I felt an odd heartbeat. it beat like crazy for 15 seconds. holding my hand to my chest, the heartbeat stopped. I didn't panic, but 3 seconds later, it started to beat normally

  20. My neighbor pass a way about 2 years from this he had a bad pain in his sholder he brushed it off thought he pulled a muscle he did a yard work pain behind shoulder blade is a nother SIGN!!!

  21. 😢..I feel chest pain..from 1 year..it started from last year..WHY God why..I feel it every month..left side of my chest..YOU ARE FAKE GOD..I hate you..I was carrying upon my dreams to be a doctor but I didn't wanted to be a doctor who can't save it's own life..
    I don't want to be a heart patient..NO..I'll die😭Hell no..I never did bad thing for anyone..I always care for others but still why..I never did any medical check up about this but now I'm afraid if I died..😭I can't go for my dreams
    I'm not worried about myself but..worried for my parents..they can't live without me..they will die if they knew am suffering from heart disease

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