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Blood in stool: what is rectal bleeding?

Rectal bleeding is a very common clinical
condition of seeing blood in your stools. You can see a small amount of blood after you open you bowels. All you can see is a lot of blood. If you see a lot of blood or
passage of clots from the back passage area, that is a clinical emergency and you should
seek emergency medical help. However, the vast majority of presentations
are usually small amounts of blood after you pass your motions in the pan or on the toilet
paper. Because it’s embarrassing, it is under reported. But it is thought that at least every third individual
will see some blood from his back passage area throughout his lifetime. Being a very
common but embarrassing condition, a lot of people seek self-treatment and self-diagnosis
which can be dangerous because it can sometimes masquerade clinically serious conditions.
So, I would recommend that though it is a common condition, it is worthwhile seeking
medical attention when you see blood in your stools.

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