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Dear friends subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon to receive our new videos notification on time Assalam U alikum Dear friends i am kamran and you are watching MLT Hub with kamran. How are u friends? Dear friends our today’s topic is about Clotting Time and we will perform clotting time practically also but ist of all lets discuss the concept of clotting time what is Clotting time? The time require for a blood sample to clot is called clotting time ok friends. Normal Range of clotting time is 5 to 11 minutes blood should be clot from 5 to 11 minutes if not clotted withing 11 minutes than there is some medical condition due to which blood is not clotting so What are the condition in which blood clotting time is prolonged Hemophilia a Genetic disease in which deficiency of factor VIII occurs due to factor VIII Deficiency the blood clot does not formed in patient Christmas disease another rare type of hemophilia in this Factor IX is deficient in patient due to which blood does not clot in patient Clotting time also prolonged in Factor XII Deficiency and also prolonged in Heparin therapy so how blood clot lets talk about clotting of blood mechanism an enzyme Prothrombinase activate and convert Prothrombin into thrombin ok and thrombin convert fibrinogen into fibrin and fibrin cause clotting of blood if Prothrombinase is not present in blood so it will also influence the clotting of blood so friends this was a small concept regarding Mechanism of clotting and prolonged clotting time causes Lets start our Practical we will perform clotting time by slide and tube method so dear friends what are requirements for slide method Gloves because we will deal with blood so gloves are very important Alcohol paid containing 70% isopropyl alcohol Time or stop watch to record the time lancet Glass slide and it is must because we are going to perform slide method. So lets start the procedure you can prick on Middle finger or ring finger and i am selecting middle finger Clean the pulp of finger with Alcohol pad containing 70% Isopropyl alcohol and let it dry because not dried yet prick the side of pulp because there is no nerve ending in this area no place the drops of blood on slide because this technique is concern with slide so we will observe the fibrin clot on slide and on the stop watch and check for clot formation after every 30 seconds by placing lancet in bottom and moving upward so check for clot formation after every 30 seconds remember this The normal range of clotting time is 5 to 11 minutes so you will check the clot after 30 seconds each you can see the stop watch on your screens that after 30 seconds i will check the blood for clot on slide so this is the way to check for clot formation after each 30 seconds by placing the lancet in bottom of blood drop and moving upward to check for fibrin clot ok friends Here you can see the clot is formed let me show you closely see friends The clot of fibrin is very visible so this is our clotting time So What are requirement for tube Method ok Friends 5 CC Syringe Tourniquet 2 Glass Tubes (Do not use Plastic Tubes) Water bath at 37 c Alcohol Pad containing 70% isopropyl alcohol Stop watch ok Friends So clean the area with 70% Isopropyl alcohol Wear Gloves for blood taking gloves are very important in laboratory procedures so take 5 ml blood from a visible antecubital vein after taking blood 2 ml blood each will place in 2 separate glass tubes and remember always use glass tubes for clotting time and do not use plastic tubes as plastic tubes take much longer time for clotting time so glass tubes will give you accurate time for clotting so i will distribute 2 ml blood in each tube separately after taking blood so check dear friends how i place blood in glass tubes open the tourniquet and place alcohol pad at the puncture site place 2 ml blood in each glass tube 2 ml blood in 1 glass tube and 2 ml blood in 2nd glass tube and after placing blood in glass tubes keep the both glass tubes in water bath at 37 c so keep the glass tubes in water bath at 37 c and check for clot formation after 4 minutes remember one thing when blood is drawn in syringe start the stop watch from that time i am checking blood for clot after 4 minutes completion blood is still flowing and not clotted now after completion of 4 minutes check the blood clot after each 30 seconds ist time when placed in water bath check after 4 minutes and after that check after 30 seconds for clot formation still the blood is not clotted still blood is not clotted so after 5 minutes and 30 seconds blood in glass tubes are finally clotted you can see the blood in glass tubes and this is our clotting time test what is absolutely normal no flow of blood is present and the blood is clotted completely so this was clotting time on glass tube

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