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salam to all I am Dr salma waqas. today I am going to discuss about bloated stomach ,swollen belly /abnormal gas accumulation . abdominal area increases . we will discuss its causes and well as treatment . lets start if your stomach is swelled ,gas accumulation occurs ,feeling abdominal discomfort it means you are bloated . due to bloating many problems can occur ,it may lead to allergies .. people with bloated stomach look very heavy due to swelling but actual fat is not that much high . after eating there belly swells and become hard . There are many reasons of bloating . ….digestive disorders … eating too much salt, causes water retention ,so body will swells . ….food intolerances .. ..air swallowing …. …constipation ,stool in intestine makes it hard .causes discomfort . fluid retention .. ..dehydration leads to bloating also …. especially if you eat excess of salt and less water, cause bloating . we can prevent bloating …. some tips and some recipes ,can prevent and treat bloating . eat in smaller portions instead of one large meal . Eat less fat . oily food makes you full and lead to discomfort . stress can cause bloating, it slows down digestion , ,so learn how to deal with stress in positive way . eat fiber rich food to avoid constipation . drink plenty of water . chew each bite well (32 times per bite ) . avoid smoking . go for exercise and increase your physical activity . eat one serving of yogurt daily . drink more water . say no to carbonated drinks . eat more vegetables and fruits . avoid that food which make you uncomfortable . some recipes to treat bloating … GINGER TEA …… take 2 to 3 slices of ginger ,add in boiling water , boil for 2 to 3 minutes ,and drink warm . drink after 30 minutes of meal . chew some FENNEL SEEDS ….after meal you can drink PEPPERMINT TEA ,….. take some mint leaves add them in boiling water . boil for 2 to 3 minutes drink warm ,take after 30 minutes of meal. GREEN TEA …. take a tea bad of green tea . add in boiling water . for 15 to 20 seconds place in boiling water then remove . drink 30 minutes after meal .take warm . use these tips and recipes .these will prevent and treat all problems regarding bloating . when there will be no bloating then you will look slimmer . you will feel healthy and light if you find this video helpful SHARE with your friends and family thanks

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