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Hello sir, I would like to welcome you in Planet Ayurveda. Sir, what is your name and from where you have come? My name is Krishan Kumar and I have come from Delhi. Okay, may I know that for which disease’s treatment you have visited in Planet Ayurveda? For which disease’s you have visited here? I have visited here for the treatment of ITP and Dr. Vikram Chauhan here gives treatment for ITP. Okay. Sir, when did you get diagnosed with ITP? I have been diagnosed in June 2019, 25th June. Can you please tell us the details of the symptoms you were facing at that time. Actually I was out of country in the month of May, for Europe tour. I have returned from Europe in end of May month. After 15 days from returning I suffered from fever and the temperature was around 100 degrees. At that time I noticed slight bleeding in stool also and loose motions started. And in night I had loose motions 3-4 times, with bleeding in it. Next day I have to get hospitalized. And then I got hospitalized in private hospital situated in Delhi. Sir, How much relief did you get from there and how was your overall experience with the treatment you have taken? Actually they have diagnosed this condition by analyzing my bone marrow and diagnosed ITP. After diagnosis when they hospitalized me then initially they transfused me with platelets. Which we call white blood cells and they transfused me with these and transfused me with blood also. My condition was very critical at that time. I was hospitalized in ICU for almost 15-20 days in continuation. So during this procedure of transfusing platelets, platelet count was increasing or fluctuating. It was fluctuating. Count was increasing and decreasing too. My platelet count got reduced to 2000. Count was reduced to 1000 only. Platelet count got reduced to 2000 and condition have become very critical. Your condition got too severe. Yes, too much. There was too much bleeding. Okay. Sir, for how long did you took allopathic treatment? From month of June till Diwali in 2019, I took that treatment but I was not satisfied with that treatment. Because as they have given steroids which no doubt improved the platelet count but whenever I stopped, I mean I didn’t discontinued. I was taking the medicines, but I was not getting relief from any of the medicine. The steroids they were giving.. Every steroid has a specific course for a period of time, whenever that course finished the platelet count starts reducing. Platelet count reduced again and fluctuations were there. Yes, there was too much fluctuations. So you have followed allopathy treatment for almost six month’s right? Yes, I was taking allopathy till that time. Sir, how did you get to know about Planet Ayurveda and then visited Dr. Vikram Chauhan? Actually I was normally surfing my phone then I saw this channel on YouTube. I searched if there is some possible treatment in Ayurveda or not? Then I came to know about Dr. Vikram Chauhan. Then I saw the reviews of many patients and comments made by Doctor. Then I decided to visit here. When did you first visited for treatment here? I have visited here two days after Diwali. Okay, after Diwali you have visited here. So how was your journey till date regarding treatment from Planet Ayurveda? Please tell us about that. I am very glad. What were the symptoms and problems you were facing initially and which you are not facing now, what were the improvements can you please tell that in detail? Initially bleeding was there, but when I got discharged till then bleeding was stopped. But platelet count didn’t get stabled, count was not in control and fluctuations were still there. Sometime the count was 15,000, then sometime 20,000 and 25,000, then the count again got reduced. When I visited here in Diwali then my platelet count was 15,000. After that they gave me medicine for one month and I continued the medicine for one month. In that duration of one month my platelet count increased between 50,000 to 75,000. Okay Sir, as we are having to your medical records showing platelet count. On 10th of October your platelet count was 15,000. I want to show the improvement chart to the viewers. And till 24th of October the platelet count was about 25,000. That means within 14 days the platelet count increased by 10,000 number. By 19th November the count has increased up to 42,000. On 2nd December the count was 75,000 and now the count has increased up to one lac fifty thousand. On 19th December, it was 80 thousand. Platelet count is important and the latest reports of platelet count which was done on 1st Feb depicted the count is one lac fifty thousand. Yes, one lac and fifty thousand. Okay, was your appetite low at that time? Or such symptoms like that sometimes you feel hungry or vice versa or did you faced some problem with sleeping. No, No these things were normal. Sir, did you followed the diet properly and what was the role of diet here? Like doctor have recommended me to avoid milk products, tea and have advised me to drink herbal tea. So I totally avoided that, and on addition papaya, papaya’s juice. So I used to drink the juice for one or two time by adding honey in it. This has given me relief up to great extent. Means, you have followed the diet very strictly right? Yes, I have followed the diet strictly. Okay, You have improved a lot so you have come here today to take medicines or you have completely recovered. I have visited here today for consultation in order to confirm that whether I have to continue the treatment or not. Okay sir. Would you like to tell our viewers about the Planet Ayurveda or Ayurveda? How was experience or would like to tell something about Dr. Vikram Chauhan? I would definitely like to tell that Dr. Vikram Chauhan who is an Ayurvedic doctor. I would like to request to all ITP patients that they should visit here and meet Dr. Vikram Chauhan, and should take treatment from here. I want that whoever is watching this video should share this video to people. After seeing the video or meeting with Dr. Vikram Chauhan, they must take treatment from here and take benefit from here. I wish them all the luck and must take effective treatment from here. Sir, as we all know that this Ayurveda is an ancient medical system but people are more after allopathy nowadays. What is your opinion regarding this? As it is said that this don’t gives instant relieve but it does work on root cause. So did people need to adapt Ayurveda? As there are no side effects. So what is your opinion on this? I would like to say that there is no possible treatment for this in allopathy. Because I have taken this treatment for six months. And I was not satisfied with that at all, that’s why I decided to prefer Ayurveda. I believe that Ayurveda a permanent treatment for this disease. And people have recovered too with this. And I am hoping too that I will recover too. Means, people should adapt Ayurveda. Yes, they should adapt Ayurveda. Yes sure sir, there are many patients of ITP who have recovered from this and we have already uploaded the testimonial video in YouTube. People will built up some trust after seeing your video for ITP and for other health issues too. I would like to show your prescription the viewers also. Here we are having your first prescription. So sir now you are completely satisfied with Ayurveda treatment. Yes fully satisfied. Okay sir, thank you so much for giving us your time and shared our views with us. Thank you. Thank you.

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