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Best Affordable Mattress? | Casper Essential Mattress Review (2019)

– Hey Tuck followers, Keith here. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Casper Essential mattress. Now everybody knows Casper at this point for bed in the box,
they’re a household name. And this is their most affordable option. How does it stack up to Tuck’s tests? Keep watching to find out. (bright music) Our mattress testing team today includes lightweight sleeper Rachel, average weight sleeper Zack, and heavyweight sleeper Alandrus. To unbox the Casper Essential mattress, grab a friend and move the box
to its intended destination. Remove the roll packed
mattress from the cardboard box and unwrap the plastic. Give it about 12 to 24
hours to fully recover. The Essential is an 11
inch all-foam mattress. The cover is made from
a knit polyester fabric. The comfort layers consist
of two inches of polyfoam over 1 1/2 inches of memory foam. The support core consists of 7 1/2 inches of high density polyfoam. The Casper Essential falls
at about a six out of 10 on the firmness scale, making
it a medium firm mattress. The Essential is a bit more responsive than other all-foam
mattresses on the market, yet it does still conform fairly closely to a sleeper’s body. You’re not going to get that
traditional deep sink of memory foam beds, but
you’re also not going to feel like you’re floating on top of it. So it’s a nice middle ground. To measure support, we look
at the spinal alignment of each of our sleepers
when sleeping on their side. As you can see, all three of our sleepers were adequately supported
by the Casper Essential. Our light and average weight sleepers received a bit more support
than our heavier weight sleeper. To illustrate motion isolation, we put a water glass
on one side of the bed and have our heavyweight sleeper Alandrus move around the opposite
side of the mattress. As you can see, the water
in the glass barely moves as Alandrus rolls around the
opposite side of the mattress, showing that the Casper
Essential does absorb and minimize motion transfer
to a significant extent. Edge support refers to how much a mattress holds a sleeper up when sitting on or sleeping close to the edge of the bed. All three of our sleepers found that the Essential did sink quite a bit when sitting on the edge of the bed. However, they all felt comfortable and supported when sleeping
close to the edge of the bed. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the Essential offers
better edge support than some other all-foam beds out there. Using our 2D and 3D
pressure mapping tools, we’re able to tell just how much pressure the Casper Essential relieves on each of our sleeper’s bodies. Taking a look at the readings, our light and average weight sleepers received adequate pressure
relief from the mattress. Our heavyweight sleeper saw some pressure, especially around his shoulders, which led to less than
adequate pressure relief. Taking a look at temperature neutrality, we found that all three of our
sleepers experienced warmth and general heating up
throughout the night. That’s to be expected
with denser memory foam and all-foam beds, they do heat up more than their inner spring
and latex counterparts. Now, let’s take a minute to
check in with our sleepers. Zack, what did you think
of the Casper Essential? – It was pretty comfy. I typically like firmer beds,
but I was really surprised at how much support it actually gave me. – It really caught me by surprise. Being a softer mattress,
my expectations were low. But after lying down, I felt supported. – I thought it was okay. I thought it was a little too soft. – So side, back, or stomach, which was most comfortable for you? – Back, definitely back. I felt in total alignment
laying on my back. – Probably my side. It worked for that. – I’m a full-on back sleeper. – Good for you, it’s healthy. – Yeah, that’s pretty much all I do. But being a little bit softer, sleeping on my side
was actually an option. – So, temperature neutrality, did you notice that
the bed sort of trapped your body heat throughout the night? – [Alandrus] More on the warm side, and I feel like it was
gradually warming up the longer I slept. – I think it probably sleeps
a little bit hot for me. Just that initial sink
warms me up quite a bit. – What about motion isolation? – That I was most impressed with. It didn’t give at all, and
I gave it everything I had. It stayed steady. – Did you feel like you
would feel your partner sleeping at night if they moved around? – Lightly, not too much, but
you could definitely notice when someone did get on the bed. I don’t know about
movement during the night, but definitely the initial in out. – Yeah, I think the motion
isolation was pretty good. I could sense someone getting into the bed but I don’t think it would
be enough to wake me up. – And what about sleeping
close to the edge of the bed, did you feel supported when sleeping there or did you feel like you might roll off? – [Zack] I think it was adequate, but I probably wouldn’t
get too close to that edge. – I thought the edge support was okay. I didn’t feel like I was going to roll off, which is a good thing. – So, Rachel, I know you
tend to like a firmer bed. If you were okay with
a slightly softer bed, do you think this would work for you? – Yeah, I think so. – I usually prefer a firmer mattress, and as soft as this one was, it was still comfortable for me. – Still found your spot.
– I found my sweet spot. – Very nice. Well thank you so much, Alandrus. – Thank you.
(hands clapping) (bright music) – [Keith] Let’s take a look
at how the Casper Essential stacked up in our mattress tests. This is an all-foam mattress, so it’s a bit more responsive than your average memory foam mattress, yet will still be
conforming to the sleeper. Support was very good for light
and average weight sleepers and good for heavyweight sleepers. Motion isolation and
edge support were good. Pressure relief was very good for light and average weight sleepers and fair for heavyweight sleepers. Lastly, temperature neutrality was fair. Here are a few takeaways
based on our mattress testing. The Casper Essential comes
in one firmness option. So if you know you want
a particularly firm or a particularly soft bed, this won’t be the mattress for you. Speaking of firmness, we did find that depending upon your body type, you might sink through the comfort layers and hit the core, making this bed a little
bit firmer than advertised. If you like a particularly bouncy bed, the traditional inner spring feel, this is an all-foam mattress
and won’t be the bed for you. If you’re a particularly hot sleeper, this is an all-foam mattress and no matter how it’s designed, it’s going to tend to trap body heat more than some other mattress
types, so keep that in mind. If you’re a heavier weight sleeper, you might not find the support
you need with this mattress. You’ll wanna look for
something a little firmer and a little thicker. Here are a few recommendations based on our mattress testing. If you’re on a budget, this mattress might be the one for you. This is definitely
Casper’s most affordable mattress in their lineup. Couples, especially sleepers
who are easily disturbed, will appreciate the motion isolation this bed brings to the table. Lighter weight sleepers
and back and side sleepers will appreciate the
construction of this mattress. Here’s some additional
information you’ll want to know before purchasing the Casper Essential. It comes with a 100 night sleep trial, ships free, and comes with
a 10 year limited warranty. For up to date pricing
and exclusive discounts for Tuck followers, check the
description below the video or visit the full written
review at Tuck.com. (bright music) That’s it for our Casper
Essential mattress review. Please like the video and
subscribe to our channel if you found this helpful. For updated pricing
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description below the video or visit the full written
review at Tuck.com. Don’t forget to check us out on social, we’re on Facebook, Twitter, we’re always doing great giveaways and keeping you up to date
on the latest sleep news. Sleep well.

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