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Being Scared Of Nothing // Ep 4 // Traveling With A Chronic Illness // Malaysia Travel Vlog

Good morning and welcome to this week’s vlog. We are on week four of our amazing journey around Asia. It’s, it’s just a pretty amazing life experience that I feel like I missed out on being that little bed-bound ill teenager and now I get to live it and it is absolutely amazing. If you’d missed any of the weeks, though, you can catch up by checking the card above, because I made a playlist of all the videos that were going to make from Malaysia. And Thailand, because we’re in Thailand. This week we’re just gonna be in KL again, so we will be showing you a little bit more of the city, things we’re going to do; we’re going to a cooking class tomorrow, which I’m just so excited by. Yeah. I think I’m gonna make that into its own little video though because we’re going to make Nasi Lemak, which is possibly the most famous Malaysian food. It’s so good. And it’s amazing and last time I was here I couldn’t even eat all of it and now I can eat rice. Major change to my diet. Ooh, 10 years without carbs. So I’m really excited for that and to show you that. I’m going to try and make it when we’re at home as well because it’s so good. I will miss it. I will really miss the food actually when we’re back in England – that I know for sure. So far this morning we’ve just had a pretty lazy one, cuddled up in bed watching a film. Sony sent me the film Breathe which I was a little bit iffy about, I’ve been kind of putting off watching it because I thought it was going to be the usual disability inspiration porn which is actually really sad, and I find really hard to watch. This sounds terrible but I hate watching films or television shows that involve disabled people. Not, obviously, because I hate disabled people, that would be weird. But because I just hate the storylines and the way we’re portrayed. Ugh. I mean, you know what I’m talking about here… I’m pretty sure you know. We’re either the kind of… Yay, inspirational! Not really a person, though, just here to make the able-bodied people feel good or Or we’re just a sad-sack lump who is angry. You know, disabled people they go two ways and neither way they’re actually having fun. But, this film: genuinely surprised! I enjoyed it. I thought it was gonna be sad and weepy and yay inspiration… But instead no. It was quite a comedy, quite a comedy. I enjoyed it. I have – obviously I cried at the end because obviously. But I cry at everything. It was really good. So I’m going to do a review of that film. I say going to, you’re watching this on Sunday. J: It’s probably already come out.
Claudia (off-screen): It even made me cry. J: Oh, Claudia would like you to know it even made her cry and that’s saying something. So, there’s probably a film review that’s already come out… weirdly talking in the past and present and future tense right now. But yes, watch that, I hope you’ve watched it. I hope you liked it. Tell me if you liked it. I hope you like it. C: I look really weird. Look at my blotchy face right now. J: That’s so attractive. What is happening?
C: I’ve been getting some really bad eczema. J: Yeah, your eczema’s been… I would’ve expected your eczema to get better while we’re out here but that’s really not been happening. C: I think it’s like the, um… C: It really doesn’t show up so much on camera.
J: I don’t know, it’s the chlorine as well in the pools. C: I haven’t been in the pool that much. I think it’s because we’re not using non-bio detergent. J: Oh, this is the distressing thing so we’re [not] using non-bio detergent, but our clothes are coming out so beautifully. C: I know, they come out very clean.
J: They’re crisp and the colors stay, they’re so clean! C: Yeah, but then the detergent continues to like eat away at my skin. J: We only use the good non-bio, eco-friendly baby detergent when we’re at home and all of our clothes come out gray and disgusting like flannel. And we get so sad about it. C: You either have to choose clean clothes, white crisp sheets but flaky itchy skin and face, or help the environment and J: your body
C: and my body and have slightly gray clothes. J: I mean it’s a tough choice, isn’t it really? It’s a tough, tough one. C: It is tough.
J: Tough one. Tough one. [music] [laughs] Claud likes my hair today. C: [off-screen] Ooh! Off you go! Speedy! J: I’m using my crutches because it means I only have to take half the steps. [music] Time for the sun shades. [happy music] [new, relaxing music] These are massive! [happy, relaxing music continues] [music fades; sounds of bubbling water] C: Feels a bit like Jurassic Park, doesn’t it? J: You shouldn’t really say that, cuz now I’m expecting something to jump out. C: A squirrel ran across those beans above just now and I was like ahh! J: [laughs]
C: It’s a… tyrannosaurus rex! It was much more lush when I came when I was a child so it’s like… it seems almost slightly neglected But it might just be because we’re here after closing time. C: It’s quite nice actually.
J: I’m not sure how we got in. C: It’s empty. It’s cool cuz it’s late. J: It’s beautiful. C: Yeah, and there is still life here. C: And orchids are notoriously hard to look after. You know in England you need like special greenhouses and J: And we kill them. We kill every orchid we have.
C: Yeah. [chuckles] It’s true. We do, we’re pretty bad at it. I just spray it with water occasionally in hope that it’s gonna live, and then it doesn’t. [music; laughing] There’s actually a lot of weird jungle noises, and it’s getting quite dark. C: Gettin’ a bit scared.
J: They’re coming to get you. Well definitely the midges[?] are coming. Whoops, I’ve heard some leaves rustling. J: What?
C: I heard some leaves rustling.
J: Oh. J: Glad I live in ignorant bliss without hearing. [music] [new, Oriental-sounding music] There is a frozen yogurt place downstairs. I think it might be the same sugar-free place! [really peppy music] [music fades] Good morning! Today, we’re doing something really exciting. [?] I can see a man What is happening? Okay. We’re doing something really exciting because we’re going to learn– What we? *I’m* going to learn how to make Nasi Lemak which is basically the dish of Malaysia. Is that fair to say? Claud’s nodding. And last time I was here I couldn’t eat it. Now I can eat most of the things on it, I think. So I’m really excited to know. And look who’s here! Ruth Ann: Hi!
J: This is Ruth Ann and she’s been my sign language interpreter for the last nine years, and she’s in Malaysia! R: It’s nice work. It’s nice work.
J: I know. J: And this is Myda[?]. M: Hi! Myda’s her daughter She’s uncommonly tall. J: How old are you now?
M: Fourteen. J: Is there more growing that’s gonna happen?
M: Probably J: This is close, this is very close.
R: It’s close. R: Give her a month.
J: It’s two inches, I’d say. [music] Jen: The roof – not of the train, of the LRT station [?].
Jess: Oh my God.
Jen: Yeah. Jen: So it’s been– it’s been like this. Yeah. For a while. Jen: So our plants fell.
C: Yeah, yeah.
Jen: And we have to you know kind of like.. C: Tidy it up.
Jen: Yeah, tidy it up. [music] [thunder] So we made some absolutely amazing Nasi Lemak and then the heavens opened and then we sat in the library here using the Wi-Fi to upload four videos and it took three hours. Three hours. I think Claudia’s eyes have gone square. She’s not a happy bunny.
[To Claudia] It’s okay. It’s alright. It’s alright. We’re gonna go out to dinner now, and then
[excitedly] we’re gonna go watch Black Panther! C: Woo!
J: Ahh! Which is very were wearing our Marvel t-shirts. Again, one of three hundred! C: I was like– oh!
J: Sorry, I hit you. C: I said, I’m only gonna– You and I– after the three hours of– (I can’t even talk after this.) After the three hours of very slow upload speeds back to England for Clara to help edit some of the stuff we’ve been doing. C: Where was I even going with this?
J: [laughs] Oh, yeah, Jessy was like “Oh” and I was like “So we’re going to the cinema now, yeah yeah?” She’s like “I dunno, I’m pretty tired now.” I’m like [whispers] no. [Jessica laughs] Don’t do that to me! I didn’t sit in this room for three hours watching a screen telling me it was 21 minutes… 36 minutes… 23 minutes… 51 minutes! [laughs] Like… constantly! for you to just say “Okay, that was your entertainment for the night, dear.” [Jessica laughs] I said “No, we’re going to see Black Panther, dammit!” Yeah! J: This is mine C: Very nice! J: I like it. J: See, that looks kind of retro, no? I like it as well because it looks like some kind of varsity [fades into music] Yeah, let’s leave this room so we look back [?] We’re wandering around cuz I can’t find this thing, the thing I want to eat. But plus side it does mean by the time we get to our food we’ve really worked up an appetite. C: You’re not normally fussy, but I think you’re just tired, can’t make a decision.
J: Yeah, when I get tired. I can’t decide food I’m like J: Ughhhh… I’m too tired, like I’m past the point of eating.
C: Whereas I really want a burger, but I’m flexible. [music] C: Jessica is very happy with her essentials. J: This is my dinner tonight. C: Coleslaw, sweet potato fries. J: What more do you need in life, really? C: We’re at the cinema!
J: Think it’s pretty obvious which we’ve film we’ve come to see. C: The girls at the counter thing will be like “Black Panther?” J: Could it be… Black Panther? C: We’re not even wearing Black Panther t-shirts. J: What? C: We’re not even wearing Black Panther t-shirts. J: Yeah, but we’re representing, you know?
C: Yeah, yeah. J: We should get a black mar– a Black Panther t-shirt! [music] C: We were like, “Hey, we’re going to see the Marvel film!” They were like, “Yeah we can do that.” We sat right in the front. C: We were so ready.
J: So ready for this film!
C: It was quite a long film and yet I feel like it wasn’t long enough. J: I don’t think that it did justice to Wonder Woman, to Diana herself.
C: No. J: You sai–
C: The CGI.
J: I know, you said that coming out and I was like remember Thor: Ragnarok? Which you LOVED? C: I know, but I think maybe the point is like… J: Yeah, however, not just to bring it back to Thor again, but
C: Yeah, they have it in Thor! J: …at the beginning of the second Thor…
C: Why do you keep bringing it back to Thor?
J: Because! J: …she chooses to see the best in everything
C: This is the Black Panther review
J: This is Black Panther but still… J: …that’s why I’m making this connection here, people. There’s a reason.
C: Ahh. J: No one ever agrees with our Thor opinions In other, water-related news that does not involve men beating each other up. C: Oh, okay, I was like, what water-related news?
J: That was an easy segue. J: That was easy I did not make it
C: Segue?
J: Yeah. C: Is that what I thought it was? Why are they called segways?
J: Yeah I think so. C: It’s like a transit vehicle. J: Do do do do dooo…
C: They have those in the malls and I was like, “Can we rent those?” and they were like “No, that’s for staff only.” C: I was just like…
J: Unfair. Think we should rent some… C: We have hired a few wheelchairs though. You give them some ID, sometimes they ask for deposit. Actually most of the time they ask for a deposit, don’t they? J: Yeah
C: You got to bring it back by a certain time. J: I don’t– yeah, I don’t like it so much because I’m so used to my own wheelchair which is custom-made for me and is super light and has an incredibly small turning circle and I can move easily on my own. C: Yeah
J: These ones are hu– like really clunky. They’re very clunky C: Yeah, but that’s the difference of bringing your own wheelchair and hiring. At least there’s some that you can hire. J: Oh no, I mean yeah, I’m sorry.
C: And they’re not just the push ones, you can’t use– you know you can–
J: Yeah J: You can wield them yourself. You just need to be a bit stronger than me.
C: Yeah and if you’re not that strong they actually do have the motorized ones so you can rent them as well.
J: Yeah, that’s true, and I did bring my own cruches so can’t complain there. Back to water. We got a note put through our door that says there’s gonna be no water for three days. How is that okay? C: Well hopefully we’ll be okay apparently our apartment has got its own like water tank storage supply. But my auntie who lives in this area as well says they haven’t had any water.
J: They’ve not had any water. and a tanker comes and has to take dole out water to them in whatever receptacle they can find.
C: Yeah, and then next door C: The shopping mall next door — the air con’s completely kaput because apparently they need water to help with the main air f– like… C: coolant system or soemthing.
J: It’s not good. Thank God our air con is still working. C: So tonight we’re gonna cook dinner
J: Yes C: because my aunt said don’t go out because if no one’s got water they’re not gonna be the most hygienic places so we thought, we’ve got water. We’ll buy our food.
J: What are people washing their food in? C: You know like in the [?] stores on the street.
J: Yeah, that’s true. C: It’s like– they like–
J: They just have a bucket.
C: You just give them your plate and then they go [makes noise] okay!
J: [laughs]
C: And then they set up[?] the next one, pretty much. I’ve been coming here since I was like three, maybe even two, and my immune system is pretty good.
J: You do have an excellent immune system. Though I think you might’ve had that from birth. C: Maybe.
J: That’s just in your genes. [?] C: I think they’re perfectly fine.
J: Yeah. I haven’t been ill, and I’m normally always ill. J: We’ve been spending a lot of time boiling water here and filling it and putting it in the fridge. J: I drink a lot of water, so.
C: And we’re kind of been doing that like double pace since we heard about the water just in case maybe we run out of water. J: We’re like stocking our fridge.
C: Cuz all the supermarkets are sold out of water. J: Everywhere we go.
C: Yeah. They do stock them back up, but like yeah.
J: There has been a run on water. J: So, that’s fun.
C: [laughs] J: That’s great. J: And today we are going to go shopping today and we’re gonna buy some clothes! C: Hopefully that shopping mall will have air con.
J: That’s the hope. I feel like I’m adjusting to the heat a bit more. C: I should hope so, we’ve been here a month! I think you’re fine. It’s cuz you wear your hair down. I like– if it’s just so hot like–
J: I wear it up.
C: Remember when I got my hair cut blow-dried and I was like yeah, hair cut and blow-dried. You know like, swishing it around. [swoosh] C: My aunt was like, “Tie your hair up, you’re hot.” C: “Oh, ok.”
J: “I’m sorry, I haven’t got my hair up.” C: Mine’s like more ringlet-y.
J: I should get a perm, I used to get my hair permed when I was a teenager. C: You could get a perm here. It’d be much cheaper. J: I know. C: You could go like
J: It’s not great for your hair though.
C: Not the place you went to before J: The stupid place that didn’t do my hair– UGHHH FEELINGS! So by the way props the three of you who said soluble Panadol in the comments of the last video for migraines because, my God. They really work! It’s good, good stuff. Though it tastes foul. J: So today Claudia very kindly offered to cook dinner, but as you can see it’s not her hands that are doing the chopping. And why is that Claud? C: Because– when I setting up the cooker, there was a cockroach and when I chopped up the first little mini eggplant there was a giant grub– mag– like [Jessica laughs]
like the biggest maggot that I’ve ever seen, I was just like No! It’s all too much, I’m just all [makes noise] I’m not cut out to live in the tropics after all J: Oh, it’s all been a lie! C: I thought I was hard, but I’m feeling a bit delicate tonight. J: It’s alright, darling. You can have nights where you feel a bit sad. C: Yeah, I feel a bit sad.
J: Yeah. C: And then the cockroach and the maggot made me feel scared J: [laughs]
C: as well as sad.
J: It’s alright. J: You’re just feeling a bit… just feeling a bit in need of some love, aren’t you? C: Yeah.
J: Yeah. C: Because I got upset because I didn’t know how to cook these, and I was like my mum would know how to cook them. But I can’t ask her. But we’ve got these J: Yeah C: And normally, I like eating these like battered as a snack
J: She loves those. C: But we don’t have any batter and also Jessica can’t eat batter, so we’re gonna stuff them with some ricotta and just fry them. It’ll be nice. These funny mushrooms. [Jessica laughs] C: I don’t trust–
J: Has it got an animal in there?
C: I don’t know. C: There’s just weird things in this place.
J: Don’t worry darling, I’ll sort it. I’ll sort it. J: And look we’ve got leftover curry from your auntie! C: Some leftover chicken curry
J: Chicken curry C&J: and C&J: Blue rice! J: That’s pretty fun! J: And I have my yam noodles here! C: See, these ones been washed! Washed, ready to cook!
J: [laughs] C: Why does not everything else say that? J: Oh, I’m sorry.
C: Maggot-free. C: Anyway, so you’re now kindly chopping
J: Yeah.
C: and I will fry. J: Yeah.
C: Cuz I don’t mind frying cuz if there’s any remnants of life in there, they will die in the oil! [Jessica laughs] C: And then in the acids of my stomach. So as long as I can’t see it– [J laughs] C: and it doesn’t look like some obvious insect of some type J: It’s alright baby, we can get through this together.
C: Yeah. C: I’m quite happy like slapping my hand around like a dead fish But not like, maggots and insects, it’s like J: Also they’re alive. The other fish is dead. C: Yeah, exactly. J: Oh, your face. J: So alright, I’m gonna get back to chopping. Gonna get back to chopping. C: This is where all the little critters will die! J: [laughs in awe] J: It’s like a disco! C: This is good for us but hell for the insects. [spooky, evil laughter] [scary sounds; can hear a vague “muahaha”] J: [?] fermentation C: Aahh!
J: Oooh! J: Careful! J: Oh, gosh!
C: Ricotta exploded everywhere! J: Oh no!
C: Maybe it’s too hot. J: Failed experiment. [laughter] J: How are you doing? J: Why are you squishing the ricotta out? J: Found out our oven slash microwave slash grill thing does not work. C: Yeah, so we’re quite limited. The only thing we have is this electric top. [music] [new, upbeat music] J: Good morning.
C: Hello. J: So today, we’ve been first swim, and now we’re going to get some lunch at the C: ICC Pudu
J: Right, which is supposed to be like a really big food court type of place C: Indoor market
J: Yeah, indoor market so it has different stores J: With kind of– Are they like [?]?
C: Yeah, but like street food.
J: But they’re like all in one place, essentially J: It’s a lot of really good street food. C: And then we’re going to go to a mall that just does electronics! J: Yeah, guess who really wanted to go. C: Yesterday you spent the whole day buying dresses and things and ugh so I was like I want to go buy camera stuff. J: Okay. We can do that! Ahh! C: We need a new joby stick.
J: Because as we said, it is falling apart. J: And what else did you want? C: A lens hood.
J: A lens hood, yeah. C: I find these things very exciting. J: And you quite wanted a flash light.
C: Oh yeah, like, yeah, a remote flash. C: But well see how much they sell.
J: I want some big skirts! J: But we don’t know whether that’ll happen today.
C: You had that yesterday. C: Oh know you didn’t, you bought a dress and some tops.
J: Yeah, it’s very different, Claudia. Very different. [music] J: Oh, I like it – this is the tofu end. J: Oh, that was so tasty! I ate all of Claud’s food. [laughs] I didn’t like mine. C: It’s alright. I liked it, I ate it. It was basically just chicken rice, but Jessie wanted Nasi Lemak, which they didn’t have today. So I just asked for some egg and curry on the side. J: Now for some electronics!
C: Yeah! J: Hopefully we’re gonna stop for some sugar-free frozen yogurt on the way. C: Yeah! [music] C: Alright, we’re getting pretty hot
J: This is quite hot, we are walking in heat.
C: We were like yeah, it’s a 19 minute walk, that’s fine! J: That’s alright, there’s six minutes left, six minutes. We’re gonna make it.
C: Ok. C: Luckily the sun’s gone behind the clouds, so little bit of relief.
J: Phew! I shan’t die of heat on the way. J: Though we did almost trip and fall into the road in front of a car. C: Sorry, baby. C: I was like “Run! There’s a car coming!”
J: [imitates falling] That was me. C: Careful, there’s very uneven pavement.
J: Oh, yeah. C: So you gotta be careful, you gotta look where you’re going. Vlogging right now is probably not the best thing to do. J: Walking right now is not the best thing to do.
C: We’ll catch up with you when we get into a nice air con. J: Accessibility: poor. C: Huh?
J: Ah? C: We’ll get back to you when we get into a nice air cond. J: Yeah.
C: And then you’ll be quite happy about how freezing it is. J: Just went through a tiny tunnel, thought I might possibly die. Cuz the a man on the street was like “Yeah, shortcut, through there. Through there!” C: It was literally like an alleyway the size of like the width of our bodies. I was like telling her–
J: And we’re not big. C: It’s alright. We are where we want to get to now. [music] C: We miss Walter and Tilly.
J: Mmm, our babies. C: But luckily, we’ve taken a shortcut through the hotel. J: And we do get to see them every day, thanks to Clara’s very persistent posting. C: Yeah.
J: On their Instagram. [music] C: Obviously not with what I’m wearing right now. C: I think I might be a small.
J: [laughs] C: I got thrown off by the fact this woman told me I needed large knickers yesterday. J: Aww…
C: She measured my bum with like a measuring tape and everything. No one’s ever done that. C: [laughs] Apparently I’m a large. J: They’re so shiny! J: Hello! I don’t know if you can tell but we have a new– not a new lens, but a new thing on the lens. C: It’s like a lens additioner.
J: Yes. J: Basically it gives a bit of a wider scope so you can actually see what’s going on behind us as we walk. J: And talk.
C: it’s very good!
J: And we can both be in it at the same time. J: Now I’m gonna get some sugar-free frozen yogurt! Yay! J: Claud’s not feeling it. C: No, I just didn’t get to do my research on the product before we purchased it and I always feel a bit anxious that maybe we haven’t got the best deals cuz I like to research it and find the best deal. C: I think it’s fair enough.
J: Fair enough. C: It seems alright, it seemed alright.
J: It’s good, it’s good.
C: Okay. [music] C: So we didn’t get to go to the mall that just sells loads of electronics.
J: No. C: But we found a really good camera shop and we thought the prices there were fine. J: It was just one random camera shop and it had everything.
C: Yeah… C: I think– I’m sure the prices were the same. We didn’t haggle very much though, did we? He gave us a deal but afterwards I was like, we probably should’ve haggled. J: I forget you can haggle.
C: Yeah. C: You can say, “Oh well, we’re buying all these things, give us better price.” J: Yeah cuz in England you try that, there’ll be like no, this is the price.
C: Yeah, you can’t haggle in England. C: Yeah, yeah. J: There’s no choice.
C: So anyway, we came here to the times square. J: We originally just came to use the air con.
C: That’s as far as we got. C: We were literally– we were planning to go to KLCC and the pavilion and all the malls around Bukit Bintang but this is all we did. C: Because some person wanted their hair dyed and they wanted to paint their nails and they wanted to like, have a shower and wanted to wax her armpits and all these sorts of things so we didn’t actually leave our house… J: So hot right now! Okay, we are now going to a cafe that is owned by Claudia’s cousin. It’s called Ebony and Ivory. And we’re gonna go and meet a girl called Allison who is doing a worldwide fellowship research project. thing and she wants to interview me.
C: I’m sure you’ll be able to say more about what she’s doing after the interview. J: Yes [music] J: Hello!
C: We’re at another night market. J: Yes, we love our night markets. We already had our little meeting and now we brought her with us. Allison: Hi! C: And we’ve just been to my cousin’s cafe.
J: Yeah! C: They were too shy to appear on camera.
J: Aww! J: Where they? Aww.
C: Yeah. J: But now we’re going to try and find some dinner.
C: Yeah. [music] J: Got some fried chicken! But it’s the good kind, it’s nyonya fried chicken so it doesn’t have batter. It’s just literally a vat of boiling oil and then they just throw chicken in it. In kind of a, like, dangerous way. [laughs] I have to say. [music] J: Look! I just learned how to add a stop on Uber! Made my day. C: Now we’re back in Sunway!
J: Hello again, Sunway! J: [to C] Sorry, I touched your boob.
C: Look! Do you need a mobility aid? J: Really slow… C: This is the real reason Jessica gets wheelchairs. [cute, girlie music] C: Literally took an hour to find a toilet that was open. R: I did not even need to go to the toilet, but I had my own mother in my head saying if you don’t go now, there might not be another one for two days. J: Clean now?
C: No.
J: No. J: There’s like, stuff in between it. C: Could be condensation. [squeaky noise] C: Better?
J: That looks better! Yeah yeah yeah! J: Took a free fro-yo, second one of the day! J: Go, go, go! J: That was this week, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and our vlog and following our adventures. C: Next week we’ll be in Penang.
J: Yeah. C: We’re gonna stay on the beach, Batu Feringgi, for a little bit, go around and see the island. Then we’ve got a few days in George Town itself, to look at the history. J: George Town is really exciting. I’m gonna get all like history geeky about it, I’m sure. So definitely wanna tune in next week for that and those will be, I think two videos– two little videos through the week as well J: So make sure you have your notifications turned on so you’ll know when they’re out.
C: Yeah! C: And right now we’re waiting for my aunt come pick us up and we’re off to dim sum!
J: Family dim sum! J: Though I feel really full and sick but
C: Oh… J: I know, and I love dim sum so much. C: Oh… I’m so ready for dim sum. Like I think my stomach expands when I’m in Malaysia C: I’m just like “yeah!” as soon as I finish a meal.
J: I think your stomach is the Malaysian half of you and it gets here and it’s like “I’m home!” C: Yes! J: I don’t know where she puts it, I genuinely don’t.
C: In my muscles! J: Her muscles have also grown since being out here, and she likes to show that off J: Tune in next week for bikinis and beaches as well!
C: Oh! J&C: Bye! [music]

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  1. The title had me hooked… I have a number of severe allergies and traveling is incredibly hard (I can't even go down the street and eat, how am I supposed to navigate a foreign place when I can't even do it here?). So it's not necessarily being scared of nothing but more so being scared of the something that might happen.

    Claudia, I know you've probably done and tried everything BUT for eczema on your face if you can't use medicated creams (like near your eyes), try Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Creme. We also call it magic cream in my house. It works so well for any itchy spot that comes up and it's supposed to be used on your face and near your eyes so it's safe πŸ™‚ Though my partner and I use it wherever we may have an itch. Or a bug bite, it works well for those too.

  2. Loved the video, it sucks that it wasn't monetized but I like that it wasn't interrupted by advertising

  3. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!225,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I am in love with your vlogs! Jessica looks stunning, as always. Yay for all cute comments about hunting for a sugar-free frozen yoghurt (I need to try and find it here, in Toronto). Sad Claudia made me sad =( And I totally understand the hate for insects and anything involving more than 4 limbs. UGH. Hope you both are healthy and well. Your vlogs make me long for a vacation too. I have been only in Beijing once and mostly go to Europe for vacations. Maybe one day I will be able to explore Malasia too =) I am just very scared to go alone and worry about hygiene =( HUGS.

  5. Have you guys tried the scent free/sensitive arm and hammer detergent? My boyfriend gets rashes from laundry detergent but can use that one πŸ™‚

  6. hey, i featured your visit to thailand here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEJYd7GbIFU would appreciate reciprocal acknowledgement/shout out/front page linking thanks very much. disabled creators should stick together and promote each other, trouble is not many bother to respond to messages.

  7. Aw poor Claudia it looks like she had so rough patches this week. πŸ™
    I don't know if this will help but for Claudia's skin might be a little unhappy due to two preservatives which might be in your new laundry detergent. They are Methylisothiazolinone (MI) and Methylchloroisothiazolinone (MCI). These are becoming more common as brands faze out parabens but there is concern among dermatologists as both of these ingredients are linked to skin irritation.

  8. Brilliant video, really entertaining, loved the lipstick application in the wheelchair and I feel Claudia's pain re. Not being able to research before buying!

  9. Thank you for showing me your Malaysia, as an agoraphobic I luuuurve living vicariously thru others πŸ˜‰ I did think it was really funny that Claudia reacted so badly to maggots yet could happily munch on cendol afterwards…. I'd still be freaked

  10. If you want a TV series with both a female lead and a disabled character that does things, watch Agent Carter. It was fun. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agent_Carter_(TV_series)

  11. πŸ™ made me sad to see Claud sad and then I laughed when she talked about killing insects in the oil. Brilliant. My reaction to bugs is about the same, though I tend to squeal in horror and then just abandon the room completely.

  12. I'm finding the screen changing size at the start really difficult to watch. It's probably something new you're trying with the editing but your content is so good, you dont need effects to grip our attention like a lot of channels!

  13. Loving the vlogs! Also what do you say when strangers ask you questions while using crutches like β€˜how did you injure yourself?’
    I find if I say β€˜it’s because of an illness,’ it tends to make people awkward. Is there anything else to say?

  14. Hi you two lovely to see you guys are having a blast. Sending you lots of love from Seattle β€οΈπŸ§šβ€β™€οΈπŸ₯‚

  15. ( pssstt..you sign language interpreter and I have the same real first name…and…I am a redhead! yay, a tiny tiny claim to connection!)

  16. your hair here jessica wearing the white hairband is so beautiful. I love your makeup too! The whole video makes me smile thank you and keep up the good work have fun!!! πŸ™‚

  17. whenever I see you two interact with each other I want to be nicer to everyone around me. your harmony is so inspiring! πŸ™‚

  18. I love that last look of yours, Jessica, with the blue scarf and black muscle shirt! it's like, Urban 50s! So cute!

  19. I use a UV light water purifier when traveling and it works great! Small, light (no pun), reliable. As long as you’re treating β€œclean” water ie not from a river that has sediment in it. Germ-y stuff all gets zapped though!

  20. My elbows are eczema-y in winter too. I use a lot of Aveeno Eczema Care in the winter. Aww the birds in the vines πŸ˜€

  21. Llaollao is delicious!!! πŸ™‚ It's my go-to shopping mall dessert. Also HUGS to you and Claudia Your videos are sweet and inspiring.

  22. I live in Bermuda and each house has to collect their own rain water. If you're lucky you may have brakish well water to flush your toilet. If you run out of water you can order a truck load of water for $100. My house is old and has a very small tank so it only fits 2 loads of water.

  23. Yes! what you said about the movie and watching things disabled people. I have ms and feel the same. also kind og funny (weird) how much you and your gf remind me of me and my x on vacations

  24. I'm the same with food!! I can never decide what to eat when I am not feeling well. Feel for my parents who have to keep me fed! Also the hire wheelchairs sound like my NHS one πŸ˜‚πŸ’• I hurt my shoulders if I try to wheel myself and it's pretty darn heavy! I never usually watch vlogs but yours are sooo well edited and pretty and today I've just been living in them because I can't do anything else πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘Έ You are so lovely together πŸ’• (and that moment when Claudia was upset about not being able to talk to her mum nearly made me cry!)

  25. I'm the same with food!! I can never decide what to eat when I am not feeling well. Feel for my parents who have to keep me fed! Also the hire wheelchairs sound like my NHS one πŸ˜‚πŸ’• I hurt my shoulders if I try to wheel myself and it's pretty darn heavy! I never usually watch vlogs but yours are sooo well edited and pretty and today I've just been living in them because I can't do anything else πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘Έ You are so lovely together πŸ’• (and that moment when Claudia was upset about not being able to talk to her mum nearly made me cry!)

  26. Get the seventh generation laundry detergent! Its 100% eco friendly and natural but it works really well! All their cleaning products do!

  27. Not sure if its available over there buy you might try Method brand laundry soap. It doesn't bother my skin like regular soap and seems to clean better than the free and clear stuff we used to use. Great scents as well I used Basil.

    Also you should cosplay as Agent Carter because she is amazing and retro.

  28. Eu queria saber que problema ela tem uma hora ela Anda normal, outra hora de cadeira de rodas !! JΓ‘ droga que nΓ£o entendo inglΓͺs. Kkkk

  29. I’ve only recently discovered your channel. You two are so lovely you’re great to watch <3 I’ve got a lot to catch up on :3 x

  30. i had an orchid that suggested feeding it a single ice cube once a week and it’s much easier than remembering to water. it’s survived well too!

  31. On the bio detergent, could you wash them once with some of the stronger non-Claudia-friendly detergent and then second time with half the dose of the bio-detergent to clear them of the residue of the other? Even if it was once in a while, it might make your clothes perk up?

  32. How was Malaysia for gluten free food? And Thailand, for that matter. I'm celiac and always afraid to travel anywhere, despite loving travel so much!!

  33. Jess, thank you, thank you, thank you. I have severe fibromyalgia and arthritis and I had given up on being able to travel again. You have given me encouragement and hope.

  34. Was pain manageable,….in that you could enjoy yourself while not getting distracted by pain or discomfort too much ?

    Yep, "able"β¬…(don't particularly like that accolade but hey hoo) person question, my apology if I'm being to forward, feel free to ignore the question, but i'm simply curious about this.

    Anyway, looked like an amazing trip, thanks for sharing it here.

  35. If you can find a reasonable beer/lager, some flour, salt and a good egg : ) you've got a real shot at making a good batter, just an FYI.

    Hope i was helpful for the next batter emergency.

  36. Nice person always be with nice person I think Jessica and Claudia is two kind person.. I wish this couple is be together forever… Because. it's sad see so many couple is break.. mean YouTuber star..

  37. Do you hear with your hearing aid and just need your sign language interpreter when there is a lot of other noise or different accents?

  38. Keep your orchid away from the windows but in a sunny window. Put an ice cube in once a week on the same day. They only live like about a month then hibernate a while then glower again. Care for it the same no matter whether it's flowering or not.

  39. Might this video have been published before I subscribed? Because I haven't watched this one yet, whereas I have subscribed and activated the notification bell.

    5:00 Yum!
    8:40 Why do you apologize for the fountain?
    11:00 That was a strange transition. To me, it looked like you were changing the orientation by 90 degrees, but you can't have.
    15:40 Don't you need to be at least as strong for crutches as for a manual wheelchair?
    19:56 If you knew what they're called, you might have been able to look that up.
    30:53 She does look very familiar. πŸ˜‰
    32:30 That spoiled brat! πŸ˜‰

  40. Thank you for making all your videos they always brighten my day.
    Another methode for watering orchids is to once a month submerge the pot in water, the part of the plant above ground should stays above water. You can also do that more frequently if the leaves start wilt. Leave them submerged for a bit so that the roots can soak up the water and you're done.

  41. An hour to find an open toilet?!! As a Crohn’s disease sufferer that is my worst nightmare. I haven’t taken a trip in 15 years, finances play a part but my needing to have restrooms nearby at all times keeps me from doing so much in my life. All of that wonderful food would have me sidelined for days. I love these vlogs but I see just how much I am missing out on even in my own hometown. I get super anxious if I know I don’t have access to a bathroom; anxiety causes adrenaline to flood my body which makes me need the bathroom even more. Vicious cycle.

  42. I get why you don't like movies about disabled people. It's kind of like the reason I don't like movies about Black people/Black history. Because it's either forcefully inspiring or just reminding me of horrible stuff that makes me angry and sad.

    Except Black Panther 😁

  43. Some of This video is way easier to follow with the interpreter some times captions are so fast I can't read:(
    Also, love you guys(in a non-weird way)

  44. Wash twice. Once with the get β€˜em clean soap and then with the skin soothing soap again before you wear them.

  45. Also I swear these videos are like 99% food and 1% everything else but I'm living for itπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

  46. So nice you are… and so english (yes it is a compliment) i wish i could understand perfectly everything you say… hope so darling!

  47. I feel for you Claudia. I have eczema all down my back and front and legs and parts of my arms and hands.

  48. Jessie n Claud, try to wash clothes with vinegar and baking soda, the clothes are very soft and white too; add your favorite oil essence and they will be perfect; taking care of the environment also; cheers πŸ™‚ 🌺🌼 πŸ’•

  49. I am rewatching some videos, and I got to thinking……..Claudia would absolutely "LOVE" Casu Marzu……..😈😈😈😈😏😏

  50. I hope I find love like the two of you have one day. I’m 29, dealing with health issues, and feeling like life is passing me by. You guys give me hope. πŸ’•

  51. I've always felt like a real inspirational film is just a disabled person living life normally. As someone who lives with a chronic panic disorder that's my inspiration anyway.

  52. Jessica – seeing you in that lovely forest with that plant with exceptionally large leaves reminds me of a particularly charming picture my father took of my mother sheltering under a banana leaf in El LLunque, a rainforest in Puerto Rico. She was modeling at the top of a particularly long flight of stairs. The next step, she lost her footing and slid down the entire flight. Quite an event to experience on her honeymoon! By the way, you remind me of her. I always considered her to be similar to Sophia Loren, but your red hair and personality put me in mind of her also. Peace and good thoughts for Claudia also. My mom died several years ago. Our relationship was complex and my sole regret is that we never quite reached that point where we could appreciate each other as adults. Ah, well.

  53. Coming really, really late to this video, but: I have really sensitive skin and I use Seventh Generation laundry soap (as well as washing-up liquid, dishwasher powder, etc.) with great results. I just checked and they are available in the UK: https://www.seventhgeneration.co.uk/ .

  54. I am a new subscriber and I am doing a marathon of your old vlogs… before the squirrel in the park,,,you were having lunch or something. …was Claude eating fried scorpions?? πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„πŸ™ŒπŸ’•πŸ’ŸπŸ‘

  55. i have to say that even though you're not obligated to share the more vulnerable aspects of your life, i'm glad you do share these moments with us. you guys are so genuine and it's a delight to get a window into your lives!

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