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100 thoughts on “Becoming Tana Paul.

  1. Does it not bother anyone else that there's a little kid on that plane exposed to nudity/sexual actions/course language/over all VERY adult behavior? That aint it. BIIIIIIIG Yikes.

  2. When Tana realises that she is the only one who takes a long ass fucking time to edit but her videos are funny as fuck when she takes a long ass time

  3. Tana I literally love you, but please stop the voices in next pitches so much 🤪🤪😂
    I love how you say we dropping the invitations to celebrities and Trisha wants to fight the groom holding the invite like thinking to herself “bitch watch what I can do with this invite!” 😂😂😂
    I swear Tana and Jake are the only people that can have a fake wedding turn into a real marriage… I’m literally editing this comment like Tana’s videos! 🤣

  4. i don’t think people need to know every piece of information esp about pussy waxing lmao. and honestly watching this for 1 minute made me feel idiotic and like I lost brain cells.

  5. Heads up, didn't watch the video but…
    BET THEY DIDN'T DISCUSS THE PRENUP HAHAHAHA! Jake Paul is actually screwed!

    Tana I didn't support you in the past but I am now. When he treats you badly, divorce his ass, make the money rain.

  6. what the fuck is this abomination xD Like seriously, she lost her voice face andddd soul? that dude of hers must be on some serious drugs if he can touch that lol

  7. Jake and tana are about to get married, and somehow Trisha still finds a way to talk about David Dobrik. Honestly… I’m kind of impressed.
    Also congratulations Tana!

  8. This is the biggest load of garbage I have ever watched. I wanted to click off this video like 3 mins in but I was too brain dead by that point. Why are these people even famous? Not even trolling. I would genuinely ask them that in person 😳

  9. My favorite transition is Tana filming Riley Reid then it goes to a clip of her fake daughter being shy and then automatically switches to them drinking Four Lokos with Jake’s mom 😂😭

  10. Omg dude cut out the robot voice, literally hurts the ears and annoying !! Other than that love this 💗 congratszz Tana, wishing you the best whole 5 minutes of your marriage😘

  11. Generally idc what these people do or the crazy they cause, cause you know, entertainment. But the moment they started stripping, getting sexual, and drinking on a plane with a young child there, there are problems to be had. I wish I could take back my view for that. I do think someone needs to get involved about it. That poor baby. And screaming about the plane crashing and dying? A responsible parent would've done/said something and got the child to the wedding a different way.

  12. Congrats girl 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 luv u
    Warning for photosensitive viewers when you hear clown music lights start flashing and also when he says “I pronounce you husband and wife” there are more flashing lights… ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️

  13. Why not keep her original last name and just add the new one at the end? Her name is her signature and brand. Almost all celebrities keep their original last name and add the new one as a third. Feels so weird not seeing her unique last name.

  14. Why do I feel like after all the things I heard before the wedding from Tana and wherever else that this isnt a forever wedding and its a clout wedding cause prenumpts wouldnt be needed if it was real love? Like forreal. This is just a waste of money.

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