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BE ABOUT IT Chronic Hepatitis B Documentary | Teaser

Melissa: Go ahead. AJ: Go? Good afternoon, day two. Today
was the first real day of treatment. Alan (voiceover with cycling b-roll
and b-roll of Alan reporting): The Asian liver center at Stanford University estimates that
one in ten Asian Americans is chronically infected with hepatitis B. Alan (footage of Alan reporting): And
I happen to be that one in ten. Footage of Alan receiving ultrasound;
no audio Shawne (voiceover with footage of AJ
playing with son): Ya know I was like, there’s just no way. The universe wouldn’t do that. Alan (voiceover with footage of Alan
biking and riding in car with his family): There’s only a few things you got and that’s
your health, your family and a love around you. (“Be About It”)

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