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Basic First Aid : How to Treat Severe Bleeding During First Aid

You know during the course of everyday life,
we’re all going to sustain some type of injuries. Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni, and what I’m going
to go over and discuss is how to stop severe bleeding. When an injury occurs, severe bleeding
can cause a great deal of excitement not only for the victim but for the bystanders who
are going to perform first aid. The key is to take some type of sterile dressing found
in a first aid kit or very clean cloth material and place over the injured site and apply
pressure. Pressure in that area will help to stop the bleeding from occurring. With
a significant amount of pressure, if that does not stop the bleeding, then the next
step would be to raise the injured limb above the person’s heart or head and possibly applying
pressure to an artery located in the general vicinity to help slow down the blood flow
to that injured site. Constant pressure in that area should help to reduce and stop bleeding.
Also, some type of cling or wrap can be used to wrap the pressure bandage in place and
hold it while continued pressure is applied. After the cling, you may even want to consider
some type of elastic or pressure bandage while continuing to hold pressure in that area until
the individual can be taken to an emergency department to receive sutures to stop bleeding
and to begin the process of healing. Severe bleeding can cause a great deal of excitement
not only for the victim but for the rescuer themselves. I’m Captain Joe Bruni. Stay safe
and we’ll see you next time.

26 thoughts on “Basic First Aid : How to Treat Severe Bleeding During First Aid

  1. if this happens in the woods or far from help how do you deal with cleaning inside the wound? does that happen after you stop bleeding?

  2. @houseya If you can get to a ER leave all bandages in place let them clean it. Never pull a blood soaked bandage off to look at a wound, It pulls the clot off the wound. If a bandage is soaked through with blood just keep stacking bandages on the wound. In the woods you will never get it clean enough to stop a infection so take care not to bleed to death first then get medical attn for infection control.
    Remember if you don't have any blood left the infection isn't going to hurt you.

  3. @hotsforyou2 Seen a guy jump a chainlink fence and rip it open and his testicles fell out. Trama dressing soaked with saline kind of push them back in place tie a bandage around and transport to ER. So call 911 fast!

  4. pressure points apply prussure a torquient can be used but only last becuse the possibality of loss of limbs if alone i would remove shoes and tie my socks together for torquinest and call police.the fight or flight response i the most terrorfiing usally a knife becuse the thought of blood and cuts very intimadating to the mind

  5. It is August 2012. I love you videos Joe, you've shown me how to treat injuries in a calm,
    controlled manner. Thanks so much. Sue. New Zealand.

  6. could it be ok to fill the wound with a clean cloth and then apply pressure and wrap? I.e a bone sticking out fracture

  7. I have to watch this for health class and idc if it's fake, I can't handle blood AT ALL. So, this lesson is going to be hard to digest. 😥

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