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Allergy & Acid Reflux Relief, Eatontown NJ Chiropractor

I came into Molland Spinal Care first for
my allergies and my acid reflux. And then from there, they just fixed me beyond just that. The allergies and the acid reflux have subsided. I don’t use my medication as much anymore. But then about six months ago I was in a car accident, and asked to go to the ER And I declined because I wanted to come right to Molland Spinal Care to Dr. Zach and Dr. Liz because I knew they would fix me, and just like that, next day in. They saw what I needed, they readjusted me. I didn’t have to spend seven hours in the ER. Not that there is anything wrong with that,
but I was able to go in and out a lot less expensive, a lot less stress. And they fixed me.

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