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Acupuncture Therapy : Acupuncture Bleeding & Cupping Demo

In this episode, we’re actually going to use
an interesting technique that combines bleeding acupuncture along with cuppings, very commonly
used for heat syndromes as well as for pain. So this is a great choice for back pain. Once
again, we’re going to swab the area to make sure that it’s sterile. In this case, we use
a lancet which is very similar to a diabetic’s use if they’re checking their blood sugar.
And now, we utilize the cup again in the same fashion and we’ll place that over the location
we’re we just use the bleeding needle. And you maybe able to see from the camera we’re
starting to get a drop of blood that’s starting to come forward, and if we leave on here for
a few minutes, that amount of blood will start to increase. We’ll give that a moment to do
some of its work. Here we go. We’re actually starting to get a little bit of a drip from
there which is good. And actually, in order to be therapeutic, we oftentimes, we’ll leave
this on for five minutes and get about a teaspoon or so of blood out of it. But in this case,
for the magic of tv, we’ll go ahead and leave it there not quite so long, and what you’ll
see is when I release the pressure from this cup, the blood actually kinda sprays up on
the cup, cups. So if you’re screamish you might want to go ahead and not watch the video
right now. Ahh, we didn’t have too much from that. So, you can see that we have a little
bit of blood there and we’ll go ahead and just clean that up and a little bit of bruising
that’s left over from that. And that’s bleeding, cupping and it’s quite effective for pain.

100 thoughts on “Acupuncture Therapy : Acupuncture Bleeding & Cupping Demo

  1. Once your body starts to bleed or is damaged in any way, endorphins are released under control of the hypothalamus – "feel good" hormones that are associated with various other actions, such as eating chillis or chocolate. The shoot of endorphins distracts your mind for a short while from the pain, so you don't notice it. However, the pain is still there and will relapse. This method is a temporary fix to alleviate pain – but once the release of endorphins is "turned off", pain comes back.

  2. Sorry but I think you've been mis-informed.. What constitutes bad blood? Aren't your kidneys efficient enough to filter and process your blood? After all, they do process 180 litres of fluid a day. Pain is not a result of 'pressure from bad blood', pain is a neuronal response. And as far as I'm aware, the areas of largest susceptibility for a blood vessel to produce a clot are the spleen and the peripheries. Characterised by varicose veins (flimsy vessels) and deep vein thrombosis.

  3. My god, are we reverting to the f**king dark ages, you're telling me that people still use letting of blood to cure things. Why not just take a big fat placebo, or get the local wizard to cure you with magic. If youre stupid enough to have this done to you, you deserve have the pain your currently in.

  4. u can use that basicly on anything, i had a fever and it worked well, u use it on different parts of the body, to cure different illnesses.

  5. The actual effect of healing comes from the very increase of blood support in treated area.
    And then organism cures itself on it's own.

  6. It may or may not work, but I'm not too keen on having cup hickies all over my back just cause I'm feeling depressed.Just because it's from ancient chinese medicine doesn't mean it all that good for you…

  7. its not painful…. the only feeling is the contracting of the skin and slight sucking…. lol doesnt hurt, except that damn needle

  8. Cupping is used to get rid of toxines inside ur body, it build upm and its really nasty if u look at it after u see all the liquid.

    Acpuntucre is used … complicated, WEll ur brain sends the healing cell thingies to cuts and stuff, well acucnutre is like goign ti in a small scalem but the brain sitll sends cells there and stuff, so yea more cum and helps the body

  9. we call this mythod in arabic "Alhejamah"
    it's really effective and it cures pain and other things perfctly despite the fact that it's kinda wierd one..
    it just funny how you treat pain with pain to make it go away..

  10. it has lots of benfits to the body and you can't do it yourself of course..
    it's better to let someone expert to do it for you so you don't do it the wrong way then get bad results..

  11. I am 100% agree with you. In fact in our culture/religion we have the exact same description that you described the Blobs with.

    If people read a lot about healing using natural food/ingredients/spices/leavs lines on Natural food stores would be double the size of those in front of Meijers/walmart…etc.

  12. Yeah… my mother does this to me on a regular basis. It DOES hurt, and I don't see how it helps. All I end up with is a bunch of bruises on my back >=[

  13. No Gloves!!!! Big Mistake, I wouldn't go to this guy for treatments. First rule of medicine, protect yourself…and your paitent/client.

    Where did he get his education from? Even vets use protective wear.

  14. who says they haven't. lol
    let me guess you just decided to put the little opinon down.
    what a patheitc hypocrite….
    Have you taken an actual class on acupuncture….
    is studied the whys…

    you just automatically assumed people were ignorant. making you ignorant.

  15. I've seen a lot of Asians do this. It's used to treat things like pain or maybe a cold if i remember correctly. My mom would ask me for help when it come to this since she has like pain on her back and she would ask me to do this to her back and then she feels much better the next day. We don't actually do what that guy does in the video. We use something else.

  16. ouch this seem so painful. i've seen this done before but without the poking of needle. i don't think this doctor know what his doing.

  17. this is crazy!!! i do "regular" acupuncture.. where they just use needles… THAT i recommend, THIS i am afraid of haha.

  18. Yes, he does. This is a therapy method in Chinese Medicine, but not everyone uses it. It isn't painful actually, only the initial prick of the lancet is. Cupping actually feels very good.

  19. This is normal. Since you are inserting needles into the body, it is hard to avoid every single blood vessel if you cannot see them. It is not uncommon nor is it bad if one of the points bled. :o)
    And, no, it shouldn't hurt. You might feel the prick of the needles going in, but it shouldn't be excruciating. You should also feel sensation around where the needle is inserted into the body. If the points hurt too much, let your practitioner know.

  20. That bleeding was for a totally different reason with a totally different concept behind it. Also unlike that bleeding, which was totally useless and actually harmful, this type has been shown to work for hundreds of years.

  21. Go borrow an acupuncture book from the library and read it. Or, possibly consider the fact that acupuncture, which includes this type of bleeding, has been around for hundreds of years and is still used very successfully while blood letting died out in the Enlightenment Era. If acupuncture was indeed the same as the other type of bleeding, it would have been "debunked" as well since it has spread to other countries as well, but it hasn't.

  22. I would not get my knowledge from a book about the subject. i want a skeptical peer reviewed source for my knowledge. Wouldn't you? Many things have been around for hundreds or thousands of years and still have no real world proof. Can you provide an unbiased source for your claims or not?

  23. I don't think that modern medical science has all the answers, but if one method can give me carefully recorded statistics on how many people they've used this on, how many people got which side affects, and how many people got better, and the other can't… I'm going to go with the devil I know.

  24. I do this for my relatives/ like uncle and aunts sometimes when they catch a cold but we don't do use cups along the spine, and we don't make a hole in the skin. This is totally different, what's the point of sucking the blood? I thought the cupping only makes bruises to keep the bad blood from your system so that it can heal on its' own.

  25. @mimoh999 my dad had a bad cold and our neighbor used those cups on his back.I think he only did one hole just to show not for therapy.

  26. Bleeding, seriously? This is the most medieval thing I've ever seen, how is this supposed to even help. Stagnant blood, the body is constantly circulating blood. If you have stagnant blood you're already dead.

  27. @KittyNinjaPiper People also used to willingly allow doctors to leech them. That doesn't mean it isn't barbaric.

  28. @blazeclicker ya there were no alcohol swabs to make the areas sterile either, but i dont see you rejecting those.

  29. @blazeclicker there is no possible way those tiny needles can kill someone from anywhere unless there are acupuncture points in the eye or 6 inches into the temple. Your the idiot.

  30. @blazeclicker are you even watching and talking about the freaking video anymore? seriously, those needles are not made out of bamboo and they are tiny. An accidental move still cant kill. and now your talking about "traditional" needles because you realized i was right and that there is no way that those needles could kill.

  31. @blazeclicker "perfectly capable of killing if you have the know how". That would be a good point if acupuncturists were TRYING TO FUCKING KILL, WHICH THEY ARENT. and you clearly dont have an understanding of where the spinal cord is. why wouldnt you just do a quick google search before saying something that stupid.

  32. If there were a God in the entirety of existence, that Dumbass would get rid of these fucking advertisements.

  33. Unless you've had this procedure done, or have any idea why acupuncture is effective, stop talking. No one is FORCING anyone to do these treatments. They are EFFECTIVE for those who choose to do them. It's sad that the world is so reliant on narcotics and man-made chemicals shaped into pills that even the idea of TRADITIONAL medicine and healing is so "barbaric" and "disgusting". What's disgusting is all you small-ended, uneducated hillbillies.

  34. This is not painful at all I just had them done yesterday,yes I woke up sore but nothing to major I just hop it gets rid of my back

  35. Are you joking? ANY blood thats not your own is a potential danger. The wound itself doesn't matter, the fact that this guy isn't wearing gloves when he's dealing with (multiple) strangers blood does.

  36. I bet all the negative comments come from a very bacteria obsesive western ignorant close mind most of them not even know their own body and been watching to much movies so annoy

  37. Why only one puncture?  I've seen it done with many little perforations and done a few times in a row.  A lot of blood is released and this technique seems to be miraculous.  Of course they use disposable cups and wear gloves.  Do you sterilize the fire cups?

    I'm surprised people think a miniscule skin puncture is painful! I've had this done (3 small cuts, actually, not 1) and there is NO pain. A blood test hurts more. And this is hardly bloodletting: you lose a few drops of blood. But is it helpful? I'm not sure though there is some good evidence for the beneficial effects of micro-injuries to stimulate healing. My acupuncturist largely cured migraines I'd been trying to address with Western Medicine for 30 years, and she greatly improved my allergies. Also, after a major car accident I was left with my shoulders frozen and I was unable to raise my arms up past my shoulders. I tried physio and chiro and they did work, but the gains were very small and slow. Then I went back to my acupuncturist and was able to regain full movement in 2 sessions. In fact, after a single session I was able to raise my arms to 45 degrees. That's not opinion. It simply worked. Others may have a different experience, but a lack of understanding about a treatment does not mean it is not helpful. The Chinese treat a lot with herbs too, and people act like it's not real medicine. But aspirin is derived from willow bark, digitalis is an important medicine derived from flowers. Many (or most) serious drugs have plant origins but people seem to think a drug is more serious if it's processed into pill form.

    I'm a huge skeptic so I respect other skeptics too, but a lot of these comments are just dismissive or full or ridicule. People have been using acupuncture for centuries and still do in major Asian hospitals. My acupuncturist is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Canada which is a 5 year university program that includes certification and registration so significant training is required in most locales (can't speak for the person in this video). I do understand the concerns about gloves, though exposure to blood is only dangerous if you have open cuts. But in my experience, acupuncture suites are very sterile environments with disposable needles that are discarded in bio-containment bins, cups and tables that are fully disinfected between patients, sterile instruments, freshly washed gowns and blankets, and gloves where appropriate. I've often had to wait while the suite is fully cleaned after the last client and I would not go to a clinic that didn't take these measures. I doubt this post will change the minds of those who ridicule acpuncture, but an open mind is a wonderful thing. I'll say this though: a lot of people seem willing to go to any acupuncturist that is cheap, without checking their credentials. Often, when I read horror stories about acupuncture visits, the person reveals that they have no idea what the practictioners credentials are. This is dangerous, for ANY form of medicine.
    You need to get their registration number and training history! Besides, most insurance companies won't cover acu treatments if there is no registration number.

    As for using leeches being barbaric? This is pure ignorance. In fact, modern doctors are using them to help people retain fingers that have been severered and sewn back on. The leeches secrete proteins that help prevent blood clots and draw blood into the severed limb to reduce rejection. There are several articles on this in serious medical journals in North America, including the Journal of American Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, and in journals from hospitals abroad. The indications are that leech therapy has helped saved digits that would have otherwise gone necrotic. Sure, they will eventually synthesize the protein compounds that the leeches inject, but even if you dislike the idea, calling it "barbaric" borders on hysterical and is based on a gut reaction and not on science. There are a lot of dubious medical practices out there, but evidence should dictate which ones are dangerous are which are viable.

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