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A Little “Snap, Crack & Pop” w/ Massage Therapist having Chronic Back Pain & Relief 1 Visit!

HI I am Dr David Warwick at Warwick Chiropractic
here in Lacey Olympia Washington and I am going to be adjusting one of the massage therapists
here so we are going to go through and get her feeling better. She has some neck, mid
back, low back pain, mid shoulder if I remember right a little bit of the shoulder area last
week. She said she was doing much better since her last treatment. Ok checking the motion
of the spine, seeing how fluid and a nice movement through that area. A lot of restriction,
she holds a lot of her tension through here and you can see how the shoulder and the posture
rolls forward just a bit on there. So Mary let’s have you go face down for me. So hip is lower right side, little bit higher on the left. Right leg short, right side about and inch, you can see as I bring it into that position it goes a little bit longer. So alignment
problem, misalignment down in the lower back or the pelvis. Take a deep breath in and release
it out. Good. And out. Last one and out. Good. Look at the difference. So the range of motion
definitely increased in the legs. Let’s have you raise this leg without bending the knee
for me. And back down try the other one. Back down, sacrum looks good. Right there at L5.
Alright I want you to lay on your right hip facing me this way. Watch your finger tips
right there. Bend the top knee. Alright if you want to see come right around here and see right where I am contacting so when people have low back back pain it is typically down
here at the sacrum L5. Mary I want you to just roll right here. There it is. Good job
on your back. Cross your arms in front of you right here. Take a deep breath in. Relax
the breath out. Alright right at T4 and T6 breath in and release. Good. This time I want
you to bend your knees, feet on the table. Breath in, release. Good job. Yea keep them
low, you are ok with the manual adjustment? Yep. Drop your left arm down for me, now your
right arm. And bring your knees down. Thank you, distraction. I want you to lift your
head, back down Mary I believe I did this last time didn’t I? Yes. You are going to feel a little traction. Good, awesome. I am Dr David Warwick, Warwick Chiropractic thank you for watching.

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