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62 thoughts on “A Guide to Reusable Period Products 🩸 | Hannah Witton

  1. I looooove my menstrual cup. But it took 3-4 periods to fully feel confident with it. And today I just ordered my first period pants. So excited 🙂

  2. Honestly reminding myself that at least my period is environmentally friendly is the one thing that makes me slightly less exasperated about suffering through them 😞💚

  3. I've recently started using a mensural cup (mooncup) and it's painful to remove, am I doing something wrong/is there something I can do. I'm also only 13 so mabey that's why?

  4. ItsJustKelli has a ton of great in depth videos reviewing different kinds of reusable menstrual products & you can see how they work mid flow. I really recommend checking her out if you have any concerns.

  5. Thank you sooo much for this amazing video! I've been using reusable pads for one year now and I could never go back to the old ones…when you've tried them if you put a "normal" pad on, you kind of "feel the plastic"… it's weird! Anyway I wanted to clarify that not all reusable pads are to be used for max 6 hours…I bought the ones from "Party in my pants" and they have also longer ones for the night or heavier periods, which work perfectly! But thank you for the etsy links cause I live in Europe and buying stuff from the US is expensiiiiive! Have a great day! 🙂

  6. important thing about these washable pads and undies: soak them in cold water for an hour max before you wash them! When blood is heated it starts to clot and will get kind of "baked" into the tissue instead of being washed out

  7. i use cloth pads n have been for yeaars and if its not the first day of my period i use them for way more than 6 h tbh like a whole day is fine (?)?!?

  8. Great video, I love menstrual cups and pads !
    I first bought a diva cup and a set of 10 reusable pads of various sizes in 2014 due to a bad skin reaction to disposable pads, but then the fit of the diva was really bad for me, it was quite uncomfortable, so I just used pads for a while which meant quite a lot of laundry at the end of shark week.
    Then in 2016 I bit the bullet and bought two other brands of cup to try out based on the advice I gleaned on the Precious Star Pads channel : the Fleur cup and the Si-Bell cup. They're both really good, the Si-Bell for crampy days because it is so squishy and the Fleur for good days when I'm doing ballet because it really stays in place no matter what. I usually use both a cup and a pad because I have a heavy flow.
    I haven't bought anything else period-related since, so in a way I spent about £100 on 5 years of period, ie about £20 per year, which is really cheap, considering that the cups and the pads are still performing perfectly and I don't need replacing them.
    For a beginner I'd really recommend starting with a £10 menstrual cup (like the si-bell or the fleur or a lunacup) and a £20 set of 3 pads (which means washing them every day or so) and going from there. 🙂

  9. Another great option I found a few months ago (because the menstrual cup somehow isn't working for me) are menstrual sea sponges. Some people see them as unsafe (because of bacteria), I make sure i wash them properly and desinfect/clean with vinegar very regulary. For me the sponges are way more comfortable than the cup, especially because I have heavy cramps when using the cup, and you can use them for a long time (i used mine a few periods now and they still look as good as the ones i haven't used yet) ☺️☺️☺️

  10. I love that I can SLEEP with the cup in!! I can't do that with anything else without having to wake up at all hours of the night

  11. Been using the cup since 2016 and switched to reusable pads when I got my IUD (almost 2 years ago).
    I gotta say that I love the cloth pads. It is so comfortable compared to disposables ones. It doesn't irritates my skin like the disposables ones do.
    Some of my friends finds it digusting to have to wash out blood instead of just throwing away the pads or tampons. I would take hand washing pads (I rince them at the end of the day) everytime over disposable.

  12. Sorry if I come across as some weird random internet guy, I don't know how I stumbled onto your channel, but I thoughr I would say that you are amazing! It takes a lot of courage to share personal stuff like you do and I hope that you help others in similar situations!

  13. I would like to know more about clothe pad?

    Also quick question. Birth control pills stop periods or they have a different pill for periods.

  14. Simply klaire has a great video on reusable sanitary pads and how she uses, washes and stores them as well as where she buys hers from
    It's a great comprehensive video and I suggest others to watch

  15. I have been on the implant for 7…8 years now. And with this latest one, I have had more periods than in all the previous years. Been thinking about the cup — ironically — the day this went up I was researching it. So thanks for the extra info <3

  16. We recently had elections in Canada and 70% of the people that voted chose to vote for the party that denies the climate emergency or the party that says it cares, but bought a pipeline.
    My conclusion from that election is that most Canadians don't care about the environment.
    At this point, i'm just waiting for humans to go extinct, we are not smart enough to survive.

  17. Helpful tip especially for menstrual cup users

    when you rinse the cup, use cold water first for removing the blood to avoid staining of the cup. Same goes for removing blood from clothes. The reason for that is that warm or hot water activates/ speeds up the coagulation of the proteins in the blood which makes it much harder to remove stains without using bleach .

  18. Menstrual cups and coils…… will they pull it out ???? I´ve seen conflicting advice and my coil works well so I don´t fancy yanking it out and having to get it put in again!

  19. I so want to try a cup, but with shared kitchens in my future for the next few years I feel so awkward about the idea of boiling it to sanitize ^^'

  20. I've been wanting to try the menstrual cup for a while, this video definitely solidified my thoughts for why I wanted one. Also just wanted to say I absolutely love these videos and find them fascinating! Keep up the good work ^-^

  21. I have been thinking about using reusable menstrual products for a while now, thank you for opening my eyes to other products. I will definitely be looking into it now

  22. I'm so grateful for this video! I've been wanting to switch to sustainable period products for a while but didn't know where to start. Thank you for covering this topic!

  23. Why are you all so enthusiastic about this garbage? Why are these so revolutionary and such a great idea to save the planet? You just claim that inserting a cup-shaped silicone in your bleeding vagina, wash and reuse it is a little yet effective step to save the environment. Or using some absorbing stuff and washing in the same place with your other clothes, are we still in the past centuries? We are not having a climate crisis, but an overpopulation crisis, which generates all the problems around. Tons of garbage are thrown in the oceans, tons of trees cut, tons of emissions, tons of negative energy and tons of unhappy people. I had never thrown any garbage in water and never cut a tree. Nor do I own a car. Bigger people with bigger power, bigger financial resources, should do something with the environment, these which you are presenting are just shitty marketing. How happy must be the menstrual cup inventor because women (I mean people with menstruation -_-) believe all this shit.
    So no, madam, I still prefer my single-use absorbants, I don`t like toxic blood hanging around my vagina for too long.

  24. Also on the no period because IUD train, but I loved my menstrual cup and will continue using it when I take my IUD out! So much cheaper, more convenient to not have to carry a bunch of tampons with me, and WAY less waste!

  25. The second size of the Diva cup is advisable to use for those over the age of 30, whether or not you've had kids, from what I understand.

  26. The menstrual cup has completely saved my relationship with my body and my period!
    Also I've been using CSP daily for a couple years now and loving it!

  27. The diva cup CHANGED MY LIFE. Hannah said you can keep it in 10 hours, but I've left it in for 12. I hardly leak, & it's shockingly comfortable. Tampons would sting if I sat up straight, but the cup does not. & if the stem bothers you, you can trim it! Also, because it's not absorbing anything, you can take it out at any time without pain, unlike pulling out a dry tampon. I put it in in the morning & take it out at night in the shower. It makes my period so much easier. (Although im still not comfortable pooing with it in because it moves😂)

  28. I’ve used a menstrual cup for about 2 or 3 years and I cannot stop singing their praises. I have had to buy multiple over the years, but that was more due to them getting damaged because of my own carelessness including accidentally burning my last. I think I’ve had 3-4, which evens out to about 1 every 6 months or so, and it STILL SAVES ME SO MUCH MONEY. Not to mention I don’t get cramps with it in like I did with tampons. Love my diva cup, cannot recommend enough

  29. I don’t recommend the “just rinse and re-insert” method for the cup. There have been a TON of recent studies that show high levels of Staph/MRSA in “rinsed” cups. The second they are exposed to the air in a restroom – they have contact with fecal partials, bacteria, you name it. Rinsing with clean water CAN get cups significantly clean. BUT, some of those “organisms” don’t respond to a good rinse, will clutch on and could potentially create a barrier making it even harder for sanitization measures.

    I’m a cup user – so please know…..I’m not here to install fear but rather open up an even greater and more important discussion.

    Rinse with a legit cup cleaner and hot water after every use before re-insertion. Then obviously boil before and after every cycle.

    It’s a HUGE and unfortunate misconception that cups drastically reduce TSS. NOT the case!!!! It’s actually the exposure to those things I mentioned that INCREASE that risk.

    Cups are the BIGGEST win. IF ladies truly educate themselves and dedicate time to respectfully cleansing the cups. It’s an AMAZING product IF it’s used safely.

    Don’t just RINSE ladies. Your little lady & health deserve much better!!!!


  30. All right i'm convinced i'll get myself a cloth pad kit. Also: thanks so much for the gender neutral language, signed, an agender person who has periods 🙂

  31. Menstral cups scare me so much because I have really nasty and heavy periods, I've had clots the size of fists fall out of me. So just have the fear that when I go to pull it out it'll just be like a murder scene. My periods are also so erratic and crazy, no doctor will even tell me what to do to fix it without just calling me fat, which I didn't have any serious issues until I turned 21. My periods were normal until I was 21 in college and everything went to shit.

  32. For those in Canada I really like Oko creations ones. Super soft. Also they sell those compartment bags for keeping both new and used pads.

  33. I got a pack of 5 cloth pads with a matching bag to store dirty ones in for around £15 on Amazon, and 10/10 recommend. Plus I find them way more absorbent than disposable ones, and they cause less rashes too

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