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7 Ways to Avoid Hookah Sickness – Hookah.org

Hello hookah.org. It is Paul here with a video
for you to accompany the article that I just posted about avoiding hookah sickness and
nicotine sickness. It’s a pretty simple list, but it’s very
important to follow these steps to avoid making yourself sick. Nicotine is a powerful stimulant
and you really want to treat it with a bit of respect.
I know that it is easy to get overexcited and overdo it a bit and I will admit personally
I’ve done that. Personally I have found myself prayer to the porcelain god at the end of
the session and it is no fun. This is especially true when you’re smoking things like what
I’m smoking right now, which is Tangiers Mimon, a very potent tobacco, not only in regards
to nicotine, but also regards to flavor, but we may as well jump right into it.
Number one is hydration. I am enjoying a nice glass of iced barley tea. It is delicious,
it is a great thing to have on these really hot summer days and it is well worth hydrating
yourself to avoid headaches and migraines. Remember that nicotine as a stimulant is going
to increase your blood pressure and that is going to give you the potential of have that
really nasty tightness right in the back of your spine and in your forehead, which I absolutely
hate and happily have not experienced in quite a while because I follow these steps.
Remember you want to hydrate throughout the day. You can’t really just front load on water
right before a session; you need to give your body time to acoelomate to the next level
of hydration and redistribute the water throughout your body. Hydration throughout the day is
just a good suggestion anyway but especially if you’re smoking hookah.
Next is to eat something. Eat something good, eat something light. I’ll show you a picture
right here of the spread that I’m enjoying right now, but it’s light stuff. It’s
light cheeses, fresh vegetables, and some nice bread. Having something like that is
your stomach is going to settle it out. It’s going to avoid the potential of that nauseous
feeling that can come from smoking hookah and partaking in nicotine.
If you’re smoking on an empty stomach or if you’ve ever done that, boy do you know what
I’m talking about. It is not fun. It’s a really good idea to have a spread out while
you’re smoking and it’s a great thing to do for your friends to try and give them something
to munch on, give them something to settle their stomach with.
Next is a mistake that a lot of us make, especially when we first start smoking hookah. Pace yourself.
If you’ll notice, I had not taken a draw from that hookah in a very long time. It’s not
like a cigarette. Its not going to burn out on you, it’s not going to go out on you.
Hookah is about relaxation. If you’re constantly hovering the hose, you’re going to be front
loading on nicotine and it’ll hit you very quickly and a lot harder than you’re probably
expecting. It’s worth taking the time to put the hose down for a minute, breathe some
oxygen and air, let the nicotine flow throughout your body so you can actually tell at what
level you’re resting. I know for a fact that if I get overexcited and just keep pulling
on the hose, suddenly I’m hit like I hit a wall moving at 50 miles an hour and immediately
my stomach’s upset, my head is hurting and it is a bad time.
The next one is similar. Pace yourself regarding the number of bowls that you smoke. If I smoke
more than two bowls in the course of a day, I am a very unhappy camper. It is not worth
it at all. Hookah is not a competition. It’s not about
who can smoke the most bowls in the course of a day. If you can only smoke one bowl a
week and that is where you’re comfortable, if you smoke more than that then you feel
like junk, don’t push it. It’s not worth it.
If you’re looking to smoke more in the course of a day or week, start low. Start with one
a day at the absolute maximum and don’t change that. Don’t add any bowls no matter
what even if you’re in a social setting. Let other people smoke. Its not all that worth
it to push yourself farther than you are actually comfortable.
Next, you want to start slow regarding the nicotine level of the tobacco that you’re
smoking. I’m smoking Tangiers right now, which is a very strong tobacco, but when I first
started smoking Tangiers, pretty much every time I smoked, I would get a little bit upset
in the stomach area. I got to the point that I’m at because I’ve
been smoking for six years maybe more than that but it’s not a competition. It’s
not about who can smoke the strongest tobacco, and if that’s what’s in your mind, then
you’re doing this for the wrong reasons. It’s about relaxing. I suggest starting with a
brand like Fumari or Social Smoke, something like. Nakhla Mizo is a great option, wonderful
flavors, moderate nicotine, but if you start light and work your way up, you will acoelomate
yourself over time. It’s well worth pacing yourself.
Speaking of pace, the next suggestion that I have is to now exercise. I know that sounds
counterintuitive. You really do want to exercise. It’s great for your cardiovascular system
but don’t exercise immediately before or after a hookah session.
Nicotine is a stimulant and is going to increase your blood pressure and any other activity
that you go that is going to also increase your blood pressure is only going to compound
with that. I’ll admit I’ve had a few sessions where I felt great afterwards and then I went
for a jog or did some yoga and I just felt like absolute hell afterwards and it was not
worth it. It ruined my entire day. That is my list of suggestions to avoid nicotine
sickness. If you follow these, you’re going to have a much better session and hopefully
avoid one of the worst mistakes that we make as smokers and hookah enthusiasts. That’s
about it. This is Paul for hookah.org saying thank you
very much for joining me. Go forth. Enjoy yourself. Eat well. Drink well. Pace yourself
and have good sessions. If you get anything out of this blog or these videos, I really
hope to improve your chances of having a good session, and if you end up puking at the end
of a night, that’s not a good session. Thanks for joining us and happy smoking.

100 thoughts on “7 Ways to Avoid Hookah Sickness – Hookah.org

  1. Dude thanks for the tip i will try them for my next session. Because after my last session i vomitied. because my pulls were at full force.

  2. This video answered things i've been going through as a newbie thx i will follow these steps, I also noticed if you're smoking indoors especially small room, YOU NEED TO SOMEHOW AIR IT OUT! Smoke can linger and no fresh air for you.

  3. Paul, it's interesting that you said the back of the neck. Just dawned on me that it may be nicotine that has reached the cerebellum, which deals with motor control;' could explain why when you smoke a large dose, and try to stand up, you start to wobble a little bit.

  4. Very informative and spot on video, I made all these mistakes the first time and felt like total crap!! Thank you for the great advice.

  5. wtf these people talking about i'v smocked 2 bowls of al fakher double apple on an empty stomach and im perfectly fine and i dont smoke hookah that often???

  6. wow thanks man i didnt even know people can get sick of of this plus whats the best thing to smoke for beginners

  7. In my expierience, I have found that eating some dark chocolate (with sugar) helps me A LOT if in fact I feel a little ill
    maybe its the sugar or something (and maybe thats why fruit works too) but I feel it almost instantly and everyone whove tried it agrees with me. Hope I help. Great content btw.

  8. After one cigarette, I sometimes need a second to be sated. But with hookah, it's easy to get headaches. Why? I'm not sure it's the nicotine. I think it's maybe something in the hookah coals. From videos it looks like the Middle Eastern coals are different from what we use in the West.

  9. Thanks for this video I needed to see this will definitely apply the steps you suggested love smoking hookah but it's been making me feel terrible after smoking so I will follow your steps.

  10. i followed your steps and something to munch on is like the best and excellent way for me and my friend,and that step where you have to pace yourself,yep 100%

  11. Plus, Not only you don't smoke it on an empty stomach, but also eat well beforehand.
    And leave at least a window open if you'r indoor, so you don't get the dizziness or headache. And use coco nara charcoal instead of the chemical ones.

  12. The headache caused is likely from mild CO poisoning.
    No matter what charcoal you're using; smouldering carbon will give off carbon monoxide. A well ventilated room may help a little, though you've gotta remember that air along with CO (and relatively harmless CO2) is coming down from those coals, through the hookah and into your lungs, CO binds permanently with harmoglobin in red blood cells, making it extremely harmful. Frontal headaches are a key sign of CO poisoning.
    I'd only be saying this since I had a CO detector in the room and the alarm went off after about 30 minutes. I reset it and it went off again. Suspecting an overly sensitive or defective detector I borrowed one from a friend (a different model too) and it went off after about half an hour too. This happened both with quicklites and cocobuzz (1.0) coals.
    Copper oxide + manganese dioxide seem to catalyse CO into CO2 at room temp, so a hose setup with a filtration chamber containing this catalyst (you can buy the powders cheap enough on eBay) just before the mouthpiece may cut down on headaches. I've no idea what the effect would be on flavour however.
    Another option would be the 'electronic charcoals' you can buy which are basically a heater you place on top of the foil. Electronically heated bowls would be awesome though don't exist (yet) all they'd be is a slightly thicker clay bowl with a heating coil inside that gives consistent heat all the way through. No need for foil, the bowl would do all the work.

  13. Literally every time I've been sharing my german friends hookah I've gotten extremely light headed If I spend too much time drawing. Thankfully not sick or anything. Really need to learn my pacing. He gave me his spare one to take back to england.. just need a tobacco now xD

  14. Hey mate i wana tell you when i was 12 years old in with friends of mine and mu uncle tried for first time hookah in Monaco, it was bliliant i i remember i smoked 3-4 times for 5 mins and hit not more than 10-15 times for that period and i took it hard now i am 19 and i have to tell u from all those years the only thing i haven"t change is that i drink a lot no mater if it is water,cola,tea or smth, just drink, i have smoked from 1-2 per month as like i was 15-16 now then started to be 4-5 for month. From the last 2 years i am smoking 1 per day and i feel good i mean i pushed out my limits to here and its all about organism, a lot of ppl in my area changed too and make further to smoke 🙂 It is personal so guys when u smoke, look how your body reacts from every time and do experiments to see where and whats is wrong and change the ways u do it ! This tip is not only for shisha-control, follow your body !

  15. If you have been smoking for over 6 years, have you ever had any health issues such as shortness of breath?

  16. During this month three of my friends had fainting cuz of hookah. And I made a conclusion it's because of unventilated rooms. They just went out and after 2-3 steps fell down. And all of them had really high arterial pressure.

  17. I just got my hookah and got overly excited, hit like like 10 times in a minute and holy hell, I feel like I'm gonna faint

  18. this was very informative and knowing what i went through yesterday this explains the way me and my friend felt. sweet baby monkeys. i thought i was going to die.

  19. do u get a small buz from this? why are u smoking this? what does it give u? i wanna hear more comments and not just myself

  20. When you smoke hookah, your pressure goes down, so it is good to have some juice or something that you can drink, some candy too, to get your pressure on normal. Also never, but NEVER SMOKE ON EMPETY STOMACH! For example I usually combine shisha and some energy drink. It helps.

  21. I didn't know any of this I thought I was just a pussy but now thinking back I wouldn't drink nothing and I'd be empty most of the time and I'd take a bunch of big hits within a minute cause I'm a hose hog especially when I first started and was only able to smoke at my friends house

  22. I smoked hookah while I was sleepy to relax more then I decided to get up out of my bed so I fell on the floor & started throwing up even thought I'm.a smoker for 4 or 5 years,, I had full hour to just calm down !! maybe it'd the heat.

  23. I wanna continue smoking but I have a horrific cough ( due to hookah) any suggestions about to what to do in my current suggestion

  24. Oh boy the first time I tried hookah I started to trew up It was soo bad but I didnt know that I need to eat or drink lots of water I haven eaten all day that day and it was baddd but now I now what I need to do and I usualy go 2 to 4 times a week to hookah places where I live

  25. I was drunk while smoking hookah and i puked my drink up, not hurling, more like a regurgitation smh i blamed it on the nasty vodka i was served

  26. you can substitute all these steps with 1 IV shot of heroin every 3-4 hours.
    (always change the batterys in you fire alarms before trying this tho

  27. This isn't right, i always like to have a relaxing session right after having sexy time with my girl. It makes sense now cuz i would get that nasty headache and funny stomach feelings every time i would have a session after we were finished. I'ma change things up a bit by to see if the headaches and funny stomach feelings go away. Thanks for the upload. 👍✌

  28. How you get that much dense Hukkah smoke bro..
    i recently purchased a hukkah and for Dense smoke, i used Milk as base.. is there anything i can do for better.. please tell me

  29. Incorrect information. Inhale into the trachea, instead of the esophagus, as inhalation into the esophagus will result in Hookah Sickness.

  30. Hookah sickness is the worst thing ever you start feeling lazy start sweating cold you wanna get out breath some fresh air and goes away after some bad 8 minutes

  31. I smoke hookah when I get up b4 work I've never gotten sick. At night when I get home I eat dinner while smoking

  32. Or drink MDNT .. this STOPS any nicotine sickness. Also, if you are already feeling sick this will stop that feeling in about 2 minutes.

  33. I just exercised… doesn't matter, I have one of the strongest Nicotines but drinking MDNT4 before it.. so.. I'm good. Peace.

  34. You should touch on Carbon Monoxide too. I just ordered natural coconut coals instead of the quick lit cancer coals because every time after I had smoked a bowl, my hearing would be suppressed, I would get a massive headache and be really dizzy and confused. People need to be warned about the coals they use to smoke and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

  35. I am going to post my experience on hookah sickness here for you guys. Well i was out with my friends last night , I smoked a hookah with them , after they were gone I smoked 2 more making it 3 in total. My head was painfull and when i got out of that hookah bar , I started feeling more and more dizzy. I passed in 5 minutes after I left the place , I found myself on the sidewalk , taking a nap. I got up and continued walking to get a taxi. I passed out a second time after that , waking up full in vomit even tho I was properly hidrated. This is what happened last night , you guys take care and limit yourself , not like me.

  36. I have a problem and when i am smoking the hookah everything is alright but after some minutes or half hour the hookah changes very very much and makes me cough even with a very very small smoking

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