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7 Benefits of Kefir That Could Change Your Life

There’s nothing spectacular about the name
of this powerful beverage. But if you take a deeper dive into its contents,
you’ll discover a sea of benefits. If you’ve not yet benefited from its potent
probiotics, then you may have difficulty even imagining what it looks like. Kefir is similar to a liquid type of yogurt. This creamy beverage is packed with beneficial
yeasts, which makes it more powerful than simple yogurt for maintaining optimal digestive
health. It’s also loaded with an abundance of essential
minerals and nutrients, including calcium and magnesium. Since kefir is low in cholesterol, sugar,
fat and calories, it’s certainly healthier than any fruit juice. In today’s video, we’ll explore both types
of kefir and look at some of its health benefits. 1. Milk Kefir
This popular form of kefir is typically made with milk from cows, goats or sheep. Some versions are derived from coconut milk. Kefir has a flavor similar to Greek yogurt. You may be able to locate a variety of flavors,
other than vanilla, in your supermarket. 2. Water Kefir
This variation has a lighter taste than the one made from milk, and its texture is consistent
with soda. Although it contains no milk, it still offers
the same healthy benefits. Health Benefits of Kefir 1. Improves Digestive Health
Since kefir is a storehouse of beneficial yeasts and probiotic bacteria, your digestive
system will be relieved by its ability to annihilate hostile bacteria. Its probiotics have delivered positive results
in treating IBS, diarrhea, bloating, constipation and a host of many other digestive conditions. 2. Boosts the Immune System
Kefir can also fortify your immune system by cleaning your body of harmful pathogens. One study revealed that kefir’s probiotics
can eradicate various infections. 3. Fights Harmful Bacteria
Many harmful bacteria are prone to hiding out in the digestive tract and are seeking
ways to start trouble. Salmonella is one such renegade. Once kefir enters the system, its probiotic
strain begins to search and destroy bacteria that can harm us. 4. Fights Cancer
Much research has been conducted to determine how fermented foods may help defend us against
cancer. Various studies conclude that fermented foods
can inhibit cancerous tumor growths, even breast cancer, by reducing carcinogenic compounds. 5. Increases Bone Density
Kefir provides a heathy way to manage and treat osteoporosis by supplying many nutrients
and minerals required for good bone health, including calcium, magnesium, and vitamin
K2. 6. Reduces Allergies
Looking for relief from allergies? Kefir’s properties can overpower inflammatory
markers that are responsible for respiratory problems such as allergies and asthma. 7. Helps Detox
A wide array of food and environmental toxins can create enormous health problems if left
unchecked. Fortunately, the bacteria that can be introduced
to your body by drinking kefir can destroy these toxins.

80 thoughts on “7 Benefits of Kefir That Could Change Your Life

  1. Kiefer Sutherland movies have been shown in independent studies to boast the human immune system. I remember having the symptoms of an on coming cold and I watched A Few Good Men and boom, all cleared away. This man is a Hollywood treasure!

  2. please have a quick review regarding white onion and honey mixture for boosting sexual health!
    i wanna hear from your side waiting for it………….

  3. I used to be lactose intolerant, couldn't eat certain food such as beans, green peppers and spicy food after 6pm. If I did, I'd had have indigestion all night resulting. I attribute getting better to kefir. I love it and I want to tell the world there is hope to people who have digestive issues.

  4. Hello, thanks for the video, I have a question, I have started making kefir using cows milk, I would like to switch from cows milk to goats milk, could I use the same grains and use goats milk or do I have to stay with cows milk?

  5. Its pronounced Keh-Feer, not Keyfur. The word kefir, known in Russian since at least 1884,[6] is probably of North Caucasian origin,[7] although some sources see a connection to Turkic köpür (foam)[7] or kef (foam that builds up on the surface of a boiling liquid). Kefir has become the most commonly used term, but other names are found in different geographic regions.

  6. Thank you so much for this valuable information , it is very much appreciated as my canine family member and I have started taking both the liquid and grains daily . I was aware of its Immune boosting abilities but not the other benefits. We have been sharing it with other members of the community as it grows so successfully fast , hence why I was relieved when we discovered we could also eat the grains. it was like the story of 'The Magic Porridge Pot' almost over flowing and bubbling away :D))) x

  7. Very good presentation, but can you PLEASE pronounce Kefir correctly. Keefr sounds so silly. Sound each letter phonetically: K E F I R.

  8. I wish I had known about Kefir years ago when I became lactose intolerant in the mid 2000's.

    I can't even eat certain foods like organic ketchup, spaghetti sauce, certain beans, dairy, and or good oils without my stomach feeling, and getting upset.

    It is annoying.

    I can't wait to go grocery shopping tomorrow to buy some Kefir! I hope it works for me.

  9. Has given milk kefir a go three 6-month times with gaps of 3 months before giving up.
    Bad constipation, brain fog and organ pain were exacerbated considerably.
    Here are my reasons why: Alcohol (albeit low), casein, D-lactate.
    I find water kefir better, but still gives me really bad headache.
    Will never touch either stuff again.
    The best probiotics that works for me (believe me I have tried loads) is E-coli, the best. Expensive and not easy to culture at home.

  10. start with 2 ounces each serving for a week..gradually increase. i started with 8 ounces..its kinda like a flu shot..you might get sick if u drink too much to start with because its eliminating toxins..and since your body is new to kefir start slow..

  11. Every Saturday I drive to PA to buy raw milk. It is illegal in my state so we have to travel to get it. Anyway, i have been making raw milk kefir for a year or so now. And if I have diarrhea or am constipated or have a cold or allergies, it clears it right up. Literally as soon as I drink it relief occurs. Raw milk kefir is many times more powerful than kefir made with pasteurized milk. And both have something like 100,000 times more probiotics thsn even the most powerful capsule. About 6 months ago I began making water kefir. Have slacked off lately as it takes 10 days or so to mature in the colder months. My wife, like me, does not like a room or house to be very warm. So it is always very cool here. Water kefir, like Kombucha tea needs a warm environment to ferment. It has not seemed to affect my production of the milk kefir. Hard to get the kids to drink it since it is like unsweetened yoghurt…..but with a little sweetner they will take it while protesting.

  12. Love what kefir does for me. Also I love the (real, human) narrators voice. It's so warm and bright. So much better than robot voices.

  13. I started drinking kefir. I like the whole milk and accidentally bought skim – won't do that again. It is ashamed that so many people tell us to avoid all dairy if you want to stay healthy but after hearing all the good healthy properties that kefir has I want to keep drinking it.

  14. That stuff is like candy to me! Really helped my old tummy. When you age and the doctor puts you on all this rat poison, Kefir really does keep you from upset stomach, heartburn, diarrhea.

  15. I have been using raw milk kefir to attempt to heal ulcerative colitis for 3 weeks. It seems to work sometimes but not always, is it supposed to take longer or am I doing something wrong?

  16. Thank you for the information in this video! I'm really enjoying my kefir water, and have been wondering what the health benefits are besides the probiotic factor. It's great to know my kefir contains vitamins and minerals — cool beans!

  17. I'm drinking Kefir for the first time in my life right now and curious to know more about it discovered this video. The taste was odd at first but I'm quickly beginning to find it delicious!

  18. With all the hype about how good kefir is I tried it yesterday. That was a definite no-no! I had one glass + by blood sugar went up 100 pts! One day later + I'm still fighting to bring my blood sugar back down. If you have diabetes type 1 or 2 don't drink kefir!

  19. I eat 400ml of goat kefir per day. I am surprised it seems to give me constipation. It is made from raw goat milk. Please comment.

  20. Each week I consume just over 2L of goat kefir which is supposed to be good for digestion but I am having too much gas which is a result of fermentation. I do not feel bloated though.

  21. I became interested in kefir and raw milk after learning it can help make my teeth stronger, even though I still haven't tried raw milk I'd love to.

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