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66. How to fully energy heal yourself with two meridian tracings

Hello there! I’m Yvonne Decelis coming to
you on YDCtv. I apologize in advance for being so late with this video I was
hoping to release it a little bit sooner but my week got kind of screwed up with
health problems and doctor’s appointments and everything else I
actually had one that I just got back from a little while ago but anyway it is
Thursday 5:00 o’clock May 9th and I’m just here to quickly go over the to last
Meridian tracings when I say to last I mean in this book aka my Bible Donny
Eden’s energy medicine book I’ve learned everything all not everything I started
off learning everything you know about energy medicine for this I ended up
getting my training for the Academy of energy healing but Donna started me out
and so to me this book is my Bible anyway I want to just show you the
pictures in these last two meridians we’re going to be tracing we’re gonna be
doing the large intestine meridian and the stomach I’m gonna try my best to get
this position so you can see these images the first one this woman sorry
for the movement but this woman down here
it starts off actually found on the index finger here starts on the index
finger goes up the arm over the shoulder up into the nose and out through the
flare and don’t worry I’m gonna do that actual tracing but then this other one
this guy I’m not going to be able to show you all the way down where this one
leaves off it ends off only toe starts off on the cheeks and then he goes
around his head down out on the trust in at the waist out at the hips down the
middle of the leg and then down the front of the cab about halfway down the
front of the cabbie drags out a little bit and then goes down and off not his
big toe I can’t really reach that for her not the big toe but the second toe
the toe next to the big toe I’m not going to be able to bring the camera
down that far when I get to that point unfortunately so when I say okay trace
off that second toe I guess just pretend but reference that
picture if you need to know which toe you’re gonna be tracing off of but I
will do the two tracings before I get started though if you like my channel if
you like what you see do me a huge favor subscribe to my channel as a small
youtuber that would be really helpful to me also I’ll be back in a few more days
or maybe next week with the full Meridian tracing since I’m doing the
last two today there are 14 in total I will do a longer video where I do all 14
tracings not as much talk but more just tracing on the next one hopefully which
I don’t know for sure I’m going to be able to put up it may not be until next
week but anyway let’s get going let me just show you these two but don’t forget
please subscribe to my channel I think it’ll be on the bottom right of your
screen that you can click subscribe it’s free and then you too will just give you
occasional notifications of what’s on my channel or any sort of updates etc but
just to start off there at the very first one the large intestine tracing is
very easy starts on the index finger so you start at the index finger you can
use your whole hand if you want to you use your hand you can do a finger or
however you want to do it I usually just go with part of my hand and I just trace
up and you go up the arm up up up up up over the shoulder in to the nose and
then out through the flare flare being this part the sides of the nose this is
the flare so I’m gonna start on the other side so you can see how this is
done again but again you start on the index finger trace up up the arm over
the shoulder to the nose and out through the flare so one more time up the index
finger we’re on the shoulder up into the nose out through the flare other side up
into the nose out through the flare so there you go that is the large intestine
tracing so Network your hands together shake them out to get rid of any
negative energy we may have just picked up and now for this next one when I
stands up you do not have to stand up if you don’t want to you can do this
standing seated lying down however you want to do it is best for you do
whatever works best for you you start off here with the stomach
Murney and start tapping your cheek bones tap them for a little while pretty
vigorously and then put your hands here and then down to your chin around hands
are on top and then back down front of the neck and then out at the chest
and at the waist out of the hips down the centers of the legs now I can’t make
the camera go any lower than that but down the center of the legs all the way
down your feet and put your tracing off of the second toe which again if this
was my foot which obviously it is not but if this was my big toe this is the
toe you want to trace off over the second toe so you just trace off of that
second toe and that’s the whole thing that’s the stomach meridian so I’ll do
that one one more time so if start off at the cheekbones with
the tapping and the hands here down around the head down the neck out at the
chest and at the waist out at the hips down the center of the legs all the way
down and then off the second toes and then rub your hands together and shake
them off and tada that’s the last two meridians so the next video I put up I’m
not sure when once again but the next video will be all about Marini and
tracing I’ll just do all 14 Meridian tracings I’ll try to go through it as
quickly as I can but we’ll see how that goes anyway as
always thank you so much for coming to my channel namaste peace and light one
last favor if you have any ailments you’d like to see me try to make better
if you have anything going on that you’d like me to make better please let me
know but it is down comments below I will look into it and I will see what I
can do to help you so please let me know if you’re having any problems that you
would like my help with and I will do what I can to help

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