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64. More ways to full body energy heal with meridian tracing  πŸ™Œ

Hi there I’m Yvonne Decelis coming to
you on YDCtv. Today is actually Saturday it is May 4th and it’s about
1:30 p.m. I wanted to do this video yesterday I just didn’t get a chance to
make it so I’m sorry for the delay but I’m going to do it as soon as I’m done
with the logistics about my channels before I get started with anything just
let you to let you know that at some point on the bottom right hand corner of
your screen you’re gonna see a subscribe button if you like what you see and you
could subscribe to my channel that would be super helpful for me I’m a small
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interactivity is good all that said though thank you for your time coming
here today I’m gonna do two Meridien tracings from this book they’re not just
from this book but this is where I learned this from Donnie
Eden’s energy medicine book and I’m going to just show the picture or
pictures of what I’m going to be showing you today I was originally just going to
do the gallbladder tracing but I keep saying that these meridians are all
connected and they really are so I’m going to show you two today I did one
prior to this actually several and it ended with tracing the triple warmer
Meridian which I know this isn’t gonna be super easy to see but this picture
down here sorry this picture of this woman sitting I’m just trying to get
that closer to the camera that is the triple warmer Meridian and that is a
super easy one but then we’re going to switch to the gallbladder so I’m just
trying to get as good a shot at this as I can this is the gallbladder Meridian
and I want to just leave this on the screen in case you need to come back to
this to reference this when it’s little bit complicated but it starts off where
the triple warmer I’m already in tracing leaves off so I’m also just so you know
to when you trace meridians it’s helpful to not have to
and socks on the first time around because you start off it and go on with
your toes I won’t be able to show you my feet because I can’t get my camera to
point down that low so pretend my hands my foot and my arms my leg when I say
you go off your toe if I say let go off the fourth toe the toe next to your
pinky toe that would be this one and I just mean you literally trace off the
toe so I won’t be able to show you down that low we’ll do the tracing together
but I can’t bring the camera down that low I am sorry but anyway let me just
show you the two tracings the upside the triple warm one already in tracing is
super easy and for anyone who’s missed it the reason it’s called the triple
warmer is because a lot of these exercises helped to take down that
flight flight or freeze response hence its name the triple warmer anyway it’s
very easy you start off on your ring finger and you just trace up the ring
finger sort of towards the back of the arm not really though kind of the middle
of the you know I mean you just go up up up and then you go up and over your ear
and off this edge of your eyebrow so now let’s do the other side so once again
ring finger trace down the arm and then up the arm and then again you’re going
to go back up the neck behind the ear and off the eyebrow this leads to the
gallbladder trace which actually starts at this edge that you just traced off of
but you’re gonna do both sides and I mean it when I say this one’s a little
bit complex so don’t sweat it if it takes you a little while to get this one
but you start off at these edges trace down onto the jaw all the way to the
bottom of the skull then bring your fingers up and I’m just turn turning to
try to show you because when you get up to the top of the ear you loop back go
down a little bit and then you come back up this way triangularly until we get to
the hairline it will point at the hairline and then you go back and then
you bring your hands down and behind your
as far down as you can get them and then reach around try to get up to where you
left off with your arms here and now you don’t have to get up you can do this
lying down you can do this standing up I’m just getting up to show you what
comes next so now it’s init the chest and then back out in at the hips and
then back out and then you go down the sides of your legs and you go all the
way down you go down and when you get down to right around where the knee is
you might want to drag out just a little bit then you just go down all the way
down the sides of your legs down your sides of your ankles and then you go
over once again pretend this is my foot you just go all the way down to the
ankle and then come around and go off that sorry off the ring finger come
realizing this is not in the camera so I’m sorry off the ring finger toe so
again you go off the side and then you come up onto the foot and you go to the
fourth so sorry fourth toe and you just go off that toe and you trace off on
both sides though so you go all the way down on both sides and then you trace
off of the fourth toe I know you can’t see me right now sorry but I was just
tracing off my fourth toe and that is the gallbladder routine I will be back
in a few more days I don’t know exactly when we still have I believe four
meridians left to go I want to get all of the Meridian tracings done I’m going
to do two to three until I get to the end and then I’ll probably just do one
long video of all the tracings together and when you see all 14 of them together
you’ll see the connections more but when I learned how to do meridians I had to
learn them little bits at a time for it to really stick because it really meant
something to me it helped because once again this has similar maybe not quite
as strong but similar effects as what you would get from acupuncture these
meridian lines are what acupuncturists use they put in the needles in on these
meridian lines when people tell and they have pain they look up in the charts to
see which meridian lines would correspond to those
and that’s where those needles go so tracing is similar it’s not quite as
effective or quite as potent as acupuncture is but it’s something you
can use to help yourself feel better so anyway hope you like this let me know
down below if you can if you have time and as all

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