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6 herbal teas to lower the level of uric acid | Natural Health

6 herbal teas to lower the level of uric acid. High uric acid can cause some health problems.
Fortunately, there are some herbal teas with properties that favor their expulsion. Are
you interested? Discover how to prepare them. Do you need to lower your body’s uric acid
level? This waste occurs when the body metabolizes the purines that come from some foods. Normally,
the kidneys are responsible for filtering it and then removing it through the urine. However, sometimes there are difficulties
in carrying out this process, since the body produces it in large quantities or reduces
its capacity to expel it. As a consequence a disorder known as hyperuricemia, which can
trigger other problems in the body, such as gout. Medical treatment usually includes drugs to
reduce the production of uric acid and anti-inflammatory drugs. However, milder cases can be controlled
through diet and some supplements. Today we propose 6 herbal teas that favor its control. Herbal teas to lower the level of uric acid; It is very important to support the body to
reduce the level of uric acid . Although initially its accumulation goes unnoticed, over time
it can cause inflammation and pain in the joints. So, if the blood test showed high
levels of this waste, it is essential to follow a treatment to regulate it. Natural remedies, including herbal teas, stimulate
kidney function to facilitate the expulsion of this waste through urine. However, it is
important to consult the doctor before consuming them, as in certain cases they are not appropriate. 1. Ginger tea; Ginger provides anti-inflammatory nutrients
that can reduce the discomfort of this disease. There is scientific research that suggests
that the consumption of ginger tea decreases the pain associated with the accumulation
of uric acid in the joints. Although more evidence is needed to corroborate these effects,
this remedy is a good option to complement the treatment of conditions such as gout. Ingredients; 1 teaspoon grated ginger root (7 gram);
1 cup of water (250 ml); Honey of bees (optional); Preparation; First, pour the grated ginger into a cup of
water. Boil the drink and let it rest for a few minutes.
Finally, strain it and sweeten it with a little honey. Consumption mode; Eat a cup of tea in the middle of the morning
and repeat it 2 or 3 times a day. Take it for 15 days in a row, rest a week
and take it back. 2. Celery tea; Celery tea is a useful remedy to lower the
level of uric acid in the blood. For many years it has been one of the best supplements
against gout , fluid retention and urinary problems. Ingredients; 1 tablespoon of celery leaves (15 gram);
1 cup of water (250 ml); Preparation; Grass the celery leaves in a cup of water.
Next, let the drink rest and strain it. Consumption mode; Take a cup of celery tea on an empty stomach
and repeat your intake 2 times a day. Consume it at least 3 times a week. 3. Nettle tea; Nettle promotes the renal elimination of uric
acid by promoting purifying activity. Nettle (Urtica dioica) is an herbal remedy
that is traditionally used for problems such as gout and joint pain. It has diuretic properties
that help promote kidney function to increase urine and lower the level of uric acid. Ingredients; 1 tablespoon nettle leaves (15 gram);
1 cup of water (250 ml); Preparation; To start, pour the nettle leaves in a cup
of water. Then, boil the tea and let it rest.
When it’s warm, strain it. Consumption mode: Take a cup of nettle tea mid-morning.
Repeat consumption for 15 days in a row. 4. Hibiscus tea: One of the traditional herbal teas to lower
the level of uric acid is hibiscus tea. This garden flower decreases the accumulation of
uric acid in the blood, preventing it from depositing in the joints. Ingredients: 1 teaspoon dried hibiscus (7 gram);
1 cup of water (250 ml); Preparation; Pour the dried hibiscus into a cup of water.
Afterwards, let the drink boil for 3 or 5 minutes.
Later, when it is suitable for consumption, filter it with a strainer. Consumption mode: Eat a cup of tea on an empty stomach for 20
days. 5. Tea of dandelion: The dandelion is a powerful diruetic that
would help the renal expulsion of uric acid. The dandelion drink brings important benefits
to kidney health. Due to its diuretic properties, it increases the production of urine and facilitates
the expulsion of waste substances from the body . Although it is not proven as a remedy
for gout, its use helps in the control of hyperuricemia. Ingredients: 1 spoonful of dandelion (15 gram);
1 cup of water (250 ml); Preparation: Boil the dandelion in a cup of water. Consumption mode: After straining the drink, take it on an empty
stomach. You can repeat your consumption 2 or 3 times
a day. Perform the treatment for 15 days. 6. Birch tea: Birch has a depurative effect in the blood
that contributes to lower the level of uric acid. It also promotes the expulsion of toxins
and reduces the burden on the renal system. Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of birch (15 gram);
1 cup of water (250 ml); Preparation: First, pour the birch into a cup of water.
Next, boil the drink, 2 or 3 minutes. Finally, let the preparation rest and filter
it with a sieve. Consumption mode: Drink an infusion cup 3 times a day, for 10
days. In conclusion;
It is important to remember that the effectiveness of the mentioned remedies can vary in each
person, depending on their particular state. The evidence about his action is limited.
For the most part, these are anecdotal data that should be corroborated with more studies. In spite of the above, the use of herbal teas
can be considered as an adjunct to the treatment. Of course, for its safe use, it is essential
to previously consult its side effects or contraindications.

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