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5 Secrets to Make Car Seats Comfortable & Pain Free for Long Distances

♪ Bob and Brad ♪ ♪ The two most famous ♪ ♪ Physical Therapists ♪ ♪ On the internet ♪ – Hi folks, I’m Bob
Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – Looked like a little panic there. (Brad laughs) – Together, we are the most
famous physical therapists on the internet. – In our opinion of course, Bob. – Today we’re talking about five (number snaps) secrets to make car seat more comfortable and pain free for long distances. – Right, so like, if you’re on vacation and it’s like, you know you had a few hours to go and you’ll wanna have
an enjoyable ride there as well as once you get to the location. – This is very timely, ’cause Brad is going on vacation right after we get done filming here today so he’s–
– Right, as a matter of fact, I’m gone already (laughs). – All right, yep, he’s halfway there, so. By the way, if you’re new to our channel, please take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos how to stay healthy, feel pain free, and we upload every day. Also, you’re gonna want to join us on our social media channels, maybe turn it around Brad, because we’re always
giving something away. Right now, we’re giving
away those TENS units, we’re gonna give away a
couple of TENS (mumbles) by iReliev, fantastic company. And they’re also giving
away to the runners up, some roll-on, some pain roll on. – And this can be used
on vacation as well. – There you go. – Handy dandy.
– bobandbrad.com, go to the giveaway section or go to Bob and Brad on Facebook and we’ll have it pinned
on the top of the page. All right Brad. – [Brad] Well? – This will be you in a
couple hours, driving. – Right, so the big thing
is, if you have a car seat that you know is not comfortable, like I had– – A lot of car seats are that way. – Right. Often times the problem is, this seat pan where you sit is too low. It’s got a hollow spot, it allows your butt to
get too far down in there; so you want to fill that in. – That’d be step number one, if that’s a issue with your seats. – Yep. Some it’s not– – But I can see with this one it is. – You could just use any kind of cushion. Now, I actually have used a pillow, I’ve a used a cushion like this, I actually used a, it was a cushion for a boat (laughs), a flat boat life preserver. And there we go. So that can lift you up there, if it’s already a fine seat, you don’t have to worry about that. Now, so make sure that’s there. The next thing is your back. Make sure your lumbar–
– Some type of lumbar support. – Right. Now this one for me, it takes my back and hollows it out and we want to keep that
spine in a neutral position. So we wanna have lumbar support, particularly if you’re having back pain. – It rounds out your back,
is what you meant, right? – Yeah, what did I say? – You said, “Hollows it out.” – Oh, well it depends on
which way the hollow is. – Right (laughs). – Now, you could do so many things to adjust your back
position so it’s proper. You can buy things or you
can just simply get things from right at home.
– And some of them are built in. Some of them have a
knob that you can twist and some people don’t even realize it, that their seat has that. – Right, I’ve had patients, I said, “Do you have
your car seat adjusted?” (mumbles) “I didn’t even
know if it adjusts.” So we go out to the car
seat and sure enough, they’ll have an adjustment. It’s usually on the side, it’s a mechanical one where you crank it or sometimes a button where you push it and an electric motor pumps it out. You know, you can do something as simple as taking a towel roll, particularly if you’ve
got sciatica or something. This is a good way to keep that arch and we’ll put that right
in, about at the belt line; maybe a little above or a little below, and that already feels better for me. Now, I’m gonna have to remove my hat. I’d have to worry about it in the car, because I don’t have the sun roof open. – So now, you know, with the towel, what’s nice about it is you can make it a different size. You can see what size works for you, you can make a thicker towel roll, use a beach towel, or
you can use a small towel and see what works for you. A lot of times the smaller you are, slighter build you are,
the smaller towel you need. – Precisely. And, you know, if you
really like the towel roll, you’ll probably gonna want to go buy – A roll eventually.
– A roll, yeah. And it could just be a
little more comfortable, and like this one has the strap that goes around the back side so it doesn’t fall down.
– That way you don’t have to worry about, right, falling away on you. – This happens to be the McKenzie roll, they make a great product, we promote (drowned out by Bob). – They’re the ones that invented it. I mean, they’re the first ones to market, they came up with the idea. – From Robin McKenzie, is
a physical therapist that have literally changed how therapy is done throughout the world. – Right. – There’s other car seats, now, if you have stenosis or like
I’ve got spinal osteitis, I think those people
want some broader support over the back seat. Now this is just a simple one, you know, you could buy. Go to any pharmacy or big box store, go online and you’ll see dozens (Bob mumbles) of different ways to put support in. If you don’t need much, something like this, it’s just got a plastic support that might be enough. I can tell right now,
it’s not enough for me. Now there’s this, I like the memory foam, so I’d say come out with these. Now, this one, like Bob’s used it and it’s way too big for him.
– I don’t like it at all. – For me, it’s okay. I actually, I really really liked it when I first started using it, but it felt a little big. Because it’s memory foam, after I use it and sit in
it for about five minutes, it squishes, so it feels good. But then, I found– – The Kubota.
– Yeah and this one’s not so thick and it’s got a
few lumbar protrusions here to help support that lumbar area; and it’s memory foam as well, and then I fell in love with this one. This really makes a difference for me. Again, everyone’s gonna
be a little different. – Yeah, I do not like this one. – Yeah, it doesn’t work for Bob. – I just like a thin support behind me. – I’ve got three of these. I’ve got one in each car and
I’ve got one in my recliner. – So yeah, again, Brad has spinal osteitis and I imagine with spinal stenosis too, you’d like to have this. – Probably. But again, it’s an individual thing. So now you’re thinking, “Man
I gotta go through all this just to get comfortable.” But I’m assuming that you’ve
already had some discomfort, you’re going on this long
trip and you want to make sure that you’re enjoying the trip. – Now you’re advising, we
were talking earlier Brad, that ideally, number
one, you shouldn’t drive. If you have somebody else with you, let them drive, because you need to adjust a lot as a back patient. – If you’re having some back issues or shoulder or neck issues, yeah. It’s not good, even
with all these supports, well, I want to get into the
neck before we get into that. This is a nice, I got this
at a airport actually, I was gonna sit in the
plane and it happens to have those little
beads in there so I can… You can conform it,
it’s really light weight and it works well. You can roll it and fold
it in half, you can roll it into a support there,
and use it for your back. This one, I like to use for my neck, and I actually use this
for reading a lot at home. But in the car seat, it’ll work well too. Now this one, that would
be too much of a bump. I would do this and let it flip over. And that’s better and– – Take it back.
– Yep, take it back. Now my mic is getting in
the way, so it’s kinda hard. – I have a device too
that you left with me made out of similar stuff
that I use to adjusting, stops my head from turning this way and that sort of (mumbles).
– Like the horse shoe. – Yep. – Okay, Bob, you had the (mumbles) sock. – Yeah, okay. My kids made fun of this
for years, the sock. This is good for like, when you’re a tall person, you tend to flex right here, and you get that neck hump. – Well yeah, because
your head’s banging into the roof of the car (laughs).
– That’s right (laughs). So anyway, years ago I
started putting just putting the rolled up sock right behind. Brad saw this the first
time a couple years back. – You used a glove. – A glove, I used a pop can one time. (Brad laughs) And it just gives a little
counter-pressure there, it just feels so good and like I said, almost every one of my kids
criticized me about this and now I think every one of my kids is using
something like this now. Especially if they drive long trips. – The apple doesn’t
fall far from the tree. – That’s right (laughs). It’s a rotten apple. But, you know, this
doesn’t cost you anything and you can try, this is
great if you’re having pain in that upper traps
and also upper back area. – So, if you’re driving, you get the best you can if you do have discomfort and you can stay, be in the passenger seat
(mumbles) even better yet. – But also take frequent breaks. It’s really important that you get out and walk around little bit, it’s great to do it at gas stations and probably not on an interstate. (Brad laughs) All right, don’t be walking around there. – Right, well if they’ve
got the rest area. And then, the other thing, if you can go way back as far as you can, if you’ve got lower back pain, typically– – Obviously don’t drive this way, we’re talking about as a passenger. – Right, and you know, you
trust the person driving. I mean some people, you
feel like, more comfortable if you see where they’re driving. – My wife says to me, she goes, “I can’t, I might as well drive,” she says, “‘Cause I can’t sleep
while you’re driving.” (Brad laughs) – But anyways, roll back, and the big thing is, change position. And you may be back here
for, you know, an hour, taking a little nap. But then, you know, get up
and change it up within here, take that support out, change it around again
and then continue to– – Yeah, constant movement really, to try to put the back in
slightly different positions. – It’s like when you fall asleep in bed, you don’t typically lay on
your back for eight hours. You’re rolling, ’cause
your body needs different– – Your body knows that it
needs to have some movement. – It helps maintain circulation
and keep things comfortable. – Arthritis, you know,
in itself as a problem, doesn’t like to be still. I mean, if you keep an arthritic joint in one position all night
long, it’s gonna hurt. – As a matter of fact Bob, I was just doing research
yesterday on this and we’re gonna have a video coming up in a couple weeks on some updated research on that. – A teaser. – Yeah, so anyways, if
you’re going on vacation, you’re sitting in that car
seat for a number of hours, take some of these tips and enjoy. – So does your wife drive? – Well, yeah she drives, but I usually drive.
– You guys mix it up. – Actually, we’re taking
two cars this time. – Oh.
– It’s a long story, it’s a family thing. – You guys probably get
along a lot better that way. (Brad laughs) All right, thanks for watching. (electronic notes)

43 thoughts on “5 Secrets to Make Car Seats Comfortable & Pain Free for Long Distances

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  5. What really helped my back pain was to have my knee and butt on the same level. Not the butt lower like in a bucket seat. Pain went right away once the top of my leg was level

  6. My shoulders end up hurting when driving on a road trip. I have to rest my arms on a pillow on my lap if I’m driving.

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    Surgeon as to do a fusion on my lombal near the tail bone adding 2 titanium disk and 6 screws. All was well but days operations the top of my left foot start to burn more and more in a point that now it feel like my feet is inside a hot red coal or a fire pit (how I know the effect simple i walk in one with my right feet when younger) this pain is a nightmare I have to handle since a month now and even neurologist don't no what to do here. And each week the fire become stronger.

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  15. Unfortunately some of the newer car seats have the headrest that is farther forward. They do this to keep you from getting Whiplash in an accident but the problem is it forces your head to sit more on your chest instead of lined up with your spine. That's why it's important to put some back supports to help with that problem. Love all your information Bob and Brad!

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