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9 thoughts on “2 Adjustments For Upper Back Levator Scap and Trap Pain

  1. I Really have a question about that. Can this kind of injurie get you problems with your sight? Since 5 years now i got that problem. Starts with tighness at the left bottom of the skull and light headaches then a blurred point on the left side of the sight that grows bigger until it looks like a crack in a glasse with blurred outlines (i cant explain it better) and then disapiers into stronger headaches. the whole process lasts for maybe 30 mins only the post headache stay for 1 or 2 days. MRT and Xrays showed nothing (but i never was able to have a doctor arounde while this happend cause it comes maybe 2-3 times a month and like i said lasts for maybe 30 mins). But besides that love your Videos and greetings from Germany !

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