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15 Years Chronic Stomach Pain IBS Natural Relief Treatment w Colon Hydrotherapy Detox Cleansing

hello my name is Doris and i have been living with chronic stomach pain for 15 years I have exhausted all medical procedures including three surgeries and gone through all the tests and everything that the medical profession has to offer and i still have lived with the crime paint i was referred to this to living waters through a friend of mine ahead and comment was very satisfied with the results that that he had achieved you going through this process of living waters colonics and the information that they offer on healing you spiritual and emotional modalities to and other things that they offer here at at waters I have I came expecting to feel better because i was doing a special diet and you should feel better if I have to watch my diet and here i found very helpful in knowledgeable in providing information about nutrition about how our food is processed and how our food is great is raised and recorded for quality of the soil and so I think that giving me that information is going to help a lot and so I think that what I expected and what i received i received a lot more than I I had every thought that they would do here because the 10 days I just think it’s interesting that was a lot for me just assimilate and I so appreciate that the people that are here and then have offered to it give me hope that maybe some some way somehow this is pain in my stomach and can be addressed and I can be free from it so i would like to say water’s edge over doesn’t just type of a client before no other products that i had were ya more pressure and there was there was a lot more we have just different you have to retain the water and then let go and this was no pressure just gravity and that was was not really uncomfortably that was a little nervous yeah just meeting new people and sharing at library you know a lot of kind of private things that they made me feel very comfortable and around respecting my privacy and I didn’t have to say they’re doing things that I was willing to do yes in really today I had the colonic i’m filling my abdomen and there was a hard knot and then today after half an hour of that colonic and I release a lot and that are not is going

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