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10 Home Remedies to Stop nose Bleeding Instantly

10 home remedies to stop nose bleeding instantly. Nosebleed known by the medical term epistaxis
is a very common problem. Each one of us have faced this at some point or another. This
specially happens more in summers. The nose lining contains various tiny blood vessels
and is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. When these vessels gets ruptured,
blood starts flowing from the nostrils. A bleeding nose can be caused due to various
reasons like injury, allergies, respiratory problem, nasal surgery, common cold and excessive
sneezing. It happens in summers because blood capillaries expand due to heat. Standing aggravates
bleeding. The first thing that you should do is to lie down on bed on your back. This
prevents blood flowing down and helps in reducing bleeding. There are many other natural remedies
that can solve your problem with ease. 1. Saline water.
Add a pinch of salt to ½ cup of water and stir it well. Put a few drops of this solution
into your nostrils. It will moisten the inner lining of the nasal passages and prevent them
from rupturing further. 3. Onion juice.
Dip the cotton ball in onion juice and place it in the affected nostril for 3-4 minutes.
Another option is to put an onion slice under your nostrils and inhale its smell. 3. Nettle leaf.
You can inhale dry powdered nettle leaves or extract the juice of a few nettle leaves
and apply a few drops of nettle leaf juice on each nostril to stop nosebleeds. 4. Ice pack.
It is one of the most effective remedies. Put the pack round your nose and drink ice
cold water. This helps immediately. 5. Coriander.
Coat the inner linings of the nose with few drops of coriander oil or fresh coriander
juice. You can also apply paste of fresh coriander leaves on the forehead. The cooling effect
will stop nosebleeds promptly. 6. Cinnamon.
Soak overnight a cinnamon bark in a glass of hot water. Soak a piece of cotton in this
solution and place it in the nostril for quick relief. 7. Cayenne pepper.
Add 1 teaspoon of cayenne powder to a cup of warm water and drink it. This remedy works
well and stops bleeding from your nose. 8. Basil.
Chew some fresh basil leaves or extract the juice of a few basil leaves and trickle a
few drops in each nostril. The bleeding will stop within minutes. 9. Baking soda.
Mix ½ tsp of salt and ¼ tsp of baking soda in a glass of water and spray it in your nose
3-4 times a day. The bleeding will stop after sometime. 10. Apple cider vinegar.
Dip a small cotton ball in half-cup water to which apple cider vinegar has been added.
Put a few ice cubes and place the ball in both the nostrils and wait for 8 to 10 minutes
and then take them out. You can also prevent nosebleeds by mixing 2 teaspoons of apple
cider vinegar in a glass of cold water and drink it twice a day.

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