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100 thoughts on “😱BAD GUY IN THERE!

  1. Janae is such a talker now! She reminds me so much of Elise! They are both so good at expressing how they feel and sharing their thoughts 😁 Love hearing more from NaeNae!

  2. Talking about Laura’s sickness and the others, I’ve been sick more than 6 days, hope they feel better (sick ones) my dad has Ben gising me honey juice with Lemon or sugar, I don’t know why but it makes me feel a bit better

  3. The last tome I was sick was three and a half years ago but before that I would be sick everyday and the only way that made me better was having surgery to remove my appendix which is what made me sick.

  4. OMG is it just me or is Elise growing up way to fast!!! She looks so grown up and it’s crazy, i in remember only last year she looked like such a little girl and now she looks like a teenager.

  5. That last clip of Janae, when she goes eeerrgh and says ‘I’m pretty scared of the dark’. My goodness she’s growing up fast at the moment.

  6. Did Cubby lose another tooth?! Also, this is for Elise: I absolutely ❤️ crafting with clay! I have a whole drawer full of stuff for it! So glad you are starting to try it out!

  7. You know how Mr Rogers (From Mr Roger’s neighborhood) made sure educational, kids tv shows wouldn’t be banned? This is what it feels like. I am very proud of J House!

  8. All of you guys just make my heart so happy, I have enjoyed watching your family grow, as I grow, I'm 16 and I've been watching since right after laura was born.

  9. That feeling when Janae all of a sudden says: J house out😳😍😍💕 all of your kids are so adorable, and brave! ❤

  10. The J house family. Janae 👧🏼Laura 👱🏻‍♀️Caleb 👦🏼Elise 👩🏻 Isaac👦🏻Kendra 👩🏻‍🦱Jermey🧔🏻Janaes dog 🐶

  11. I haven't visited your channel in a while and I missed this so much! All of the kids are so grown up, especially Janae! Lots of love ❤

  12. What Jhené and Laura know that I am sick and I will be retried to school on Monday of this week

  13. Poor Laura and Janae!!! My little boy had a fever for 7 days which was extremely high. He did have influenza and adenovirus though – it was so hard to watch him so unwell 🙁 I’m glad she’s slowly getting better!

  14. You should show Janae Frozen and then take her to see Frozen two at the cinemas because I think she would LOVE it just like Elise and Laura did.

  15. Have your kids read "My Father's Dragon" and "The Dragons of Blue Island"? the entire year I was in 4th grade there was a waiting list to check out that book. My name never got to the top of the list, so I never got to check it out. That was back in 1960/61. I wonder if my name ever got to the top since then.

  16. Watching your family vlogs brings me so much comfort and feeling of striving to choose to do good. Thank you for setting great examples.

  17. You guys should try duo lingo app it's free I love it I have only lived in south Texas 4 months and I am learning Spanish

  18. Wonder who Janae is seeing? I believe her. Sorry the kids are under the weather. I was sick for weeks. Tons of things going around. Be well, good luck with Coppa.❤🇮🇪🇺🇸

  19. Wow! It’s truly amazing how much this family has grown. I haven’t watched j house in a long time. Everyone has grown up! I do hope the girls get better soon, I will include them in my prayers. God bless

  20. I'm trying to get christmas money this year for my kids because i dont work and it would help me out alot if you will sign up please. ​@t​

  21. Why did you move your family to Puerto Rico is it because you know that Puerto Rico is a island that have seasons of tornadoes you guys as parents are supposed to keep your children safe and sound 🤔

  22. The kids are so creative. I read all of the harry potter books. Wish another series would come out. Maybe a western or space kid series. Thanks for going to Washington . j a n a e is. Quite the talker now. See you in next vlog. Go clay figures.

  23. Omg you’ve been to oann, I’ve been in that very room and my friend sat on the same chair you did😆😆😆 my dad know jack pesobic<- how ever you spell his name

  24. I like all the videos that your family make. I hope that your family has a wonderful thanksgiving day. I send my prayers that your family gets better. I hope everyone gets better soon . Thanks Matt

  25. 🦄🦄🦄🎤🎤🎤🙉🙉🙉🙈🙈🙈🐵🐵🐵🤖👿🎃👹💀😺👿☠️👿☠️🤡🤡💩👾💩t

  26. I love Harry Potter. If you see this tell Caleb that the fifth one is the longest. I have read all the books and watched the movies a few times to

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